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Explore the most exciting new historical fantasy books for adults every fantasy lover should read. Get ready to read magical new YA romance historical novels, dark fantasy romances, and thrilling new historical fantasy book series.

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best historical fantasy books


Most Anticipated New Historical Fantasy Books

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Get ready for some of the most epic adventures, the biggest mysteries, and the most feel-good atmospheric stories of your life thanks to these brilliant new historical fantasy books that will take your breath away. You’ll find here all kinds of enchanting and dark stories for adults and young adult readers, romance lovers.

You’ll also find here spooky stories fantasy YA books, sci-fi, and steampunk-inspired novels,  as well as some of the most inspiring and thought-provoking mythological retellings.

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Get inspired by historical figures, and see your favorite stories in a completely new light while exploring ancient secrets.

Let these thrilling new historical fantasy books take you around the world and back in time and help you visit some of the most intriguing countries including India, ancient Greece, Italy, France, England, Mexico, and Scotland.

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25. Clytemnestra by Costanza Casati

Clytemnestra by Costanza Casati - historical fantasy book

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Published: May 2023


Clytemnestra is a commanding reimagining of the notorious queen of ancient Greece. She was born to a king but married to a tyrant, Clytemnestra endures the tragic loss of her child and the harsh reality of her husband’s rule.

As she contemplates vengeance, she faces a critical choice upon her husband’s triumphant return. Regardless of her decision, infamy follows, and she must seize power for herself in a world that refuses to give it.

Amidst this struggle, she navigates a world filled with prophecy, power, love, and hatred. This compelling tale of power, retribution, and a woman’s resolve to seize her destiny makes it a must-read. Its main theme underlines the struggle for power and self-determination in a patriarchal society.

Clytemnestra is an unforgettable historical fantasy that vividly captures the raw passion, fury, and strength of a queen fighting against the constraints of her time.

24. A Portrait in Shadow by Nicole Jarvis

A Portrait in Shadow by Nicole Jarvis - best historical fantasy books

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Published: May 2023


A Portrait in Shadow offers an opulent blend of art and magic set in 17th-century Florence. The story centers on Artemisia Gentileschi, an artist who finds opposition from the powerful, male-dominated Accademia, which tightly controls Florence’s magical art world.

As Artemisia fights for her place, securing allies like Galileo Galilei and the influential Cristina de’ Medici, she also must confront her past and an incendiary preacher threatening her dream of creating an enduring legacy.

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This novel brilliantly encapsulates the struggle of a woman artist fighting societal norms in a patriarchal society and the sacrifice necessary to achieve one’s dreams.

A Portrait in Shadow is a lavish exploration of artistry, ambition, and resilience in an historical setting humming with magic. With its unique blend of history, magic, and a strong female protagonist, it’s a must-read historical fantasy.

23. The Witch of Tin Mountain by Paulette Kennedy

The Witch of Tin Mountain by Paulette Kennedy - best books about witches

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Published: February 2023


The Witch of Tin Mountain, delves into Depression-era Arkansas where an insidious presence has found its way to a haunted mountain town. The story revolves around three generations of women bound by blood, power, and a looming malevolence that has haunted them over time.

Gracelynn Doherty, living in relative peace on Tin Mountain with her adoptive grandmother, finds their life disrupted by the arrival of evangelist Josiah Bellflower.

As Granny’s health deteriorates and a curse befalls the drought-stricken land, Gracelynn must make a fateful choice—leave Tin Mountain or confront the vengeful preacher intent on their destruction. Kennedy’s spellbinding exploration of familial bonds, power struggles, and revenge wrapped in an atmospheric historical backdrop.

The Witch of Tin Mountain is an engrossing historical fantasy thriller filled with suspense and the uncanny, intricately portraying the hardships of Depression-era Arkansas with an overlay of the supernatural.

22. Maddalena and the Dark by Julia Fine

Maddalena and the Dark by Julia Fine

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Published: June 2023


Set in 18th-century Venice, Maddalena and the Dark is a vivid tale of music, magic, friendship, and ambition. Fifteen-year-old Luisa, an aspirant violinist at the Ospedale della Pietà, yearns to be the best and earn Antonio Vivaldi’s approval.

Her solitary existence changes when Maddalena arrives at the Pietà after a scandal jeopardizes her noble family’s reputation. As Maddalena invites Luisa into her perilous plot to secure her future, the girls are drawn into the decadent world beyond the Pietà, forcing them to question their deepest desires and the cost they’re willing to pay.

