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Last Updated on January 1, 2022 by Jella Erhard

Best Korean Snacks & Were To Buy Them

Looking for the best Korean snacks online? You’re in luck because we love to try out and find the best international snacks and Ksnacks are no exceptions. Kpop and Kdramas have taken over the world and we’re sure that Ksnacks are next.

We included some of the best traditional Korean snacks as well as the most famous, healthy and popular snacks you can find online.

Korean drinks especially soft drinks are also a good way to get to know Korea’s beautiful and rich culture that still influences new and popular drinks.

In case you’re a foodie who likes their snacks in boxes we also included three of the best Korean snack boxes you can get.

Here are the yummiest Korean Snacks Online

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 Yummiest Sweet Korean Snacks You Can Buy Online

We collected some of the most popular and traditional sweet Korean snacks here to help you get more familiar with them and to help you find the perfect choice for your taste.

From biscuits and chocolates to candies you’ll find here the sweetest and most delicious Korean snacks you can buy online.

Sweet Mini honey Yak Gwa Cookies

Yak Gwa Cookies are one of the most famous traditional sweet snacks in Korea. Many people even know how to make them at home. Thankfully, we can also order this delicious sweetness online. 

From $14.95

 Milk & Strawberry Milk Chewy Candy

It’s a soft and sweet candy made with milk and you can buy these candies all over Korea. A big favorite of kids and those who are kids at heart.

From $11.73 (2 Packs)

Chocolate Biscuit Tasha Mushroom

if you’re into cute and yummy chocolate biscuit’s Orion’s mushroom-shaped sweet snacks will be your new favorite. 

From $19.99 (14 boxes)

Crunch Rollers with Puffed rice and Grain Syrup

It’s sweet, crunchy but also soft. It’s also a perfect choice for those who prefer not too sweet snacks and want to try a traditional sweet snack. These rollers are also natural snacks made with rice and honey without any preservatives.

From $5.99

Pepero Almond Chocolate

These crunchy biscuit sticks coated with chocolate and crushed almonds are the Korean versions of Pocky. It’s just as tasty and is produced and made in Korea by one of the biggest companies in the country; Lotte.

From $28.00 (12 pack)

Grape and Peach Flavored Chewy Sweet and Sour Candy

Peach candies are very popular in Korea and this sweet and sour one is certainly one of the bests. 

From $7.00

52 PC Asian Snacks (Small)

Sweet and Savory Sesame Gangjeong Oranda

It’s another traditional Korean snack that’s also very simple but tastes delicious. It’s crisp and crunchy and it’s also one of the healthiest Korean snacks you can try.

From $11.99

Gangwon Insam 

Korean Red Ginseng Candy is one of the most popular and traditional candies in Korea. If you want to try a candy that tastes unique and different from what you usually get you should go for this one.

From $29.99

Pumpkin Flavored Candy

A perfect unique Korean snack for Halloween or Halloween and pumpkin lovers. It’s very popular in Korea but be careful it’s so tasty that it will get you hooked quickly. 

From $17.99

 Yummiest Salty Korean Snacks You Can Buy Online

If you’re one of those people who prefer their snack to be salty over sweet we have good news. Korea also has a pretty great selection of salty snacks with traditional and new unique tastes as well.

HOT Korean Rice Tteokbokki Chips

Tteokbokki Chips is one of the most popular salty Korean snacks and is pretty tasty. Be careful it’s considerably hot so keep that in mind if you’re sensitive to spicy food.

From $12.96

Parae Gim Nori Sprinkle Snack

While you can buy seasoned seaweed everywhere you should still try this premium Korean roasted seaweed if you want to taste a really good one from Korea.

From $19.99

Orion Turtle Chips

It’s a salty and a bit sweet corn soup flavored chips. Very popular in Korea because of its mild but yummy taste.

From $9.97

Haitai Slim Potato Cracker

If you’re into crackers you should definitely check out these light yet delicious crackers. They’re fairly popular in Korea and it’s a good start if you’re just trying out new international or Korean snacks.

From $12.98

Paldo Crab Chips

Probably the most popular chips in Korea are crab chips and Paldo makes one of the best ones. It’s crispy and rich in flavor certainly a new favorite for chips lovers.

From $9.99

Injeolmi Premium Korean Rice Cake

It’s a simple but traditional Korean snack that’s also healthy. It’s light but very tasty which makes it one of the yummiest and healthiest Korean snacks.

From $16.12

Yummiest Korean Drinks You Can Buy Online

Korean drinks also deserve to get more attention from foodies. They have a wide selection of soft drinks that are not only yummy but healthy and has a unique taste.

Binggrae Banana Flavor Milk

This banana-flavored milk is a classic in Korea. You can buy it in most grocery stores around Korea and is a big favorite of kids and adults alike. It has a mild but creamy and sweet taste.

From $19.99 (6 pack)

Paldo Rice Punch

Korean rice punch or Sikhye is a traditional drink in Korea. Its taste is always flavorful but it can be mild or very sweet and even served as a dessert. Paldo’s rice punch is yummy, traditional, they also don’t use any artificial coloring or preservatives.

From $27.95 (12 cans)

Lotte Milkis Strawberry Soda

Some of the most popular drinks in Korea are Lotte’s carbonated milk drinks that you can buy in various flavors. Our favorite is the strawberry soda but you can also buy it in peach, banana, apple, melon flavor or in regular yogurt taste.

From $13.49 (6 pack)

Yummiest Korean Snack Boxes You Can Buy Online

If you can’t choose a particular Korean snack to try or don’t know where to start you should also check out Korean snack boxes. 

They’re always filled with the yummiest, most popular and traditional Korean snacks and they’re also great gifts for Kdrama and Kpop fans as well as foodies who want to try more world snacks.

52 PC Asian Snacks (Small)

Popular Asian Snacks, Cookies, Chips and Candies Variety Box (20 to 52 Count).

This box is filled with some of the most popular Japanese, Taiwanese, and Korean biscuits, cookies, and candies. It’s perfect for those with a sweet tooth.

From $21.99

Korean Snack Box (16 items)

This Korean snack box is packed with the new and classic favorites of Korea. You can find here Chips, Ramen, Food, Noodles, Variety Assortments both sweet and salty flavor. They also include Korean soft drinks.

From $29.99

Umshikbox Korean Snack Box

Umshikbox’s are always full of the finest and most popular Korean snacks. You can find in there sweet and salty snacks as well as soft drinks. They also include lesser-known Korean snacks from Korean brands.

From $38.95

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