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Giant Rainbow Spring Slinky

7″ Wide by 7″ Tall Plastic Spring Slinky.


3D Printed Moon Lamp

This lamp is made by innovative 3D printing technology, layer by layer stack, restore the real appearance of the moon.
This lamp adopting non-toxic, odorless material, it is a perfect gift to girls boys kids, your loved one or girlfriend.

Ceramic Zombie Head Cookie Jar

Perfect place to keep your cookies.


Shakespearean Insults Mug

From all reports, William Shakespeare was a decent guy. He was generous, funny, and could drink with the best of them. But one thing you didn’t want to do is piss him off. Shakespeare was the Don Rickles of Elizabethan England – His brilliantly crafted insults and witty barbs could bring the fiercest soldier to tears. The Shakespeare Insults mug is covered with the Bard’s funniest and most biting insults from his plays.

Star Trek Captain's Log Notebook

A handy logbook with charts, inspirational quotes, and room for the many observations you’ll make on your five-year mission.
Ruled pages for all your notes about the world(s).

Wonder Woman Through the Years Mug

Wonder Woman has battled the forces of evil for generations, and now you can see how the Amazon Princess has evolved since her first appearance in 1941.

Doctor Who Weeping Angel Mug

The Weeping Angel mug features a peaceful orchard scene – a bone orchard, that is – that transforms as soon as you add hot liquid. Look away and they get closer…closer…quick as death and silent as the grave, until you look back and it’s too late.

Nikola Tesla Secular Saint Candle

Show your devotion to Nikola Telsa, the patron saint of inventors, earthquakes, and the fastidious, with this colorful votive! This candle will look great next to your cell phone charger. Give one to your favorite pigeon!

Basic Witch Shirt

For Basic Witches



Funny anime shirt

What do you do?



Sailor Moon Inspired Kawaii Shirt

A bit of a crybaby but also a fighter.



Dalí Llama T-Shirt

On the surface, this Dali Llama t-shirt appears to be just a funny play on words. But when you stop to think about it, the shirt is much more than that. It comments on the innocence and vulnerability of nature’s creatures while pulling back the curtain of the human psyche. There he stands, the proud llama, sporting a handsome Salvador Dali moustache, defying tradition, shattering expectations, exposing.. ah, who are we kidding? The Dali Llama t-shirt IS just a funny play on words, but it cracks us up and gets us loads of smiles as we walk down the street wearing it.