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Learn how to make money with woodworking as a beginner with these amazing unique woodworking projects that sell and are fun and easy for beginners too. Explore profitable DIY advanced and small woodworking projects for gifts and surprise your loved ones with customizable and unique wood gifts.

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Beginner-friendly Woodworking Projects That Sell

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One of the most creative and fun ways to make money online from home is with unique woodworking projects. Woodworking is one of the most useful hobbies that is not only relaxing but can give you skills to create amazing products to improve your home on a budget, give thoughtful and useful gifts for your family and friends, and of course to make money with something you love and enjoy.

If you’re not sure about how to make money with woodworking then you’re at the right place. We not only included some of the best small woodworking projects that sell but also the best places where you can learn about woodworking as a beginner. As well as some of the best guides and programs that will help you set up your own woodworking shop on a budget, and get started with your own woodworking business as a beginner.

You’ll also find here woodworking projects and plans for all levels so you can explore beginner, intermediate, and advanced woodworking projects.

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DIY working projects for beginners are one of the best products to sell online. You don’t need to invest a lot of money and they’re made to order so you don’t have to get hundreds or thousands of products in advance. You’ll find here some really fun, useful, and easy craft ideas to make as gifts or to sell online.

However, if you’re here because you’re looking for some really thoughtful and unique DIY gift ideas for friends for Christmas or romantic DIY gift ideas for couples then you’ll find here some great options too. Even if you do not yet feel ready to make your own products you can find stunning, handmade wood products on our list you can buy online.

No matter if you’re looking for modern, rustic, burned, reclaimed, or scraped wood designs you’ll find here something you’ll fall in love with and inspire your future woodworking projects.

Obviously, you can make money with gazebos, sheds, or larger furniture but those require more knowledge and expert level of skills. Not to mention that those are more expensive and difficult to ship so we would advise sticking to smaller woodworking projects to sell online as a beginner.

How to start a small woodworking business at home?

Not sure how to start a small woodworking business? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Starting a new business is stressful and costly especially for complete beginners. It’s always better to invest some money and get the help of an expert. We love this guide on how to start a small woodworking business for beginners because it’s on a budget and it’s proven by thousands of users that it’s working.

how to start a woodworking business

How to set up a small woodworking shop as a beginner?

Once you decided that you want to start your woodworking business you’ll have to set up a professional woodworking shop. This excellent woodworking shop guide for beginners is a great choice since it’ll help you set up your professional and safe workshop on a budget.

how to set up a small woodworking workshop

Where to take online woodworking classes?

You can learn faster with the help of Ted’s woodworking plans and guides that are perfect fits for beginners. No matter if you just want to start out with something small or if you’re ready for more advanced woodworking projects you can choose from thousands of excellent quality woodworking projects with guides created by professionals.
You can use these plans to create unique woodworking projects to sell online, to create unique and romantic gifts for your family and friends with ease, and of course, to re-design your home on a budget and make it a home that truly reflects your taste. A good woodworking course can also be one of the best gifts for crafters.
Or you can enroll in one of the many online woodworking classes on SkillShare thought by professionals who already make money with their woodworking business. You can get started for free for a whole month.

How & Where to sell your woodworking products?

Get Started in 10 steps:
1. Use good hosting like SiteGround
2. Create a website easily with DIVI
3. Sell your products on Amazon, Fiverr, and Etsy
4. Learn how to sell products on Amazon with ZonBase
5. Create Affiliate profiles on Awin & ShareASale
6. Create your own online courses on LearnWorlds
7. Learn online about woodworking & DIY on Lead Academy
8. Create your designs with Canva or with a pro graphic software Clip Studio Paint
9. Sell your designs on Printful
10. Start your own monthly subscription box on CrateJoy (You can also sell them on Etsy and Amazon)

32| Personalized Embossed Name Wooden Whiskey Dispenser

Personalized Embossed Name Wooden Whiskey Dispenser - wooden gifts for him

Buy It Here

Looking for perfectly cool wooden gift ideas for him? Then check out this stunning whiskey dispenser that can be fully customized to your preference. It’s one of the most unique handmade wood gifts for men that will also make a fantastic home decor item.

If you’re more into DIY you can also make wooden whiskey, wine, or pretty much any kind of dispensers for your home since these creative items are fairly simple to make. One of the best things about Ted’s Woodworking plans is that they have dozens of high-quality DIY wood plans for whiskey and wine dispensers along with all kinds of cool liquor dispensers and holders too that are easy to follow for complete beginners too.

