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24 Wanderlust Inspiring Movies Like Eat Pray Love

Let’s look at the best wanderlust Inspiring Movies Like Eat Pray Love. Find here the best travel movies to watch about self-discovery, beautiful cultures, and stunning places around the world that will inspire your next adventure.

We collected some of the best travel movies that you can watch on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. From quirky romance movies, comedies, deep and meaningful dramas to whimsical journeys you’ll find here something that will inspire and heal your wanderlust craving soul.

After watching these thrilling movies about travel you’ll want to plan your next trip right away and will know how to make it even more memorable than ever. 

By the way, if you haven’t watched Eat, Pray, Love ever or in a while, you can do so on Netflix.

24 Wanderlust Inspiring Movies Like Eat Pray Love

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23| Seven Years In Tibet | 1997

If you are looking for the best wanderlust movies that will give you inspiration, then Seven Years in Tibet should be on your list.

Austrian climber Heinrich Harrer (Brad Pitt) travels to Tibet and becomes a close friend with the Dalai Lama.

There are some heartwarming moments, beautiful landscapes and teachings about friendship.

It takes place during the Chinese takeover of Tibet, which has brought a lot of difficulties to the people of the country.

With all the breathtaking places, you get to see while watching this movie, it is certainly among the best movies for wanderlust. You can watch Seven Years In Tibet on Netflix too.

22| Hector and the Search for Happiness | 2014

Hector and the Search for Happiness is one of those movies like Eat Pray Love because at some point in our lives we all embark on a journey looking for happiness.

Even if for a completely different reason, psychiatrist Hector (Simon Pegg) has to leave his life behind in order to find out what is the true source of joy.

It is a very exciting adventure comedy-drama with great acting by the two stars, Rosamund Pike and Simon Pegg.

When it comes to movies on wanderlust, Hector and the Search for Happiness is definitely going to make you want to go and explore.

21| Shirley Valentine | 1989

Shirley Valentine is a story we can all relate to. If not because of the boring marriage aspect, but at least because of the fact that we all wanted to make a change in our lives before.

Shirley (Pauline Collins) is living the life of a housewife in Liverpool and she just cannot find anything to be happy about. Life is boring, the husband is not exciting anymore, it is time to make a change and spice things up.

Her good friend invites her to a Greek island holiday, and she doesn’t hesitate about joining.

When arriving, Shirley’s friend finds an eligible man for a little adventure. Our protagonist is now left alone to entertain herself. Shirley quickly meets some new people and she seems to be heading the direction she hoped to.

Shirley Valentine is one of the best quirky romance movies on wanderlust that are going to make you laugh through the evening.

20| French Kiss | 1995

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When life is boring, put on a Meg Ryan movie to bring romance and smiles back into your days. 

It is really difficult to give up on a relationship, even if it is not working well.

Kate (Meg Ryan) often finds herself just waiting for her fiancé, because he is always away somewhere. This time he is in France and Kate decides to meet him there to put an end to his outings.

What she didn’t expect to become an accessory to smuggling of a stolen necklace.

The thief, Luc (Kevin Kline) turns out to be pretty irresistible and Kate seems to have fallen in love.

French Kiss is definitely among the best romantic comedy movies for wanderlust seekers as it will make you want to get into a new adventure for sure.

19| Lost in Translation | 2003

This moody yet charming Sofia Coppola movie is very likely to awaken your inner traveler as there are always some pleasant surprises on the way.

American actor Bob (Bill Murray) travels to Tokyo for an ad shoot and meets Charlotte (Scarlett Johansson), who was left behind by her husband.

They get along very well in an instant and become good friends quickly. It is really inspiring to see them explore Tokyo and try to forget their emotional struggles. Because of course, everyone has baggage to carry.

Lost in Translation is one of the best thought-provoking wanderlust movies you can watch on Netflix.

18| Lawrence of Arabia | 1962

This classic is most certainly one of the top wanderlust movies of all time. Lawrence of Arabia takes us to incredible worlds through beautiful pictures. We follow T.E. Lawrence (Peter O’Toole), an English lieutenant during World War I in the Middle East.

It is not just the physical journey of the exhibitionist man, but his inner travel to becoming a true hero.

