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Freaky & Easy Dessert Recipes Inspired by Movies & Halloween

We collected some of the best freaky and easy dessert recipes inspired by movies to up your dinner party game this year. There are some amazingly freaky and delicious desserts that will be remembered by
everyone. The good news: most of them are easy to make as well.

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These yummy dessert recipes are also perfect choices for a spooky Halloween night and since you don’t need a lot of time, great cooking skills, or special ingredients you can easily make these treats in under an hour.

Are you ready?

Best freaky and easy dessert recipes inspired by movies & Halloween.

1| Bat Cupcakes

Big Bear’s Wife’s superb triple chocolate bat cupcakes are just delightful. Expecting any guests over? These delicious bites are great conversation makers. No matter if you offer these to adults or little ones, they soon will become everyone’s favorite.

Angie’s easy, creative recipe is one of the best recipes you can choose for Halloween. What is the inspiration behind the choco bats? Well, Angie seems to be very fond of Nightmare Before Christmas.

Angie gives an easy to follow description of the baking process and since this recipe doesn’t require any special ingredients you can easily make these yummy bat cupcakes even last minute.

This freaky and fun recipe is done in about an hour.
For Full Bat Cupcake Recipe visit Big Bear’s Wife

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2| Monster Cupcakes

Do you remember the monsters from Monsters, Inc. movie who collected children’s screams to power their city? Well, these cheerful cupcakes by The Novice Chef remind us of just them. Just as well as in the movie, they don’t scare us but bring joy to our homes.

Jessica’s colorful cupcakes are super cute and funny, making the day of the dead a little less dark. Indeed, it doesn’t have to all dark and gloomy or bloody. Which makes this recipe perfect for those who prefer to keep it fun and happy!

These monster cupcakes will curve a big grin on your guests’ faces. This easy dessert recipe doesn’t require more time, special ingredient or more effort than any other cupcakes.

For Monster Cupkaces recipe visit The Novice Chef

3| Spider & Ghost Cupcakes 

The funny-looking spiders could have been inspired by James and the Giant Peach or the corpse bride. Both feature memorable spiders. About the ghosts, our favorite is definitely Casper. My Baking Addiction has gifted us with two superbly fun and just bit spooky cupcakes.

The spiders may look a little difficult to make, but it is still a quite easy dessert to make. Perfection requires a little bit of planning, but you can order the spider cupcake holders online.

Jamie’s treats will be a favorite of grownups and kids alike.

For Ghost & Spider Cupcake recipe visit My Baking Addiction

Halloween Spider Web Legs Candy Bowl Basket

4| Spider web cupcakes

As we wanted to include easy dessert recipes for Halloween, here is another creative cupcake. Courtney the founder & editor of Pizzazzerie is another superb food blogger, who intends to raise the bar when it comes to Halloween desserts and entertaining guests.

Make this bad boy and impress your Halloween guests. The Spider Web Halloween Cupcake is also a perfect match for darker themed parties just as well as for kids.

For Spider Web Halloween Cupcake recipe visit Pizzazzerie

5| Witch Finger Pretzel Rods

Are you a huge fan of Hocus Pocus as well? Then we have the best Halloween dessert for you! 

This easy recipe is going to take Halloween fun to the next level. Take a bite of witch fingers and forget about wrapped candies forever.

The Spruce Eats came up with a surprisingly easy but extremely cool Halloween dessert you can make in no more than 25 minutes.

These nibbles are no ordinary offerings. Just put some witch fingers in a glass on the table and wait for the result. Everyone is going to fall in love straight away. You may end up making these for Christmas as well.

The easy to follow step by step guide with images makes this a perfect choice for those too who have zero to none baking/cooking experience.

For full Witch Finger Pretzel Rods Recipe visit The Spruce Eats

6|  Bride of Betelgeuse Severed Finger Cookies

On the topic of severed fingers, after the witch fingers, we have another  interesting Halloween dessert for you. Pretty Cake Machine is about to indulge us with a fun recipe which is – despite Beetlejuice reference – it is not that terribly disgusting.

Katharina’s recipe is rather fun, that can be another curious and yummy addition to your Halloween snacks table. Make your party the most remembered by these severed finger cookies. 

Katharina’s guides are easy to follow, detailed and her amazing photos also make it easy even for first-time bakers to make this treat.

For Bride of Betelgeuse Severed Finger Cookies Recipe visit Pretty Cake Machine

7|  Mummy Pumpkin Cookies

We just cannot get enough of mummies, how about you? Those undead creatures are so mystical, we love to hear, see and eat more of them. Maybe in some scenarios at least. Vera’s beloved mummy reminds us the one in Hotel Transylvania is a delight.

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These rather cute mummies can end up on your plate as well if you follow OMG Chocolate Desserts’ great recipe. This easy and quick dessert recipe will definitely be one of your favorites.

For Mummy Pumpkin Cookies Recipe visit Oh My Goodness Chocolate Desserts

8|  Sugar Skull Cookies

Have you seen Coco? Well, then we know what you are going to watch on Halloween. Pair the movie night with the Coco – inspired Sugar Skull Cookies and you have got a perfect cozy Halloween evening.

Even if you haven’t watched Coco yet you probably still know how significant Dia de los Muertos (the day of the dead) in Mexico. Well, it is not exactly Halloween, it’s two days later but still is a beautiful and eventful celebration. Still this colorful Coco – inspired sugar skull will be a perfect choice for you.

The Disney Family has put together an easy, fun, and delicious recipe for you.

For Sugar Skull Cookies visit Family Disney

9|  Witch Sticks

It’s been quite a while ago since our bones were chilled by the terrifying movie Blair Witch. Not sure how about you, but I was hoping not to go back there. It was scary and for a couple of days, it was not easy to fall asleep.

Well, thanks to 2 Geeks Who Eat we have no chance of escaping. This light, yet thoughtful Halloween dessert does a great job bringing back those memories. Goosebumps. It’s certainly one of our favorite freaky and easy dessert recipes inspired by a movie.

It doesn’t matter how long ago it was, still have them when thinking about that movie. Maybe we all have to re-watch it.

Sarah’s and Matthew’s great recipe is easy to follow and is a great snack not just for Halloween but any spooky dinner/movie night.

For Witch Sticks Recipe visit 2 Geeks Who Eat

10| Sleepy Hollow peppermint Bark

The Tim Burton classic is definitely a good one to watch on the scariest day of the year. This time you won’t only watch the movie, but serve a bit of it after a good meal. If you do it as well as Christine McConnell, then you may just want to keep it as decoration.

Yes, it isn’t just finger-lickin’ good but beautifully decorative as well. It is among the somewhat less easy recipes, the total preparation time is about 3,5 hours. We wanted to include something for those who love a bit of challenge and want to create a really unique dessert and this Christine McConnell classic will not disappoint.

For Sleepy Hollow Peppermint Bark Recipe you can watch The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell on Netflix or visit 

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Which recipe was your favorite? Do you enjoy baking? We surely hope that these recipes will make your baking hours & your Halloween at least a little bit more freaky and easy!

Thank you for reading!