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Last Updated on November 16, 2021 by Jella Erhard

New Korean Dramas to Watch on Netflix

Are you a Kdrama fan and can’t wait to watch the best new Korean dramas on Netflix? We understand.

While we enjoy re-watching classic Kdramas we’re also excited to watch the newest Korean drama releases online especially on Netflix. Netflix has quickly became one of the top go-to places for Kdrama fans because they have an excellent selection of shows in all kinds of genres.

No matter if you enjoy Korean dramas with doctors – only terribly handsome ones of course -, historical, comedy, mystery, action, or romance Korean dramas you’ll surely find a thrilling and entertaining show on Netflix.

Netflix also signed a contract with JTBC (One of South Korea’s biggest cable companies) making sure that we can all watch some of the most popular Korean Dramas outside of Korea too.

It’s not set in stone which shows will appear on Netflix but we’ll update this list every month with the newcomers, so don’t forget to check back.

Exciting New Korean Dramas to Watch on Netflix

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12| My Holo Love

Premiered in February, My Holo Love is one of the most interesting Korean dramas online. It isn’t just a simple love story between two people; there is also an AI involved, whom Han So-yeon falls in love with.

Han is living a fairly withdrawn life but when she becomes a beta tester to the hologram, she finds herself in the middle of an unlikely love story.

The hologram is created by the genius Go Nan-Do and looks exactly the same as well.

My Holo Love is one of the most popular Korean dramas as it has an interesting story and one of the rare Koran dramas with a sci-fi vibe.

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11| Love Alarm: Season 2

Coming in August, Love Alarm season 2 is going to bring some romance into everyone’s life. If you are in search of new Korean romantic dramas on Netflix in 2020, then you are at luck.

Love Alarm was one of the most popular Korean dramas in 2019 and it is very likely to sweep everyone off their feet this year as well.

Thanks to a new app, people can find their other half within a 10-mile radius. Things aren’t so easy because there may be more than one person developing strong feelings for you.

Love Alarm season 2 is among the most fun high school Korean dramas about friendship, teen struggles, and love you can also watch on Netflix.

10| Kingdom: Season 2

Following the success of Kingdom season 1, we get to enjoy the second season of this fascinating historical horror Korean drama.

If you are a big fan of zombie apocalypse movies and series then Kingdom Korean drama is going to be your new show to binge-watch.

After the king has fallen ill and passed away, he mysteriously returns from the dead, but not as his old self. The prince now has to find a way to save the kingdom as the disease is spreading and people turn into nightmarish creatures.

Kingdom season 2 is a beautiful historical Korean drama with plenty of action and scary zombies. If you love your historical Asian dramas with action then this 2020 Korean drama on Netflix is a must watch.

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9| Hyena

If you like lawyer TV shows about legal battles and clever ways of bending laws, Hyena is certainly going to be among your favorite Korean Dramas.

Jung Geum-Ja is willing to do whatever it takes to win her cases, and her eagerness often proves to be successful. We follow another remarkable lawyer, the confident and resourceful Yoon Hee-Jae.

They work at a reputable law firm that serves the top 1% of the society.

For interesting cases, stunning solutions and nerve-wracking trials, watch this fantastic series online.

Hyena is certainly one of the most exciting new romantic Korean dramas on Netflix about private layers’ life and work among their rich clients who belong to the 1% of society.

8| Hi Bye, Mama!

Since its mid-February release Hi Bye, Mama! has become one of the most popular Korean dramas online. This lovely series is deservedly highly praised thanks to its charming and deep storyline.

Prepare for your heart to be broken several times, while strongly bonding with the characters.

Cha Yu Ri passed away leaving a husband and a daughter behind and thanks to higher forces, she has another 49 days with her loved ones.

Her husband, Jo Kang Hwa, a skilled surgeon has not long ago been able to start over again and just got remarried.

Hi Bye, Mama! is a beautiful feel-good new Korean drama that will definitely bring tears to your eyes from time to time and is a perfect show to watch with family.

7| Dr Romantic Season 2

Following the success of Dr Romantic in 2016 now finally got a season 2 in 2020. It is most definitely among the most beloved Korean dramas with doctors.

