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Geeky & Curious Games

Giant Rainbow Spring Slinky

Because of reasons…

7″ Wide by 7″ Tall Plastic Spring Slinky.


Da Vinci Code Mini Cryptex

The uses of this Cryptex are limited only by your imagination, perfect for sending someone the most special gift.

from $39.98

Geeky & Unique Home Decor Ideas

Levitating Moon Lamp

For star gazers.
from $129.00

PlayStation Alarm clock

Start off your day ready to game with this Playstation alarm clock.

from $30.00

Home Planetarium Star Projector

Project 60,000 twinkling high definition stars onto your room’s ceiling or wall.

from $189.00

Geeky & Unique Foodie Ideas

Pechkeks Misfortune Cookies

Because Fortune Cookies are so yesterday…

from $28.99

Satan's Spawn! Evil Habanero Chilli Gummy Bears

It’s HOT! You’ve been warned.

from $14.89

Asahi Shuzo Dassai 23 Junmai Daiginjo Sake

This extraordinary Sake became widely popular when Barack Obama got one as a present from the visiting Shinzo Abe Japanese prime minister. While it’s not the cheapest sake it’s also not the most expensive.

from $97.00

Kotobuki "Kizuna" Japanese Kanji Calligraphy Sake Set

This traditional Japanese ceramic Sake set from Japan with the term “kizuna” written in Japanese kanji characters on the bottle. “Kizuna” is a phrase that means “A common bond between people”.

The glaze used on the bottle is also traditional. It is one of the ancient glazes called Oribe and it was developed in the Mino area in Japan.

from $41.69

Geeky & Unique Mugs, Jars, 

Doctor Who Weeping Angel Mug

The Weeping Angel mug features a peaceful orchard scene – a bone orchard, that is – that transforms as soon as you add hot liquid. Look away and they get closer…closer…quick as death and silent as the grave, until you look back and it’s too late.

Ceramic Zombie Head Cookie Jar

Perfect place to keep your cookies.


Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

Smart Mug, 10 oz, 1-hr Battery

from $178.00

Geeky & Unique Shirts

dragon ball z shirt

Funny anime shirt

What do you do?



DalĂ­ Llama T-Shirt

On the surface, this Dali Llama t-shirt appears to be just a funny play on words. But when you stop to think about it, the shirt is much more than that. It comments on the innocence and vulnerability of nature’s creatures while pulling back the curtain of the human psyche. There he stands, the proud llama, sporting a handsome Salvador Dali moustache, defying tradition, shattering expectations, exposing.. ah, who are we kidding? The Dali Llama t-shirt IS just a funny play on words, but it cracks us up and gets us loads of smiles as we walk down the street wearing it.

Geeky & Unique Gadgets

Magnetic Floating DeLorian

Because who doesn’t want a Magnetic Floating DeLorean Time Machine from Back to the Future Part II.

from $449.999

Geeky & Unique Books

For Your Consideration: Keanu Reeves

This illustrated collection of humorous essays and fun extras makes the case for one of our most iconic celebrities, from Bill and Ted to John Wick.

from $10.00