If you’re looking for more advanced woodworking projects that will help you use your creative side then making liquor dispensers is a great idea. These are some of the smallest woodworking projects that are also great choices for beginner woodworkers since they don’t require much space or a lot of material and special tools to make them.

31| Tabletop Glass & Wood Fireplace

Buy It Here

Thanks to this charming and elegant tabletop fireplace you can easily warm up your patio and add some extra light to create a special atmosphere. It’s a beautiful handmade wooden gift idea that’s perfect for him and her.

It’s also considerably easy to make so you just have to use your creativity when it comes to design to create something truly beautiful and unique. We love Ted’s Woodworking plans because they have dozens of high-quality DIY wood plans for indoor and outdoor fireplaces too that are easy to follow for complete beginners too.

If you’re looking for romantic woodworking projects to make a unique wooden gifts for your loved ones then Tabletop fireplaces are a great choice. These small woodworking projects for gifts are beginner friendly and you don’t need a lot of space or expensive materials to make them.

30| Unique Wooden Dog Furniture

Unique wooden Dog furniture - woodworking projects that sell (Small)

Buy It On Etsy

Every dog owner knows how difficult it is to find good quality and unique wooden dog furniture in stores. You can definitely create great sales opportunities by setting up your own dog furniture woodshop. We think it is one of the most unique woodworking projects that sell and requires fairly little hard work on the production end.

In case you are not looking to monetize your passion, dog furniture is also a great DIY gift idea for your best friend or for your own puppy and other pets.

You can get started by checking out unique dog beds and dog houses to see how you can improve on the design. You can get inspiration and of course, it’s always good to learn from the best and to see what kind of products customers are currently looking for.

Dog houses are also some of the most beginner-friendly small woodworking projects for beginners that don’t have to be boring. It just depends on your creativity how fun you’ll make the experience and how unique the end product will be.

Where to buy dog furniture plans and guides?

Get your dog furniture plans along with thousands of other unique, beginner-friendly woodworking plans with guided videos.

29| Unique wooden coffee table & chairs

Combo Coffee Table with Shelf (Small)

Buy It On Etsy

There are many unique coffee tables on Etsy that could make a stunning gift and can inspire your own designs. Who doesn’t need a stylish, one-of-a-kind coffee table in their living room or family room?

It can be one of the best unique woodworking projects to make money with a pinch of imagination. Once you set up your workshop and learned the basics, you can crack on with your own coffee table projects.

Take a look around on Etsy where you’ll find stunning and unique wood designs so you can see what’s selling and how professional woodworkers promote their products online without a website.

Where to buy unique coffee table plans with guides?

With Ted’s woodworking Plans, you’ll not only get coffee table plans and guides but also thousands of other great woodworking plans you can use to sell your own products or to redesign your home on a budget.

28| A unique wooden bed chest, Bedroom Bench, or trunk

Personalized wooden bed chest - unique woodworking projects that sell (Small)

Buy It On Etsy

Some of the best intermediate-advanced woodworking projects are bed chests, trunks, or bedroom benches. They are fairly simple to make, but they are definitely going to be popular because they are useful and can be great additions to a beautiful bedroom design.

If you are wondering how to sell things to make money online, you can either register on Amazon or Etsy or even set up your own online shop where people can place personalized orders.

You can make these beloved items even more special not just by tweaking the design but also if you make them customizable.

Where to buy a unique wooden bed chest and bedroom bench, trunk plans with guides?

If you can’t design your own wood products yet you should buy some beginner-friendly woodworking plans to get started faster and learn from the pros.

27| Wooden Shelves

Wood Floating Shelf with Heavy-duty Hidden Shelf Bracket

Buy It On Etsy

With simple woodworking projects you can actually set up a shop pretty quickly and if you can create something special, you are bound to succeed. Making wooden shelves is one of the greatest easy creative hobbies to make money from home.

There is no need for a huge woodshop and you can make modern, rustic, or burned shelves that will certainly amaze everyone. There are so many designs that sell online, and naturally, it is up to you to come up with new ones.

Where to buy unique shelf plans and guides?

Get started fast with quality wooden shelf plans and learn about the basics and unique designs to get started faster and on a budget.

26| wooden cutting boards

Personalized olive wood cutting board

Buy It On Etsy

Another one of the beginner woodworking projects that sell online very well. You don’t have to break the bank to set up a woodworking shop to make these products. If you are also looking for easy craft ideas to make for couples, this is a great choice for sure.

When it comes to a personalized gift it can be even more appreciated if it is practical too. We also find it to be among the best wedding DIY gift ideas as you can go all out with the personalization.

