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Where is Virgin River Filmed? Virgin River Filming Locations

Do you know where is Virgin River filmed? Don’t worry will help you find the most beautiful filming locations of this fan-favorite Netflix show.

Nowadays there are only a very few true, feel-good series out there. Thanks to Reel World Management and Netflix all those who are seeking a light-hearted easy to watch series, now got something to quench their thirst for the genre.

It deals with some serious issues though. Each of the main characters is going through some changes that help viewers get through difficult times while also feeling they are not alone.

Have to also add that the Virgin River actors are all delivering perfectly, making this show truly charming.

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Virgin River filming locations to visit 2021 - where was virgin river filmed

What is Virgin River about?

what is Netflix VIrgin River about (Small) (2)

Credit: Netflix

Seeking a drastic change in her life Melinda Monroe leaves her home in Los Angeles to a little town in North California.

Mel moved to Virgin River because as it turns out in the first season, there are some serious traumas she is trying to leave behind. What causes Mel’s pain, that makes her run across the state? More and more of the mystery is revealed with each episode.

She applied to an ad looking for a nurse practitioner that also offers accommodation. The start is a little bumpy, locals live in a completely different pace, and not everyone is as welcoming as Jack Sheridan, the local bar/restaurant’s owner.

They click straight away, but it takes time and some obstacles to finally find their way to each other (hopefully).

Things don’t become easier when Charmaine shows up in Virgin River. Turns out Jack wasn’t completely clear about his feelings and current situation.

There are plenty of other living characters, whose back story we are dying to hear more about.

Why do so many people love this Netflix show?

Melinda Monroe main character in Virgin River Netflix (Small)

Credit: Netflix

Besides the breathtaking landscapes and mystery that lingers around the protagonist, there are some exciting additions to the plot.

You are going to learn a lot about each character, which make every one of them unique and despite finding a few rather annoying traits in characters (but who doesn’t have flaws in real life?), you are surely going to find at least a couple of great personae in the show.

You may yell out sometimes: “no way! I would never do something like that!” but the truth is, everyone makes rash decisions and that makes this series so relatable.

Virgin river cast

Virgin River cast (Small)

Credit: Netflix

The show’s cast includes some pretty well-known actors such as Riverdale’s coach Clayton, Colin Lawrence, Smallville’s Martha Kent, Annette O’Toole, and Tim Matheson, who has played among many roles the doc in Heart of Dixie as well.

And who play the main characters in Virgin River?

Mel and Jack main characters of Virgin River (Small)

Credit: Netflix

Melinda Monroe is played by Alexandra Breckenridge, whom you may have seen on The Walking Dead as Jessie Anderson or in American Horror Story as Young Moira O’Hara and Kaylee.

The male lead in Virgin River is Martin Henderson, who may be familiar to Grey’s Anatomy fans as Dr. Nathan Riggs.

So Virgin River cast is pretty strong, with many great individuals, who all shape this lovely series into something more lovable.

Virgin River mug - gift

Virgin River trailer

Take a look at Virgin River’s trailer to instantly put you in the mood for a good binge-watch over the weekend.

It certainly makes a fun movie night material when you are out of ideas, or looking for something less depressing than most current shows, which are often a little too dark.

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A bit about Virgin River episodes

Netflix Virgin River episodes (Small)

Credit: Netflix

Unfortunately, the first season consists of ten 45-50-minute episodes which were far from enough. Would have enjoyed another couple of episodes, as it is fun to watch and by the end of each hour we’re getting closer to the truth, we wish they’d doubled the episode count for a season.

What makes all Virgin River episodes so great are the fact that they are all superbly paced, reveal enough about characters to get you hooked, and none of them is a filling episode.

When it comes to pacing, you will not feel bored for a second, because there is always something to be emotional or excited about.

As mentioned before, all Virgin River characters have a colorful past. Ten episodes are barely enough to introduce everyone and allow the viewer to completely understand their motivation.

