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Magical & Remote Scotland Glamping Sites – Glamping UK

Scotland glamping sites provide a wide range of magical luxurious accommodations where you can enjoy nature as well as a comfortable and beautiful stay.

You can find stunning geo pods, yurts, bubble tents, and fun glamping sites the whole family can enjoy. If you’re looking for a romantic stay you can easily find charming couple glamping spots where you can gaze at the stary night from magical and unique accommodations.

If you love themed-hotels, unique boutique hotels, and quirky accommodations you’re going to love these places. Glamping in Scotland can be adventurous too where you can enjoy the view and the sounds of the sea or go on long walks with your pet. Since most of these glamping sites are dog-friendly you’ll have no problem with traveling with your furry best friend. 

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Luxury camping aka glamping lovers can take quick day trips to Edinburgh or Glasgow since most of these camping sites are fairly close to Scotland’s two biggest cities. So, if you’re looking for the best places to stay near Edinburgh and want to stay in a quirky and unique place you should check out these beauties on our list.

However, we also added some even more remote glamping sites that are further up north and hidden away in the beautiful Scottish countryside. These places are perfect for those who truly want to enjoy solidarity and doesn’t mind being cut off from modern life.

Best Glamping Sites in Scotland

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9| Catchpenny Safari Lodges, Glamping in Elie, Scotland

Catchpenny Safari Lodges - best glamping in Scotland (Small)
Catchpenny Safari Lodges interior - best glamping in Scotland (Small)

Only about fifty miles north of Edinburgh you can spend a truly fascinating holiday on the coast. While enjoying the breathtaking view of the sea you can take a deep breath of fresh air. The luxury tents are suitable for up to six people and it is a dog-friendly glamping spot in Scotland.

This area is also a favored bird-watching destination in the UK. If you are planning a relaxing getaway with your family or friends, this is surely a great pick for you.

Catchpenny Safari Lodges have 8 tents, so it is perfect for corporate team building weekends as well. Without a doubt, this is one of the best places to stay near Edinburgh.

For the most beautiful sunrise in Scotland and amazing hiking routes, Catchpenny Safari Lodges is among the best options for glamping in Scotland especially if you’re looking for a dog-friendly place.

8| Harvest Moon Holidays – Luxury Camping Near Dunbar, Scotland

Harvest Moon Holidays - glamping in scotland (Small)
Harvest Moon Holidays interior - Glamping in scotland (Small)

Only thirty miles east of Edinburgh, Harvest Moon offers a great retreat for families. You can stay in a tree-house and enjoy all sorts of activities for both little ones and older children.

On the grounds, guests can meet various animals including the super cute alpacas during spring. Collect eggs from the free-range chickens for breakfast and enjoy a lovely barbecue outside.

Besides hiking, there are a number of fun activities if you feel up to doing something after enjoying the quiet for a while. Since it’s located conveniently close to Edinburgh and other major cities, you can even plan a day trip to Glasgow.

Harvest Moon Holidays is one of the best family glamping sites in Scotland where kids can play with all sorts of cute animals including cuddly alpacas.

7| Roulotte Retreat, Glamping in Melrose, Scotland

Roulotte Retreat, Glamping in Melrose, Scotland (Small)
Roulotte Retreat interior, Glamping in Melrose, Scotland (Small)

Lovebirds are going to appreciate Roulotte Retreat’s philosophy. They aim to create a truly relaxing, intimate atmosphere, where couples can enjoy a little quiet.

Glamping can be romantic and with these caravans, you are in for a fantastic treat. Located about forty miles south of Edinburgh, you can enjoy Scottish nature at its best. Plan romantic hikes, visit Melrose, and other charming Scottish towns and villages.

If you would like to leave the planning to pros, Roulotte has themed getaways prepared for you with all sorts of creative and healthy activities.

It’s also the perfect place for a fairytale-like wedding in Scotland where couples can get married in enchanting meadows. 

Roulotte Retreat is certainly a great spot for couples glamping in Scotland if you love nature and romantic caravans.

6| Loch Tay Highland Lodges, Glamping in Killing, Scotland

Loch Tay Highland Lodges, Glamping in Killing, Scotland dog friendly (Small)
Loch Tay Highland Lodges interior, Glamping in Killing, Scotland dog friendly (Small)

Sixty miles north of Glasgow, Scotland’s biggest city, you can find a real gem. Loch Tay is a real beauty and there is nothing better than enjoying a colorful sunset over the lake. While staying here won’t necessarily feel as private as some others on the list, you can enjoy a fun romantic getaway or a family vacation.