Where to get wooden cutting board plans and guides?

Among thousands of other plans, you can get cutting board plans with Ted’s woodworking plans and guides.

25| Wooden Jewelry Box

Rustic Wood Jewelry Organizer

Buy It On Etsy

Here is a superb answer to the big question of how to make money with woodworking. There is no doubt, a unique wooden jewelry box is among the best-selling advanced woodworking projects. Of course, you can make simpler ones as well, however, the more unique and special the box is, the more likely your product is going to be a hit.

Even if you are not planning to turn your hobby into a business, in our opinion jewelry boxes are among the best DIY gift ideas for friends for Christmas.

24| Wooden Jewelry (earrings, rings, etc)

Wood Earrings (Small)


Buy It On Etsy

In case you are looking for creative DIY woodworking projects for beginners to sell online, wooden jewelry can be a great option. Depending on the design it can be more and more advanced as well, so as you up your woodworking game, your shop will look even more captivating.

Most of the unique woodworking projects that sell are successful because usually people are looking for items that stand out from the crowd. Create designs that are really unique, even if it is a simple wooden ring. Make pendants and bracelets everyone wants to wear.

23| Wooden Christmas ornaments (personalized)

First Home Ornament wood (Small)

Buy It On Etsy

What can be better DIY gift ideas for friends for Christmas than ornaments for this beautiful holiday? Decorate your tree with unique, personalized wooden Christmas ornaments or decorations. You can find great DIY woodworking projects for beginners on Skillshare to help you start this great hobby.

This Christmas is going to be outstanding thanks to the burned or reclaimed wooden ornaments on the tree.

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22| wooden dog ID tag

Personalised Wooden Dog ID Tag (Small)

Buy It On Etsy

Unique wooden dog ID tags are superb DIY gift ideas for best friends. You can never go wrong when it comes to something unique for your best friend’s beloved pet. Come up with other fun accessories for different animals, such as feeding bowls or toys for hamsters and guinea pigs.

Dog ID tags are also among the most suitable unique woodworking projects to make money online especially if you’re a complete beginner. Mainly because everyone cares about their puppy’s safety and if it is also stylish, you are definitely going to be a popular seller.

21| wood cards (anniversary, personalized)

You Are My Home & My Adventure All At Once Wood Card

Buy It On Etsy

There are no better anniversary gifts than personalized wooden greeting cards. They are definitely among the most lovable DIY gift ideas for couples. Created burned or scraped cards with your best wishes and unique design.

If you are setting up an online business, making wooden cards is among the easy creative hobbies to make money from home. Simply offer to personalize to order, or come up with some fun and loving messages that everyone loves and you are all set.

20| wooden coasters

Personalized Wedding Coaster Gift Set - wood (Small)

Buy It On Etsy

Another one of the superb beginner woodworking projects that sell because it can be personalized and coasters are always needed around every home. Setting your drink on a coaster that reflects on your taste, hobbies or home décor is certainly important. It’s also a great product idea for themed weddings.

You can find great DIY woodworking projects for beginners online in no time, so feel free to create unique coasters. There are fun techniques, such as wood-burning that can personalize or carve your friend’s favorite animals, anime characters, or if you are more advanced, landscapes into the coaster.

19| wooden serving tray & bath caddy/serving board

Woodworking Projects That Sell - Rustic Bath Caddy

Buy It On Etsy

Somewhat more advanced but still absolutely manageable woodworking projects that sell are serving trays and bath caddies. Does your friend or loved one enjoy taking long baths? There is no better surprise for them than a bath caddy, that allows them to read, snack, and drink their favorites to combine all their passions.

These are more of the intermediate woodworking projects, but you can rest assured, the effort will definitely be worth it. You can personalize each tray or bath caddy for your customers or friends with wood-burning or scraping.

18| Wooden Birdhouses

Woodworking Projects That Sell - Large Victorian Birdhouse

Buy It On Etsy

You cannot go wrong with a wooden birdhouse if your relatives or friends have a garden or love birds. It is a tasteful decoration in every yard, while also useful because our little feathery friends will adore it for sure. Once you set up your woodshop, there are great woodworking plans in Ted’s collection.

You are definitely going to find unique woodworking projects that sell. If you would like to make rustic or modern designs, you will find all sorts of great options.

