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15 Best Fantasy books that will give you serious wanderlust

If you’re looking for some fantasy-travel-adventure book recommendations, then you have come to the right place.
Fantasy is one of my favorite genres because these books help you to visit completely unique, new worlds which are filled with magic.
Here I created a list with the best fantasy/travel books I have read to this date.

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Funny Books For Weirdos

Are you looking for some really funny books to take your mind off things? Then you're in luck! Because if you love to laugh and you're also a little weird -'A lot!' You say?- then you're at the right place because we've gathered for you some of the most hilarious and...

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Exploring Cebu & Bohol: The Lands Of Fun And Sunshine

You will find many amazing things to do in the Philippines while exploring this beautiful country; Amazing beaches, breathtaking nature, & friendly people are waiting for you. The Philippines was high up on my bucket list so you can imagine how excited I was when we...

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