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Last Updated on January 29, 2023 by Jella Erhard

The most exciting new series on Starz right now. Watch the best new Starz shows from comedy, romance, documentaries, thrillers to family shows on Starz.


NEW series on starz

New Series On Starz – New Starz Shows

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Check out some of the most exciting new shows on stars that will help you take your mind off things. Starz has an excellent selection of shows no matter what your taste is. You’ll find on our list all kinds of thrilling, spooky, and romance stories that will take you around the world and beyond.

Some of the new Starz series are set in some pretty epic locations around the world so get ready to visit New York, Scotland, France, and New Zealand.

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However, if you’re into horror series or documentaries Starz has some great choices for you too. One of the most popular new documentaries on Starz is Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish’s Men In Kilts that’ll not only take you to Scotland but help you get to know its rich culture and history better. Don’t worry if you’re rather into serial killer docus you’ll find some blood-curdling options too.

Even though, most filming was stopped during 2020, viewers still have some pretty great options when it comes to binge-worthy shows. You can also find some great family shows as well as deep and thought-provoking series for adults. No matter if you want to start watching a long-running show or just get cozy with a one-season series you’ll find something special to binge on your next movie night.

12| Run The World – 2021 – New Comedy Show on Starz

Run The World - new shows on starzRun The World is one of the most fun new series on Starz for women. The story follows the lives of four best friends who live and work in Harlem. It’s a great show for those who love stories about strong and vibrant women and miss feel-good shows about female friendships.

Watch Run The World

11| Blindspotting – 2021 – New Comedy, Crime Series on Starz


blindspotting - new starz series

Blindspotting is one of the most thought-provoking and funny series on Starz. The show is a spinoff sequel of the original movie with the same title. The series is mainly about Ashley who has to move in together with her mother-in-law after Miles ends up in jail. She has to learn to navigate her new life, take care of her son alone, and deal with her existential crises.

Watch Blindspotting

10| Power Book III: Raising Kanan – 2021 – New Crime Series on Starz

Power Book III Raising Kanan - new series on starz

Raising Kanan is the next installment in the massively successful Power Book Universe. This time the story focuses on Kanan Stark and is set in the 1990s where viewers can learn about his early years. It’s a gripping crime drama that’s certainly one of the most powerful new series on Starz. Join Kanan on his dangerous journey as he gets ready to help out in his family’s growing drug business.

Watch Power Book III

9| Outlander – 2014 – Historical Drama Show on Starz

Outlander - New Starz Series

Outlander is probably Starz’s most well-known show and it’s been going strong for 8 years and has 5 fascinating seasons. The new Outlander season, which will be season 6 is coming out in 2021 if everything goes well. The time-traveling historical romance drama takes people on epic journeys around Scotland and Europe. If you enjoy steamy love stories, adventure, and breath-taking scenery you should check it out.

Watch Outlander

8| Men in Kilts: A Roadtrip with Sam and Graham – 2021 – Documentary, Comedy, Reality-TV on Starz



Men in Kilts: A Roadtrip with Sam and Graham - new shows on starz

Would you like to learn more about Scotland while also seeing more of Sam and Graham? Then Men In Kilts is the docu for you. It’s a fun and entertaining travel show that’ll introduce you to Scotland’s impressive nature, cities, myths, and legends. If you’re looking for a new Starz show that feeds your wanderlust then check this one out.

Watch Men In Kilts

7| Confronting A Serial Killer – 2021 – Documentary, Biography, Crime on Starz

confronting a serial killer - new starz shows

Confronting a Serial Killer is one of the scariest series on Starz. It’s a sort of weird and spooky series about the unlikely relationship between author Jillian Lauren and one of America’s most prolific serial killers Sam Little. If you love unique documentaries about serial killers then this is the show you should put on your watch list.

Watch Confronting a Serial Killer

6| American Gods – 2017 – 2021 – Fantasy, Mystery Series on Starz

American Gods - New series on Starz

Neil Gaiman’s beguiling novel American Gods is just as magical and thrilling on screen as it is on paper. With stunning casting and brilliant visuals, Gaiman’s story comes alive to mesmerize viewers with another season. The story follows Shadow an ex-convict who suddenly finds himself in an epic battle between the old and new Gods.

Watch American Gods

5| The Gloaming – 2020 – Crime, Drama, Horror Show on Starz

The Gloaming - new starz series

The Gloaming is one of the scariest horror series on Starz. If you prefer spooky detective stories then this mystery is a great choice for you. The story follows detective Molly who teams up with her childhood friend Alex to solve a brutal murder.

Watch The Gloaming

4| Hightown – 2020 – Crime, Drama, Mystery Series on Starz

Hightown - new starz shows

Hightown is about drugs, murder, and mystery in Cape Cod. The story follows Jackie who’s a drug and alcohol addict herself and while trying to get her grounding finds a dead body and decides that she wants to solve the murder on her own. It’s a dark tale about just how dangerous these addictions can be.

Watch Hightown

3| Little Birds – 2020 – Drama, Romance Series on Starz

little birds - new starz series

Little Birds is a brilliant and visually beautiful show set in 1955. It’s a witty romance period drama about Lucy’s journey towards independence and freedom. Get ready for an exotic and thrilling journey. If you love girl power movies it’s a must-watch for you.

Watch Little Birds

2| The Luminaries – 2020 – Adventure, Drama Mystery Show on Starz

The Luminaries - new series on starz

The Luminaries is set in the 1860s during New Zealand’s gold rush and is a beautiful tale of magic, love, and mysteries. The show is based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel and follows a group of women and men as they travel the world and make their fortune on the wild West Coast.

Watch The Luminaries

1| Vida – 2020 – Drama on Starz

Vida - New Series on Starz

Vida is one of Starz’s most beloved series that’s just as successful with critics as it is with the show’s fans. The story is about two estranged Mexican-American sisters who must move back to their childhood neighborhood after their mother’s death. Then they go on a self discovery journey while they learn more of their and their mother’s past and discover her real identity.

Watch Vida