17| Wooden Diorama

Woodworking Projects That Sell -Japan Old Town miniAlley booknook and diorama (Small)

Buy It On Etsy

A common question in crafty circles is how to make money with woodworking. Well, dioramas are great decorations and you can go with more niche options as well. Recreating certain scenes from beloved nerdy movies is certainly going to be a hit. You’ll rather need patience and creativity rather than advanced skills to make beautiful wooden dioramas.

Also, these can be unique woodworking projects to make money if you make wooden dioramas for holidays. Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are all perfect. For each occasion you can come up with a unique design everyone is going to love without a doubt. Create the next bestseller on Etsy.

16| Wooden Lamp

Woodworking Projects That Sell - Zen Lamp Handmade in Bali Wood

Buy It Here

Making stylish wooden lamps are among the more advanced woodworking projects, but it will definitely sell great for you. However, if you use your creativity you can create one-of-a-kind wooden lamps even as a complete beginner. You will have to acquire basic electrician skills or ask for a little help to make sure your lamps are safe and you don’t hurt yourself either.

Once you are on the appropriate level, these are great DIY gift ideas for Christmas. You can make all sorts of geeky lamps for your nerd friends or sell them online, but naturally, choose the design you like making the most.

15| Wooden Candle Holders

Woodworking Projects That Sell - Farmhouse Candle Holders

Buy It On Etsy

Are you in search of DIY woodworking projects for beginners to sell online? Making unique wooden candle holders can be a little more challenging than coasters, but it is still in the beginner category. Depending on the style of course.

What makes it great, that you can use reclaimed wood and go with all sorts of designs. In case you are not sure how to sell things to make money, you can start with Etsy, where thousands of talented artists and crafty people make living out of their hobbies.

14| Wooden Cellphone Holder

Woodworking Projects That Sell - wood phone holder (Small)

Buy It Here

There are only a few unique woodworking projects that sell better than anything related to cellphones. Everyone has at least one nowadays, and a stylish wooden holder can make a huge difference. A little piece of nature in this modern world is very important, so you can rest assured, making cellphone holders are one of the best easy creative hobbies to make money from home. It’s not only one of the best woodworking projects for beginners but also one of the most budget and time-friendly options.

There are multiple options for you, if you prefer making bedside or desk cellphone holders or phone cases, the sky is the limit.

13| DIY Wooden Birthday Board

Woodworking Projects That Sell - Personalized Family Name Birthday Board

Buy It On Etsy

Birthday boards are one of the most adorable woodworking projects without a doubt. It is a very thoughtful gift, a lovely way to keep track of birthdays. The best about this project, that it is among the easy craft ideas that sell very well too.

You can make different designs for the names people can hang on the board, for example, if someone is a space nerd, you can make little space shuttles or planets. A dinosaur lover would definitely love to hang triceratops for sure.

12| Wooden Wine Rack

Woodworking Projects That Sell - Wooden Wine Rack

Buy It On Etsy

Here is another one of the superb beginner-friendly unique woodworking projects that sell without a doubt. If someone is a wine lover then a personalized wooden wine rack will certainly go a long way.

We love that you can use reclaimed materials for your woodworking projects as well, because a rustic piece would fit nicely in a wine cellar. You might also like this project if you are looking for wedding DIY gift ideas.

Check out similar best-selling products on Amazon.

11| Wooden Toilet Paper Holder

Woodworking Projects That Sell - Nice Butt Bathroom

Buy It On Etsy

Sometimes the simpler the better, especially when something is functional. Still, a wooden toilet holder can be much more than a stick on a base. Create truly unique designs and it is going to be one of the bestselling items on Etsy or Amazon.

If you make single roll holders that are fitted on the wall, you can create a unique design to the cover by burning or carving something personal or unique on it.

10| Wood Lantern & Candle Holders

Woodworking Projects That Sell - Rustic Candle Holder Set

Buy It On Etsy

Lanterns or candle holders are beautiful additions to almost any home décor or garden setting. You can boost the experience by making wooden lantern holders that are just as magical as the lanterns themselves. If you are ready for advanced woodworking projects, then feel free to go all out and carve a truly mesmerizing elven poll.

Otherwise, if you would like to make less fantasy, but more modern pieces, there are some great woodworking projects for you too. Making lanterns as well might be a great idea as well, however, it is definitely in the more advanced category.

9| Wooden Wall Art

Woodworking Projects That Sell - Cleo Wood Wall Art

Buy It On Etsy

What we love about wooden wall art is the fact that you can come up with so many different options. There are great woodworking plans on Skillshare as well by Haleigh Fuller, who helps you make amazing wall art. But you can go in a different direction as well.