Dr Romantic season 2 cast differs from the first one, but the main character remains to be played by Han Suk-Kyu.

The scenario is very similar to the first season; there are two young surgeons join Dr. Boo Yong-Joo to learn while saving lives.

The series is full of touching moments while coping with real-life issues such as love and the loss of our beloved.

Dr Romantic season 2 is surely one of the most lovable doctor Korean dramas you can watch on Netflix.

6| Itaewon Class 

Shortly after its première Itaewon Class became one of the most popular Korean dramas. Just to give you some numbers, it is the sixth highest-rated Kdrama in cable history.

There is a good reason why Itaewon Class enjoys such popularity; it is full of unique characters, each of them are given a personality, there are twists, no one would have anticipated and the world is captivating.

We are following Park Sae-ro-yi, who has been through quite a lot. He was expelled from school and his father passed. After being released from prison, he decides to open a restaurant just as his father did.

With his, friends Park embarks on a fantastic journey working hard for the business to be successful.

Itaewon Class is most definitely among the most fun ‘slice of life’ new Korean dramas on Netflix.

5| Stranger: Season 2

Had to wait three years to finally see the unexpressive prosecutor Hwang Shi Mook with his detective partner Han Yeo Jin on screen again. It is coming in July if everything goes well.

We are certain the wait is not going to be in vain as Stranger Season 2 is going to be even more suspenseful and exciting.

The two are taking on the biggest corruption case in the century; are the allegations against the prime minister true?

It is going to be one hell of a ride with the two main characters, who are complete opposites of each other.

Stranger season 2 is going to be one of the most interesting mystery detective Korean dramas on Netflix.

4| Hospital Playlist

If you enjoy watching Korean dramas about doctors, then watch Hospital playlist which is a superb Kdrama inviting you on an emotional roller coaster.

Five friends from school stick together and end up working at the same hospital. It is a lovely series about inner struggles, friendship, love and passion. All the five young doctors are passionate about their profession and music so there is a lot to share after work.

As you can imagine, working in a large hospital can be really demanding, each of the heroes are struggling with various difficulties.

Hospital Playlist is very likely to become one of your new favorite Korean dramas with doctors you can watch on Netflix.

3| The King: Eternal Monarch

Coming in April, a heart warming love story with two brave protagonists is going to take you to a magical journey. It is a remarkably directed, beautiful series with a little bit of fantasy.

Korean emperor Lee Gon has jumped through a portal opened by demons that leads him to a different world, ours. In the hopes of finding a way to close it and save his people, Lee is doing his best to figure out a way.

He meets Jung Tae-Eul, a determined detective, who joins Lee to save people on both sides of the portal.

The two grow very fond of each other and develop feelings none of them can deny.

Korean dramas online Ethernal Monarch is going to be one of the most beautiful fantasy romantic Korean dramas on Netflix.

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2| The School Nurse Files

The School Nurse Files Korean drama is coming this summer to Netflix. This lovely series is about Ahn Eun Young who besides being a nurse teacher pursues a rather unusual profession.

Thanks to her special ability to see ghosts, Ahn is one successful exorcist. Some moments can be pretty comedic and sometimes a little dark, but overall it is going to be a delightful fantasy Kdrama.

Hopefully, love will not elude our heroine either, so there will be everything a good fantasy Korean drama has to offer.

We are anticipating The School Nurse Files to be one of the most exciting mystery comedy Korean dramas online.

1| Sweet Home

Netflix partner Studio Dragon Korean dramas are going to be amazing this year and Sweet Home is a living example. It is coming in 2020 and sounds to be a really interesting one.

It is going to be a good mixture of high school Korean dramas and psychological dramas of the past years. We are going to follow Cha Hyun-Soo who was bullied at school that left him scarred for life.

Following his family’s death he moves to a new place and his life is taking an unexpected turn. The quite and unsociable man has to come out of his comfort zone and try to survive as people are turning into monsters.

Besides the horrific events, Cha also begins to re-evaluate his opinion about society.

Sweet Home is going to be among the most unexpectedly unique new Korean dramas on Netflix.

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