A beautiful Venetian fairytale exploring the complexities of friendship and the relentless quest for freedom, this novel is a testament to the transformative power of ambition and desire, making it a must-read for historical fantasy enthusiasts.

Maddalena and the Dark is a mesmerizing dark historical fantasy book, that paints a vibrant tapestry of 18th-century Venice teeming with music, ambition, and magic.

21. A Thousand Recipes for Revenge by Beth Cato

A Thousand Recipes for Revenge by Beth Cato - ya historical fantasy book

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Published: June 2023


A Thousand Recipes for Revenge is a captivating blend of adventure, culinary magic, and sweet retribution set against the backdrop of a world teetering on the brink of war.

Adamantine “Ada” Garland, an ex-royal court chef with an empathic connection to food and wine, is forced out of hiding by unknown assailants, leading her and her beloved Grand-mère on an unexpected path. Meanwhile, Princess Solenn discovers she shares more than a magical affinity for food with Ada—they share blood.

As Solenn uncovers a conspiracy to assassinate her fiancé and ignite conflict, the paths of mother and daughter converge, uniting against a vengeful enemy from Ada’s past. As they navigate divine intervention in a looming war, the duo must contemplate what sacrifices are necessary and where hope lies.

A Thousand Recipes for Revenge is a tantalizing blend of culinary enchantment and swashbuckling adventure. With its inventive exploration of gastronomic magic and a narrative infused with familial bonds and divine intervention, it is an essential read for historical fantasy lovers.

20. Emily Wilde’s Encyclopaedia of Faeries by Heather Fawcett

Emily Wilde's Encyclopaedia of Faeries by Heather Fawcett - new historical fiction books

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Published: January 2023


Emily Wilde’s Encyclopaedia of Faeries is a delightful start to a heartwarming new fantasy series. Emily Wilde, a Cambridge professor and eminent scholar of faeries, journeys to the rugged village of Hrafnsvik to study faerie folklore.

Preferring her books, her dog Shadow, and the elusive Fair Folk to people, Emily doesn’t anticipate mingling with the brusque villagers or her charismatic academic rival Wendell Bambleby.

However, as she delves into the secrets of the most hidden faeries, Emily also finds herself unraveling the mystery surrounding Wendell and, surprisingly, her own heart.

This enchanting blend of magical folklore, personal discovery, and burgeoning romance makes it a must-read for those who revel in the exploration of both external wonders and internal journeys.

Emily Wilde’s Encyclopaedia of Faeries is a captivating historical fantasy book that expertly weaves faerie lore with human introspection.

19. Our Hideous Progeny by C.E. McGill

Our Hideous Progeny by C.E. McGill - dark historical fantasy

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Published: May 2023


Set in the 1850s, Our Hideous Progeny follows the story of Mary, Victor Frankenstein’s great-niece. Amid the scientific fervor in London, ignited by an awe-inspiring dinosaur exhibition, Mary yearns to carve out her reputation in this burgeoning scientific era alongside her geologist husband, Henry.

Unearthing old family papers that hint at her great-uncle’s chilling past, Mary envisages a path toward professional and financial stability.

Their pursuit leads them to Scotland, introduces them to Henry’s elusive sister, Maisie, and embroils them in a lethal rivalry to safeguard their secret. This queer, feminist narrative, inspired by Mary Shelley’s classic, is a rich tapestry of ambition, obsession, forbidden love, and sabotage.

This captivating queer and feminist retelling of the Frankenstein legacy, the novel offers an evocative Gothic adventure that marries ambition with obsession in a backdrop of thrilling scientific discovery and is a great choice for those too who love captivating monster books.

Our Hideous Progeny is a compelling historical fantasy read, unveiling the monstrous side of human nature and is a must read for those who love dark historical fantasy books.

18. The Nine Lives of Bianca Moon by Delas Heras

The Nine Lives of Bianca Moon by Delas Heras - funny historical fantasy

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Published: June 2023


Set in an alternate 1950s world ruled by cats and dogs, The Nine Lives of Bianca Moon weaves together a captivating urban fantasy, detective story, and ghostly adventure. The book begins with the enigmatic murder of journalist Flint Lockford in Greenwich Village.

Junior Detective Morton Digby and his partner, Detective J.B. Puddleworth, find themselves challenged by Flint’s audacious fiancée, Bianca Moon, who is hell-bent on avenging Flint’s death.

As Flint’s spirit navigates the afterlife at Ghosthall, a courthouse turned into a spirited residence, and tries to protect Bianca from the risks her quest entails. The ghostly Flint and the investigative duo must work in their respective realms to bring the culprits to justice before Bianca exhausts her remaining lives.