Lastly, it is great to see that Carr’s writing was substantial enough to create ten interesting episodes without adding a filling chapter that has no meaning or would break the flow of the story.

Virgin River music will make you swoon

Virgin River is a treat for music lovers as well. There are some touching beats as well as magical songs that are surely going to make you feel warm & fluffy.

Virgin River soundtrack includes great folk artists, talented acoustic musicians, and singers you are going to be a fan forever.

If you like to watch movies and series to find artists you haven’t heard of before but deserve to be in the spotlight, Virgin River is without a doubt going to be your new inspiration.

It is safe to say that even if you are not necessarily a big fan of the genre, you are going to find Virgin River’s soundtrack worthy of your time.

You can check out the Virgin River season one songs on Tunefind.

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The Virgin River Season 5 release date  is currently summer 2023 on Netflix

Virgin River’s fourth season is already available on Netflix and season three is already in the works.

Virgin River season two filming locations were pretty much the same as for season one. It was mainly filmed in Snug Cove in Bowen Island, Squamish, Port Coquitlam, and Burnaby British Columbia. You can still visit Watershed Grill in Brackendale just outside of Vancouver.

Where was Virgin River filmed?

snug cove canada filing location (Small)

Credit: Flickr

This question definitely popped into everyone’s mind while watching the series. In every episode there was a treat for everyone; the charming small town, the beautiful river, and the mesmerizing nature that surrounds the settlement.

All Virgin river filming locations are incredibly beautiful, all of it is filmed in the picturesque British Columbia province in Canada, mainly near Vancouver.

Must Visit Virgin River Filming Locations

Many think that Virgin River was filmed in California but no, you’ll find these stunning locations only in Canada.

We find it very likely that most fans are already packing to visit and hike the breathtaking and adorable spots that made the show so pleasing.

Let’s look around where in British Columbia where Virgin River was filmed.

new westminster - vancouver

Credit: unsplash

Some of the scenes were shot in New Westminster, which is a member municipality of Metro Vancouver.

It is a fairly large city with a population of about 70K people. Despite being a populous city, there are some surprisingly beautiful places to be explored. The beautiful Victorian house where you can find Doc Mullins’ practice is there.

Squamish Virgin River filming locations provided some of the most beautiful pictures in the show. Remember the fascinating view of lush forests, sky-piercing rocky mountains, and the calmly flowing river?

Well, that was one of the reasons Mel decided to stay, and luckily enough, it is just an hour ride away from Vancouver. You are in for a perfect getaway if you are planning to visit the little town Squamish and take a relaxing walk on the river bank. Jack’s bar can be found in Squamish for example.

The home of Vancouver airport, Richmond provided the location for the romantic evening in the ninth episode at the port.

If you are wondering which town served as inspiration for the small-town charm, head east from Vancouver to Agassiz. Every visitor of this town will be speechless when laying eyes on the beauty of the snow-covered mountains on the horizon.

On the way there you can stop by Port Coquitlam which also appeared in the show.

Snug Cove is another one of the many Virgin River filming locations, which also offers a captivating view of lush evergreen forests on Bowen island, west from Vancouver.

squamish british columbia Canada (Small)

Credit: Flickr

Virgin River Books

robyn carr virgin river first books

Virgin River is based on Robyn Carr’s novels with the same title. The USA bestsellers author was quite productive fortunately and has written over twenty books in the Virgin River book series so you are in for a great time.

The first Virgin River book by Robyn Carr came out in 2007 and it was an instant hit.

The books introduce a good number of new characters offering excitement throughout and they are well crafted inviting you on a real emotional roller coaster.

Shows like Virgin River

While you are waiting for Virgin River the next season, here are some of our favorite feel-good shows that are just as charming as this Netflix favorite.

Our favorite shows like Virgin River on Netflix and Prime:

This is Us, Hart of Dixie, Chesapeake Shores, Sweet Magnolias, When Calls the Heart, Northern Rescue, Cedar Cove, Gilmore Girls, Good Witch.

Virgin River Filming Locations

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