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The Curious Life and Death Of… The Weird & Wonderful Show You Need

Only one episode in ‘The Curious Life and Death Of…’ became one of our favorites. It wasn’t a big surprise though, since we’ve been following Dr. Lindsery Fitzharris’ work for a while now.

Her social sites have been one of the most educational and fun havens for macabre and history lovers for a long while now. She’s been creating fascinating content about dark and strange rarities and historical facts about humanity’s medical history for our greatest pleasure. Naturally, we were excited to hear about her new show.

Thankfully her collaboration with the Smithsonian channel is just what we hoped for.

‘The Curious Life and Death Of…’ is an absolutely weird and wonderful show that combines forensic science and investigation to finally close the cases on some of the most mysterious and gruesome deaths of history.

Lindsey Fitzharris’ series is perfect for horror fans and mystery lovers who enjoy shows about real-life mysteries.

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Image © – Smithsonian Channel

Everything You Need To Know About The Curious Life and Death Of…

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Who is Dr. Lindsey Fitzharris?

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Dr. Lindsey Fitzharris is an award-winning/bestselling author and medical historian, she’s also often referred to as “a modern-day historian of the medical and macabre”.

Before she was commissioned by the Smithsonian Channel to create ‘The Curious Life and Death Of…’ she was working on her own blog ‘The Chirurgeon’s Apprentice‘ and youtube channel ‘Under the Knife‘ while also publishing her first book ‘The Butchering Art: Joseph Lister’s Quest to Transform the Grisly World of Victorian Medicine’ in 2017.

According to her Goodreads author profile, she was drawn towards these subjects from an early age;

“As a little girl, I used to drag my grandmother from cemetery to cemetery so that I could hunt ghosts. Some might say I was obsessed with death from an early age, but I’d like to think I was simply fascinated with the past, and with the people who lived there. Thus began a lifelong obsession with history.”

Her curiosity and intelligence lead her to study history, science, medicine, and technology at the University of Oxford where she also received her doctorate which helped her to become the most well known medical historian of our time.

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The Butchering Art by Dr. Lindsey Fitzharris 

lindsey fitzharris the butchering art

The Butchering Art by Lindsey Fitzharris is a gruesome but immensely fascinating read. If you’re into medical history related books this is definitely a must-read.

You’ll be transported to the nineteenth-century when surgeries became more frequent along with deadly infections that kept the mortality rates sky-high. This book will introduce you to early operating theaters, surgeries without anesthesia, and one of the most groundbreaking doctors who ever lived.

Get ready for some truly cringe-worthy images and unbelievable historical facts. This gripping biography will easily be one of the most thrilling reads in your library.

The Butchering Art got raving reviews and it has over 4 ratings on Goodreads and Waterstones.

You can buy The Butchering Art on Amazon.

If you prefer podcasts you should check out The Anatomy Education Podcast episode 34 with Dr. Lindsey Fitzharris about her work and her book ‘The Butchering Art’.

Under The Knife Youtube Show by Dr Lindsery Fitzharris


Before ‘The Curious Life and Death Of…’ there was ‘Under The Knife’.  It’s a surprisingly fun but also spooky youtube series by Dr. Fitzharris that takes a humorous look back into humanity’s medical past.

There are 16 episodes around 5-7 minutes each and shows like this are rare so go and check it out. To get you started easily here is the first episode.

The Curious Life and Death Of… Trailer 

What’s ‘The Curious Life and Death Of…’ about?

Dr. Fitzharris and her dedicated experts (including a Scotland Yard detective, medical examiners, and eyewitnesses) combine biography, forensics, and true crime to explore and solve these famed mysteries.

The series tries to find the key to some of the most famous murders, suicides, and freak diseases. Sometimes she works on discovering the exact cause of death but often the goal is finding the “why” behind the death itself.

While watching this show you can enjoy virtual autopsies in her lab as well as thrilling interviews with witnesses and case experts.

‘The Curious Life and Death Of…’ Review

As mentioned above we immensely enjoyed both episodes so far. The Lizzy Borden episode was closer to our heart but it’s probably because we’re huge fans of this dark mystery from the past.

While the show uses science to find answers it’s easy to understand and is truly entertaining. If you enjoy shows like Bones, Harrow or NCIS you’ll probably love this series too.

It makes it all that more interesting that these episodes are about real-life crimes and mysterious deaths.

Dr. Fitzharris and her team work with mockups, skeletons, old photographs, timelines, and they even recreate the crime itself to find answers. The experts and interviews are interesting, the show got great pacing, and Dr. Fitzharris is a charming and engaging host who pulls the whole show together.

While the series is dark and deals with some of the most mysterious deaths it is not at all disturbing and unlikely to trigger its viewers.

However, it is the perfect show for those who enjoy their puzzles and mysteries with a bit of dark flair and a big scoop of science.

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Timeline from the Lizzie Borden episode | Image © – Smithsonian Channel

‘The Curious Life and Death Of…’ Episodes

There will be 6 episodes in season one, each episode is about 45 minutes long. 

Episode 1 The Curious Life and Death of… – Lizzie Borden | Air date: 6 September 2020
Episode 2 The Curious Life and Death of… – A Rolling Stone | Air date: 13 September 2020
Episode 3 The Curious Life and Death of… – A Titanic Child | Air date: 20 September 2020
Episode 4 The Curious Life and Death of… – Brittany Murphy | Air date: 27 September 2020

However, there will be another two episodes involving lord Pablo Escobar and the magician Harry Houdini.

Where & When to watch

You can now watch ‘The Curious Life and Death of…’ on Amazon Prime Video.

At the moment you can only watch the show in two countries, in the US and the UK. Hopefully, this will change in the near future and the show will be available on international streaming platforms.

The Curious Life And Death Of… airs Sunday in the USA on Smithsonian Channel at 9 pm EST/8 pm CST.

It airs two days later in the U.K. on Tuesday at 8 pm. You can watch it on Freeview 57, Freesat 175, SKY 171, Virgin 276.

Smithsonian Channel US

Smithsonian Channel UK

Apple TV Channels

You can still watch the full first episode of ‘The Curious Life and Death of…’ about Lizzie Borden and her father’s and step mother’s unsolved murder on Youtube.

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