The Nine Lives of Bianca Moon is a must-read, fusing feline fun, spectral escapades, and riveting detective work in a unique historical setting. It provides a gripping exploration of revenge, loyalty, and the unbreakable bonds of love beyond life itself.

17. Weyward by Emilia Hart

Weyward by Emilia Hart - paranormal historical fiction books

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Published: February 2023


Weyward is a mesmerizing historical fantasy novel by Emilia Hart, intertwines the tales of three extraordinary women across five centuries.

In 2019, Kate escapes from her abusive partner, seeking refuge in the long-forgotten Weyward Cottage she inherits, only to uncover an ancient witchcraft secret buried since the 17th century.

Flashing back to 1619, Altha, an unconventional woman schooled in a unique magic centered on the natural world, finds herself on trial for a crime she didn’t commit, her freedom hinging on her arcane powers.

Simultaneously, in the midst of WWII in 1942, Violet yearns for knowledge and the truth about her mother’s enigmatic past, the only clues being a locket and the word “weyward” mysteriously etched into her bedroom baseboard.

Weyward is an enchanting exploration of witchcraft, womanhood, and the power of resilience across time. Its immersive storytelling and multi-layered narratives make it a must-read for historical fantasy enthusiasts.

16| Into Shadow – amazon original stories – New Dark Fantasy Short Story collection

INTO SHADOW - amazon original stories - Anthology short story collection (Small)

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This eerie new dark fantasy anthology collection has seven brilliant short stories by acclaimed and popular authors, namely Alix E. Harrow, Garth Nix, Lev Grossman, Nghi Vo, Tamsyn Muir, and Veronica G. Henry, and Tomi Champion-Adeyemi. Readers can enjoy a wide range of stories and explore atmospheric dark fantasy worlds while also getting to know female knights and bodyguards, mediums, and ghouls among many other fascinating characters human and supernatural characters.

The settings also vary and readers can get immersed in modern and historical dark fantasy worlds as well as travel around the world and visit all sorts of places from small US towns to the magic-filled streets of Brazil. You’ll be able to find all types of dark fantasy stories in this collection so you can actually enjoy modern, historical, mystery, and epic dark fantasy tales all in one. These spooky stories were designed to be read or listened to in a single sitting so they make perfect companions for those who are looking for quick but chilling bedtime reads.

Into Shadows is one of the most exciting new dark fantasy anthology collections with thought-provoking and imaginative stories that are perfect for adults and YA readers who are looking for short but complex and thrilling reads.

15| The Great Witch of Brittany by Louisa Morgan – New Romantic Historical Fantasy Book – February 2022

The Great Witch of Brittany by Louisa Morgan - best historical fantasy books 2022

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Are you into witchy stories or maybe you’re already a fan of the Secret History Of Witches? Then this enchanting story might become one of your favorite romantic historical fantasy books you’ll read in 2022.

The story tells the story of Ursule one of the most powerful witches of the Orchière clan and how she discovered her powers that changed her and her family’s life forever. She embarks on a magical but often dangerous journey guided by the whispers of her ancestors and an ancient grimoire.

The Great Witch of Brittany is one of the most anticipated new historical fantasy books with witches, romance, and ancient secrets and is set in 1741 Brittany (now known as England).

448 Pages

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14| Kaikeyi by Vaishnavi Patel – Mythology, New Historical Fantasy, April 2022

Kaikeyi by Vaishnavi Patel - Mythology New Fantasy Books 2022

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One of the most anticipated new historical fantasy books of 2022 is Kaikeyi. This epic modern mythological tale has everything a fantasy book lover might want.

Kaikeyi, the only daughter of Kekaya’s king is destined to be a prop in her father’s power play, but she has other aspirations. This fascinating story will help countless people to step out of their comfort zone and exceed all expectations.

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The story is about Kaikeyi who transforms herself into a powerful warrior queen from an overlooked princess.

Kaikeyi’s life-changing story set in India is undoubtedly one of the most exciting LGBT+ historical fantasy books.

432 Pages

13| Stone Blind: Medusa’s Story by Natalie Haynes – Mythology, New Historical Fantasy, September 2022

Stone Blind Medusa's Story by Natalie Haynes - best historical fantasy books of 2022

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This inspiring new historical fantasy book is based on one of the most famous Greek mythological tales about Medusa.