There are a number of activities for everyone at the campsite, but if you prefer to go on a hike you will never forget, it’s a great location. All of the geopods are luxuriously furnished for up to three adults or four people.

Loch Tay Glamping is perfect for Glasgow tours in the highlands as it’s close and the surrounding area is breathtaking. At this Scotland glamping site, you can try tastefully designed heated geo pods.

5| RiverBeds Luxury Wee Lodges, Glamping in Ballachulish, Scotland

RiverBeds Luxury Wee Lodges, Glamping in Ballachulish, Scotland (Small)
RiverBeds Luxury Wee Lodges interior, Glamping in Ballachulish, Scotland (Small)

If you are planning a lovely holiday in the Scottish Highlands, then these little pods are going to be perfect bases for you. About a hundred miles north of Glasgow, you can book a luxurious little pod.

There are many fun activities besides hiking, while it is actually located next to a golf course. With every mini pod, you get a private hot tub that helps you relax while enjoying the relaxing sounds of the woods surrounding you.

The lodges are nestled near a tiny river and are relaxing and comfortable. If you’re looking for a magical place that’s also modern you should check out their lodges.

No wonder why it became such a traveler favorite; guests can enjoy some intimacy, while also having the opportunity to socialize if they prefer to make new friends.

RiverBeds Luxury Wee Lodges is surely an extraordinary site for glamping in Scotland.

4| Culdees Castle Estate Glamping, Glamping in Culdees, Scotland

Culdees Castle Estate Glamping, Glamping in Culdees, Scotland (Small)
Culdees Castle Estate Glamping interior, Glamping in Culdees, Scotland (Small)

Culdees Castle Estate is a really great place for those who enjoy history and want to spend some time in nature. You can visit the beautifully renovated Culdees Castle and enjoy lovely hikes around the estates. If you feel up to a longer hike, you can go on many routes that will take you around the beautiful area.

From your glamping hut, you will often see wild deer wandering around and bird watchers are going to love staying there too. These mini-homes are perfect for couples looking for a romantic time away from the everyday.

You can book a few nights here as well as one of their fairytale-like rooms in the five-star main castle.

Culdees Castle Estate Glamping is among the most beautiful glamping sites that boast a magnificent history.

3| The Tree Howf, Treehouse Glamping in Braco, Scotland

The Tree Howf, Treehouse Glamping in Braco, Scotland (Small)
The Tree Howf interior, Treehouse Glamping in Braco, Scotland (Small)

About fifty miles both of Glasgow and Edinburgh you can find this magical little Howf. This Scotland glamping farm has various enchanting and cozy homes, including a hobbit home.

The calm surroundings will make you forget about all the troubles so you can simply enjoy the quiet. Take your loved ones on a memorable holiday in central Scotland. The Tree Howf is specifically designed for couples so this particular accommodation is a great couple glamping spot.

The Tree Howf is an enchanting romantic getaway in Scotland, which everyone is going to remember fondly.

2| The Bus Stop, Glamping East Lothian, Scotland

The Bus Stop, 2 Glamping East Lothian, Scotland (Small)
The Bus Stop, interior 2 Glamping East Lothian, Scotland (Small)

This cool accommodation is truly unique while offering fantastic luxury stays. While there are rustic buses, which are more in the budget category, you can choose to stay in the luxurious buses as well. This lovely glamping site is only around twenty miles east of the Scottish capital so you can get there in no time.

When it cools down for the evening, you can enjoy a drink in your private wood-fired hot tub outside. There are a number of fun hiking trails to enjoy nature all year round. The Bus Stop is a great pick for couples and families as well and it’s also a dog-friendly glamping site.

If you enjoy nature but looking for a luxury getaway, this Scotland glamping site is definitely among the best picks.

1| Uist Forest Retreat, Glamping in North Uist, Scotland

Uist Forest Retreat, Glamping in North Uist, Scotland (Small)
Uist Forest Retreat interior, Glamping in North Uist, Scotland (Small)

Way up north on the Island of North Uist you can enjoy the famous Scottish island atmosphere. If you are lucky, even northern lights can be observed there.

You get everything one might need; nature with rich wildlife, sandy beaches with amazing views, and luxury in your self-catering cabins. As getting there takes quite a time, probably going there for a single night wouldn’t do the job, but a few nights will relax you to the bone.

Enjoy fantastic walks in nature or sit back and relax at the star-lit beach at night.

Uist Forest Retreat is a beautiful remote glamping spot in Scotland, where you can relax and forget about the civilized world for a while.

Magical & Remote Scotland Glamping Sites (3)

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