Lawrence of Arabia is great in many ways. The cinema photography and direction were highly praised by all critics too.

This movie was the career-maker for the talented actor Peter O’Toole, who then later became one of the most esteemed actors.

If you are open to a long journey (222 minutes), then you are up for one of the most adventurous historic wanderlust movies of all time.

Lawrence of Arabia is a stunning adventure drama perfect for wanderlusters and adventure seekers who enjoy deeper stories, unique settings, and a fan of classic cinema.

17| Best Exotic Marigold Hotel | 2011

It’s time to get a little more cheery. The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel is going to be your new favorite if you love movies like Eat Pray Love.

Let’s begin with the terrific cast; the amazing actors turned this beautiful movie into a fascinating comedy-drama.

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel cast includes the talented Dame Judy Dench, Maggie Smith, Penelope Wilton, Bill Nighy, and Dev Patel. They are all terrific in the movie of finding ourselves once again.

Seven senior British citizens move to Jaipur to spend their retirement in India. They are a little misled by the ambitious hotel owner as the place is fairly run down, while they were promised a luxurious accommodation.

They soon begin to appreciate the hotel and the hospitality as their soul-searching begins. With each guest having to fight some demons, it turns out to be the best decision of their lives.

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel shows us that we should never give up on happiness and how to cope with some difficulties in life.

16| Out of Africa | 1985

Out of Africa is among the classic romance movies on wanderlust that also have many similar themes to Eat Pray Love. Life often raises issues that force us to make difficult decisions from time to time.

Aristocratic Karen Blixen (Meryl Streep) visits her husband in Africa, who turns out to have invested all their money in a coffee plantation. As upsetting as it sounds, this is not the worst news she’ll have to deal with. Karen finds out that Bror (Klaus Maria Brandauer) is unfaithful to her.

Torn by all the bad news, there is a spark of hope when she meets the charming and caring Denys (Robert Redford). But things are not that simple.

Karen is facing the dilemma of whether she wishes to return to her convenient life or to jump into an adventure with her newly found love.

Out of Africa is a stunning and heartwarming romance drama that will surely ignite your wanderlust.

15| One Week | 2008

One Week is one of the best indie movies on wanderlust. It’ll take you to a journey of a man, who has just received terrible news about not having long left of his life.

Struggling with his emotions, he decides to bike across the country with his vintage two-wheeler.

It is surely the kind of movie that brings up a lot of emotions just like Eat Pray Love but may leave a darker mark on our souls. Ben Tyler (Joshua Jackson) embarks on a trip to the west from Toronto.

He stops at landmarks, encounters interesting people and learns a lot about himself and life.

One Week is a movie that gives us a sad but motivating example of how much we can do in little time if we are courageous enough to take the first step.

14| Before Sunrise | 1995

If you are in need of a “meant to be” love story then you should watch Before Sunrise. Unfortunately, only the first one is available on Netflix, however, the whole trilogy can be watched on Amazon Prime.

The first movie is certainly great, but for the full experience, we highly recommend to watch all three.

It is the charming love story of American Jesse (Ethan Hawk) and French Celine (Julie Delpy). They meet on a train in Europe and quickly grow fond of each other.

They spend one dreamy night together in Vienna, knowing, it is probably the only time they see each other.

If a movie like this doesn’t turn your travel buzz on, then which one will?

If you enjoy simple yet deep romance movies that are warm and fun, then Before Sunrise is surely a great pick for tonight’s movie time.

13| Central Station | 1998

Central Station is a great movie giving us a lot to think about. Dora (Fernanda Montenegro) has given up her teaching career to then make money on a rather crooked way.

She offers her services to illiterate people in Rio de Janeiro to write letters to their loved ones. It wouldn’t be all that bad however, she also takes the money for posting and never actually sends the letters off.

One day, one of Dora’s clients is killed in an accident and her son is left alone. Our heroine with not much enthusiasm offers her help to the little boy to find his long-gone father.

The two set out to fantastic travels, which changes our protagonist’s life forever. It is one of the top wanderlust movies that take place in South America.

Central Station is a charming comedy-drama set in Brasil that will not only inspire you to travel more but to try and do more good while you’re on the road.