Medusa is the most well-known Gorgon and monster of Greek mythology and Stone Blind is an inspiring retelling and a new take on the story. it shows readers Medusa’s side of the story and how she became a monster and more importantly proves how she never really was one.

If you’re looking for more Greek mythology retellings or other exciting new retelling books then check out our other book lists too.

If you love retelling, especially about Greek mythologies then Stone Blind and its empowering take on one of the world’s most famous female monsters is a new historical fantasy book you should read in 2022.

384 Pages

12| Dark Earth by Rebecca Stott – New Historical Fantasy – June 2022

 Dark Earth by Rebecca Stott

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This empowering story is about Blue and Isla, two sisters who are forced to hide in the Ghost City after their father suddenly dies and a cruel and power-hungry enemy tries to murder them.

In the ruins of Ghost City, they find a group of rebel women living in hiding who give them refuge and a community they never dreamed to have. Unfortunately, their home is collapsing around them so they decide to fight back against the men who hunt them by using their skill, ingenuity, and the magic of their foremothers.

If you want to go on an epic adventure with two inspiring sisters in a world filled with magic, witches, myth, and folklore and is set in the Dark Ages of Britain then Dark Earth is the right book for you.

336 Pages

11| Moonlight and the Pearler’s Daughter by Lizzie Pook – Mystery, New Historical Fantasy book, March 2022

Moonlight and the Pearler's Daughter by Lizzie Pook - new historical fantasy books (Small)

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Get ready for a mysterious feminist adventure that’ll take you back in time to the era of British colonial rule in Australia in 1886. The story is about Eliza Brightwell and her family who travel from London to Western Australia to build a new home in a strange land.

Their family flourishes and Eliza’s father becomes a captain of a pearl-diving boat. Many years later the ship returns without Eliza’s father on it. Not really knowing what happened Eliza embarks on a journey to find out what went on and as Eliza dives deeper into the pearling industry she discovers just how dark and dangerous it can be.

If you’re into mystery novels then check out Moonlight and the Pearler’s Daughter because it’s one of the most beautiful and intriguing new historical fantasy books of 2022 set in Australia.

288 Pages

10| Siren Queen by Nghi Vo – LGBT+ New Historical Fantasy Book, May 2022

Siren Queen by Nghi Vo - Magical-Realism, Historical Fantasy Book

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This brilliant historical fantasy story is about Luli Wei, a beautiful Chinese American girl who determines that she’ll be one day a movie star in Hollywood. It’s a great choice for those who not only love historical fantasy books but also looking for new books about witches.

Luli learns fast that Hollywood is run by monsters and uses starlets like herself then throws them away. However, Luli doesn’t frighten easily and by using blood magic she embarks on the road to becoming a star but this road might also turn her into a monster.

It’s a thought-provoking, brilliantly written LGBT+ book that’s also a good choice for those who are looking for fun fiction books about witches and dark magic.

Siren Queen is a fascinating coming-of-age historical fantasy book with dark witchy vibes for young adults and adults set in 30’s Hollywood.

288 Pages

9| The House with the Golden Door (Wolf Den Trilogy #2) by Elodie Harper – New Romantic Historical Fantasy Book Series – May 2022

The House with the Golden Door - historical romance fantasy books

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If you’re looking for new fantasy romance books then you’re in luck because the second book of the Wolf Den trilogy is just as riveting and exciting as the first one.

You’ll follow the life of Amara who still lives in Pompeii. She battles to survive alone after she managed to escape a terrible life in the city’s most notorious brothel the Wolf Den. However, Amara is still not completely free. She’s alone now without her sisters and is threatened by the same men who once loved and protected her.

Amara has no other choice but to fight back just as ruthlessly as her attacker while also fearing Venus since her whole existence and the future of her love life depends on the Goddess of love.

The House With The Golden Door is one of the most anticipated new romantic historical fantasy book series of 2022 set in Pompeii, Italy.

472 Pages

8| The Gifts by Liz Hyder – New Historical Fantasy Novel- February 2022

The Gifts by Liz Hyder - new historical fantasy books for adults

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Looking for adult historical fantasy books? Then this illuminating and thought-provoking novel is the right choice for you. This gripping tale is told from five different perspectives and is set in the exciting but often dangerous nineteenth-century London.

This spellbinding story is about Etta, Natalya, Annie, and Mary a botanist, an artist, a storyteller, and a soon-to-be journalist and London surgeon Edward Meake. The story explores women’s places in 19th century England and how greedy men will stop at nothing to get what they want. With a fascinating story, intriguing characters, and thought-provoking themes you’re in for an epic journey.