For example, if you are looking for intermediate woodworking projects to make money, you can create something by carving or burning it. Furthermore, it is among the best DIY gift ideas for couples because you can personalize it as you wish.

8| Wooden Burned Bookmark

Woodworking Projects That Sell - Engraved Personalized Bookmarks

Buy It On Etsy

An avid reader is most definitely going to appreciate a fun wooden burned bookmark. These very simple DIY gift ideas are actually great as you can make it as personal as it gets. In case you are in search of beginner woodworking projects, start with simpler designs and as you get more comfortable with the burner, there is no limit to the awesome stories you will tell with these bookmarks.

It is definitely one of the best easy creative hobbies to make money from home because readers love their personalized bookmarks.

7| Wooden Drinkware & Utensils (mug, spoon…)

Woodworking Projects That Sell - Wood Cup

Buy It On Etsy

If your friends or loved ones are huge nature-buffs or simply enjoy using quirky things around their home, wooden drinkware and utensils are certainly going to be well received. These intermediate woodworking projects are great to make money with because no one would order only one wooden spoon.

Unless they are just buying for fun. Those, who are going on camping or actually prefer to set the table with wooden cutlery, are definitely going to order a set. A fun burned mug is also one of the best DIY gift ideas for your best friend who loves coffee or tea.

6| Wooden Cheese Boards

Woodworking Projects That Sell - Wood Cheese Board

Buy It On Etsy

There are some unique woodworking projects that sell much better than anyone would imagine. Cheese is much more than food, many people think of eating cheese as a ritual of some sort even if you’re only eating vegan cheese. Sitting down at a candlelit table with their partner, opening up a bottle of wine, and nibbling on different types of cheese is the best date idea for many people.

That’s the reason we think it is among the best DIY woodworking projects for beginners to sell online. Make a personalized cheeseboard and even include wooden cheese knives and you are bound to succeed.

5| Wooden Puzzle Boxes & Games (like board games, chess)

Woodworking Projects That Sell - Worm Wood puzzle box

Buy It On Etsy

We cannot imagine better DIY gift ideas for friends for Christmas than a handmade wooden puzzle box. It can be 3D in case you feel you are ready for advanced woodworking projects to make money with. Beautiful and tasteful puzzles are certainly going to be the most popular gifts for the next special occasion.

You can also start making chess, go, or checkers boards, but once you are really experienced, you may even make proper wooden board games. These can be the best DIY gift ideas for couples who love to play.

4| Wooden Vase, Planter Boxes, & Pots

Woodworking Projects That Sell - Minimalist wooden vase

Buy It On Etsy

Flowers and plants would absolutely look better in wooden vases, planter boxes, or pots. Once you become a bit more comfortable around your woodshop, these intermediate woodworking projects are going to be easy to make.

You can find great woodworking plans which help you create your own design and we also have great tips on how to sell things to make money online. Rustic or modern vases can be superb easy craft ideas to make.

3| Wood Docking Stations

Woodworking Projects That Sell - wooden Docking Station

Buy It On Etsy

After a long day at work, there is no more relaxing activity than finally emptying your pocket and leaving your phone on a charger. You can help make this moment even more fun, relaxing, and personal with a personalized wood docking station.

We think it is among the best DIY gift ideas for couples who just moved into their new home. Create single, for her and for his stations, or make a couples’ piece that has two slots for the phones, watches, keys, and notes as well.

2| Wood Models (cars, ships, airplanes, or even dinosaurs)

Woodworking Projects That Sell - wooden Pirates of the Caribbean model ship

Buy It On Etsy

This year’s hit DIY gift ideas for friends for Christmas are wood models for sure. No matter what your friends or relatives love, a model will definitely go a long way. If they are into cars, ships, airplanes, or trains, you know what to make.

Additionally, you can go nuts if they love animals, dinosaurs, or historic buildings. While these are advanced woodworking projects, you are going to surprise someone with great decoration, but first with a lot of fun when assembling it.

No doubt, these are some of the unique woodworking projects that sell the best on Amazon or Etsy.

1| DIY Wooden Potting Bench

Woodworking Projects That Sell - Outdoor Garden Potting Bench

Buy It On Etsy

These woodworking projects are most likely to sell online and help you build revenue. Since both the potting bench and workbench are in the higher range, you don’t have to sell dozens every week to be profitable. Therefore we think they are great unique woodworking projects to make money while also having fun.

Both can be intermediate woodworking projects, although, once you are more advanced, you can make more unique pieces. A wooden potting bench is going to be every gardener or nature-loving person’s favorite, while a reliable workbench is a must-have for every crafty person.

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