12| The Road Within | 2014

Speaking of epic adventures, The Road Within is certainly one we will remember forever. It is about three remarkable teenagers with tough pasts escaping a clinic for children with special needs.

Meet Vincent (Robert Sheehan), whose mother just passed away and he has Tourette Syndrome. Get to know Marie (Zoë Kravitz) fighting an eating disorder and Alex (Dev Patel), with obsessive-compulsive disorder.

After getting out, they agree to travel to the ocean to scatter Vincent’s mother’s ashes there. It is a humorous, still quite sad drama about travel.

The actors are doing a fascinating job, while the whole story is a roller coaster of emotions.

The Road Within is a fun comedy-drama set in the US with three charming and weird characters and their life-changing journey as they head towards the ocean. 

11| Juanita | 2019

Juanita is a middle-aged woman who works in a nursing home with her grown kids still expecting her to solve all their problems.

One day Juanita decides that she needs a change and begins her journey in search of a happier, more fulfilling life.

She winds up in Paper Moon, a small town’s diner where she ends up joining as a cook.

Eventually, she decides to leave her unhappy life behind stay at the place where she finally found happiness and love.

It also has pretty fun and charming moments and since it’s a Netflix original you can watch it any time you like.

Juanita will be one of the most realistic movies you’ll ever see about what it’s like to feel stuck in an unhappy life and more so what it takes to change that.

10| The Little Prince | 2015

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s The Little Prince has inspired so many of us over the years. The travels of the Little Prince have taught us plenty about compassion, responsibilities and caring that we could take with us for our own journey.

Thanks to screenwriter duo Irena Brignull and Bob Persichetti, this outstanding piece gets to live on in a new light.

Unnamed Little Girl moves to a new city with her mother, who is very strict about studying. Despite being summertime, the little girl’s every hour is perfectly planned and studying is scheduled meticulously.

One day though, she meets the neighbor, an old aviator, who takes her to a world, where there is no impossible. In the magical world of the Little Prince, she discovers a lot about herself and becomes a brave hero, she could never imagine she could be.

The Little Prince is one of the best wanderlust inspiring creative animated films you can watch on Netflix.

9| Murder Mystery | 2019

If you are looking for a movie that brings some joyful moments into your evening then check out Murder Mystery, one of the best comedy wanderlust movies.

Not so happily married couple Audrey (Jennifer Aniston) and Nick (Adam Sandler) Spitz are in need of a romantic boost.

Audrey is craving the long-promised European trip and Nick, trying to impress his love, makes a last-minute move.

On the flight, Audrey befriends a Billionaire (Luke Evans) for whose murder they are being framed.

Nick has to shine as a detective he has long been hoping to become.

Murder Mystery is a fun movie with some action that is surely one of the funniest wanderlust movies to watch on Netflix.

8| Wine Country | 2019

Wine country is an easy to watch feel-good movie (directed by Amy Poehler) about long friendships. When you have no time for an epic Eat Pray Love kind of journey, make your way to a wine valley.

Good friends plan a relaxing getaway in Napa Valley for a 50th birthday celebration. Each of the ladies has a different life and personality and over time and some wine, they begin to doubt their friendship.

It can be an eye-opening comedy that will either make you appreciate your friends more or prompt you to sit down with them and discuss a few points.

Wine Country is a super fun girl power movie you can also watch on Netflix.

7| Mamma Mia | 2018

This classic musical is certainly one that everyone heard about. 

Mamma Mia! takes Donna (Meryl Streep) and many other characters on a self-exploration. It has to make one think about their choices and options if there are three potential fathers of your daughter.

Donna is actually quite lucky because the three men are all charming, caring and handsome.

Probably Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) expected much less drama on her dream wedding on a picturesque Greek Island.

Mamma Mia’s great cast includes amazing actors such as Colin Firth, Pierce Brosnan, and Stellan Skarsgård.

Mamma Mia! is a fun romance musical that will surely make you want to visit Greece.

6| Under The Tuscan Sun | 2003

Before Eat, Pray, Love there was Under The Tuscan Sun. So, if you are on the lookout for movies like Eat Pray Love, then Under the Tuscan Sun should be on your watch list.

Amid her divorce, the 35-year old American writer Frances (Diane Lane) goes on a long-desired journey to Italy.

