Moving Abroad

How to move to Budapest Hungary

How to move to Budapest Hungary? Our guide will help to make your transition easier and aims to answer all you "before moving" questions. As you may know, - if you read our blog- we're from Budapest, Hungary.  Our country doesn't always get the best rep in the media...

How to Advance your life & career with online courses

Online courses. They are everywhere but are they worth your time? Which one should you choose? Here we try to answer all your online course related questions and list the best sites where you can enroll them. I hope this post will help you ease into the world of...

How to find Remote jobs online

Online jobs. They are everywhere and nowhere at the same time. It's easy to get lost on the thousands of pages offering life-changing opportunities and a sh*t load of money for not really doing a thing. But are there real remote/work from home opportunities out...

Easiest Ways To Make Money While Traveling The World

Wanderlust. My favorite word and I have been under its spell since I can remember. Traveling the world is a unique and magical experience that should be available for everyone who decides to get to know our wonderful planet and our colorful cultural heritage. I...

Best Festivals For The Geeky

best festivals

Best Asian Movies

Asian MOvies

Best Animated Movies For Adults

best animated movies for adults


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