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Try fun and difficult wooden puzzle boxes for adults that are perfect if you love brain teasers and challenging games. Explore hard wooden labyrinth puzzles, wooden brain teasers, 3D wood puzzles, and unique puzzle box games.

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Hard Wooden Puzzle Boxes For Adults

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Wooden puzzle boxes for adults have to be more than difficult. They have to come with a unique and beautiful design and maybe even have special features. We collected here some of the most exciting and breathtaking adult puzzle boxes that will surely make you think.

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You’ll also find here mind-blowing and adventurous escape room games that come in stunning wooden puzzle boxes. So after you finish with the game you can use your puzzle box as a home decor item. These wooden puzzle boxes make excellent gifts as well since they’re of high quality and one-of-a-kind.

Get ready for some fun time and challenges alone or with friends and family.

8| ESC WELT Space Box Birch Wood Puzzle Box with Hidden Compartments For Adults

ESC WELT Space Box Birch Wood Puzzle Box with Hidden Compartments For Adults


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Are you looking for a fun gift idea for a space lover who’s also a big fan of escape room games and puzzle boxes? Then check out this thrilling space box. It’s an exciting game that’s also challenging and can be played alone or in a group on your next game night.

This hard and fun space puzzle box is also one of the best gifts for space lovers who enjoy fun and unique wooden puzzle boxes.

7| iDventure Cluebox – Captain’s Nemo Nautilus – 3D wooden Puzzle Box For Adults & Escape Room Game

iDventure Cluebox - Captain's Nemo Nautilus - 3D wooden Puzzle Box For Adults & Escape Room Game

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If you’re looking for a really cool underwater-inspired wooden puzzle box then check out this escape room game for adults. Are you ready to solve the mysterious secret of the puzzle box?

This beautiful wooden puzzle box game kit consisting of 52 individual parts lasts 45-60 minutes. After you have solved the wooden puzzle, you can simply reassemble the puzzle box & play again as many times as you wish.

If you’re looking for a fun wooden puzzle box you can play with alone or with friends and family then check out this unique piece.

6| The Last Dragon: Escape Room & Wooden Puzzle Box Game


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Looking for the coolest puzzle box game for your next game night with friends and family? Then check out this incredibly beautiful and fun puzzle box adults and kids will love.

It’s a part escape room and part puzzle box so it’s a great choice for those who are into at home escape room games as much as difficult puzzle boxes. If you’re able to solve the clues and open the box you can uncover the ancient dragon pendant and summon the last dragon. Are you ready for the adventure?

The Last Dragon is one of the most fun wooden puzzle box to play with or gift.

5. Viking Labyrinth Wooden Puzzle Box

Viking Labyrinth Wooden Puzzle Box

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This elegant Viking Puzzle Box Maze might look simple but in reality, it’s one of the most difficult puzzle boxes for adults. Just get to it and soon you’ll see that it’s much more challenging to solve this puzzle maze than you first thought.

You’ll have to solve the puzzle to open the box by manipulating and turning wheels, metal balls, and sliding pieces.

With its elegant design and fantastic quality, this Viking-style-inspired handmade puzzle box would make a great gift.

4| Hard 3D Wooden Puzzle Box – Intrism Pro (Difficulty Level 10)

Advanced 3D Puzzle Box - Intrism Pro (Difficulty Level 10)


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This is one of the most unique 3D puzzle for adults that’s also super difficult. Intrism Pro is a one-of-kind 3D wooden puzzle and challenging marble labyrinth maze game in one. You’ll have to piece together 200 laser-cut wooden pieces to build this beautiful marvel.

The maze itself is also pretty fun and challenging and is over 30 feet of track and has over 150 obstacles including sudden drops, rails, stairs, ramps, rings, and many more to see if you can make it all the way to the end. If you’re looking for more unique 3D puzzles then check out our other list too.

Intrism Pro will be one of the most exciting and most difficult puzzle boxes you’ll ever try.

3| Piano Puzzle Box For Adults

Piano wooden Puzzle Box For Adults


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Don’t be fooled by the charming design of this truly challenging puzzle box. While this hand-made item looks as if it was only a lovely piece of home decoration it’s in fact one of the most tricky puzzle boxes you’ll ever get your hands on.

You’ll need to use your problem-solving skills as well as figure out the right combination of the “keys” to finally open the box.

Piano Puzzle Box for adults who trick and complex puzzle boxes that will be truly challenging.

2| Difficult Wooden Japanese Puzzle Box For Adults

10 steps Koyosegi - Japanese Puzzle Box For Adult

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Looking for beautiful and difficult Japanese puzzle boxes? Then check out this challenging puzzle box for adults you can only open it after 10 moves. This puzzle box was also made in a traditional Japanese wood mosaic style called Yosegi.

This box is hand-made in Japan and comes in a lovely gift box so it’ll make a lovely gift too. If you’re looking for a super portable Japanese puzzle box you can take to your friends’ game night parties then go with this cute one.

This lovely Koyosegi wooden puzzle box for adults is a high-quality and hand-made box that’ll make a great gift for people who love medium-difficult puzzle boxes.

1| iDventure Cluebox Escape Room in a Box – Schrödingers Cat

Cluebox Schrodinger's Cat - Level 10 Difficult Puzzle box for adults

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You probably heard about Schrodinger’s cat, if not in school then thanks to The Big Bang Theory. Thanks to this beautiful and fun puzzle you’ll be able to find out if the cat is alive or dead.

It’s a difficult level 10 puzzle box with a fun story and a cool escape room element. It’s also an interactive puzzle box with various elements that will challenge and entertain you during the game.

Schrodinger’s cat is one of the most difficult puzzle boxes for adults who also want to try a cool escape room game.

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