As she explores the beautiful little Tuscan towns, she falls in love with an old, neglected house she decides to buy straight away.

As she is fixing it up, she gets to meet lively and friendly locals who welcome her in her new life.

It is a lovely movie on wanderlust and freedom. We often make decisions only to satisfy others and live as normal people do. Frances helps us do as we wish and hopefully lead a happier life.

Under The Tuscan Sun is a charming romance drama about new beginnings. 

5| The Hundred-Foot Journey | 2014

The Hundred-Foot Journey is one of the most beautiful travel movies on Netflix. First, it helps us muster the courage that is needed before all big steps.

The restaurateur Kadam family packs up following a mob attack in Mumbai that kills Mama. First, they try to settle down in England, but things don’t work out well.

They embark again, this time for France. Due to some unfortunate events, they end up in a charming little village called Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val.

The Kadams end up settling down here and open a restaurant opposite the Michelin Star awarded prestigious restaurant, Le Saule Pleureur.

This movie is amazing in so many ways; it shows us the difficulties of being different and trying to settle into a new environment.

It is not just a hundred-foot journey for Hassan (Manish Dayal) who will be taking many journeys to becoming a world-renowned chef.

The Hundred-Foot journey cast is made up of outstanding actors like Helen Mirren, Om Puri, Amit Shah, and Charlotte Le Bon.

The Hundred-Foot Journey is a heartwarming comedy-drama about family, passion, and of course the journeys we take throughout life.

4| The Secret Life of Walter Mitty | 2013

Ben Stiller’s (Directed and stars) movie is a great movie for all of us dreamers. Well, Walter Mitty is quite a dreamer, technically every regular moment is turned into a scene out of an action or fantasy movie in his imagination.

He has very little joy in his life and his secret crush barely knows he exists.

One day, his job is at stake and he goes on an incredible adventure without hesitation to save everything he thinks is dear for him.

It is a fascinating journey of an everyday man transforming into a real hero.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is one of the best wanderlust inspiring adventure comedy travel movies set in the US, Greenland, and Iceland and you can watch on Netflix.

3| Queen | 2013

Queen is definitely among the best movies that are like Eat Pray Love on Netflix. This fantastic Bollywood movie is about the life-changing travels of Rani (Kangana Ranaut), who was left at the altar.

Following the initial devastation, she decides to go on the planned honeymoon to Europe alone.

First, she goes to the romantic Paris and then to the lively Amsterdam, where she encounters many interesting people.

It is a journey that takes her to new places in the world and herself as well.

After realizing her true desires, Rani returns to Delhi, where her once fiance seeks her company. The new and confident lady, however, turns him down and goes with her life.

Queen is a great comedy-drama about wanderlust and soulsearching you can also watch on Netflix.

2| The Darjeeling Limited | 2007

The Darjeeling Limited is a whimsical story of three estranged brothers who go on a train journey in India with the hopes of reconnecting with each other.

The story follows the three brothers trying to sort out their issues with each other and within themselves.

The magnificent Darjeeling Limited passes through the stunning Indian countryside but stops just enough times to give us some unexpected surprises.

As you would expect from a Wes Anderson movie the visuals are gorgeous and the humor is both witty and melancholic.

The Darjeeling Limited is a stunning comedy-drama set in India that will not only dazzle you with its stunning visuals but surely inspire your next adventure.

1| Amélie | 2001

Jean-Pierre Jeunet is known for his quirky romance movies. They are actually just lightly romantic, but definitely quirky movies with a little romance involved.

Amélie is one outstanding movie, that will empower you to make the changes you were afraid to.

This enchanting movie does a great job of shedding a new, magical light on everyday things. It is just so beautifully presented that it gets us to appreciate every little thing in life.

The loving and caring woman has a difficult relationship with her doctor father as he is not cut out for human connections. They are sort of the opposite because Amélie (Audrey Tautou) is obsessed with helping others and bringing love into their lives.

There are many separate storylines, with quaint characters and a memorable narration. Set in Paris, there are some mesmerizing pictures in the movie.

This movie will most definitely take you on an emotional journey we all need once in a while.

Amelie is a charming and whimsical romantic comedy directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet and it will show you a Paris no other movie could.

Thank you for reading!