The Gifts is one of the most anticipated new historical fantasy books for adults about religion, enlightenment, and the role of women in society in 1840s London, England.

400 Pages

7| Hex (Darkland Tales) by Jenni Fagan – New Historical Fantasy Book – March 2022

Hex (Darkland Tales) by Jenni Fagan - best historical fantasy books 2022 (Small)

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If you’ve been looking for exciting and meaningful new short fantasy books to read in 2022 then you’re in luck because this exciting new adult historical fantasy book will knock your socks off.

Hex is set in 1591 and is and it takes place in one of the prison cells of Edinburgh where a convicted witch Geillis Duncan is visited by Iris who claims she comes from a future where women are still in danger of persecution for who they are and what they believe.

As Geillis tells her heart-breaking story Iris offers support and even offers a way for her to escape a violent death. Hex explores what happens when a society is consumed by fear and superstition and shows its readers how one king’s violent crusade against ordinary women is still being felt to this day.

Hex is one of the most thought-provoking new historical fantasy books for adults to read in 2022 set in Edinburgh, Scotland.

112 Pages

6| Wild and Wicked Things by Francesca May – LGBT+ Historical Gothic Fantasy Book MARCH 2022

Wild and Wicked Things Book by Francesca May - LGBT New Fantasy books 2022 (Small)

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This fascinating story is inspired by The Great Gatsby, yet this book couldn’t be more surprising and captivating. If you enjoy historical Gothic fantasy books and want to read a heart-pounding LGBT+ romance, or want to read magical romance fantasy books then you ought to pick up this incredible piece.

This dark and mysterious new historical fantasy book is set in a world after World War I, where magic is very much real.

The story is about Annie Mason who returns to Crow Island hoping to make amends with her past and reconnect with her friend. While she planned to stay away from magic, the mystifying new neighbor tempts her to make unexpected decisions.

If you’re looking for new gothic books about magic and dark secrets don’t miss this beguiling read.

The Wild and Wicked Things is a magical story of passion and unbreakable bonds and it’s among the most beguiling new LGBT+ historical fantasy books of 2022 set in 1920s England.

432 Pages

5| The Hacienda by Isabel Cañas – New Horror Historical Fantasy Book – May 2022

The Hacienda by Isabel Cañas - new horror books 2022

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Isabel Cañas’ book debut, The Hacienda, is full of unique characters, petrifying secrets, and captivating ideas. If you’re looking for new horror books with a historical setting then you should check out this spooky novel.

The story is about Beatriz who has to accept Rodolfo’s proposal, as she is left on her own after the Mexican government was overthrown. Despite the dark rumors, she seeks safety at Rodolfo’s infamous countryside estate Hacienda San Isidro.

Not long after moving in Beatriz had to realize that the rumors were in fact true; something lurks in the darkness. Can she get out alive and unravel the mystery? If you’re craving new historical fantasy books that’ll scare you then you should put this spooky read on your TBR.

The Hacienda is among the most entraining and spooky new historical fantasy horror books in 2022 set in 19th century Mexico.

352 Pages

4| Elektra by Jennifer Saint – Mythology, Historical Fantasy Novel – May 2022

Elektra by Jennifer Saint - best historical fantasy books for adults

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Electra is another exciting new historical fantasy book and a retelling of one of its most famous stories about the Troyan war. The stories are told from the point of view of three women and it revolves around the Trojan War.

It tells the story of how these three women’s lives were changed forever by the curse and it explores mother-daughter relationships, and loyalty, and shows the devastation the war caused on both sides. It’s a beautiful feminist retelling of this ancient tale that’s told in a new way that will surprise you even if you’ve already read multiple stories about the Troyan War.

Electra is an invigorating and thought-provoking new historical fantasy book about the fickle nature of men and gods set in ancient Greece.

304 Pages

3| The Clockwork Girl by Anna Mazzola – Gothic Historical Fantasy Book- January 2022

The Clockwork Girl by Anna Mazzola - new historical fantasy books 2022

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If you’re into immersive writing styles, curious mechanical creations, and dark mysteries then you should definitely check out one of the most anticipated new steampunk books of 2022 that’s set in 18th century Paris.

The story follows Madeleine who gets hired to become the new maid of Reinhart, the celebrated clockmaker who made a name for himself thanks to his uncanny mechanical creations. Unfortunately, Reinhart also has enemies who are trying to destroy him, and as it turns out Madeleine might be one of them.

As Madeleine gets more involved and discovers new secrets she realizes that the whole thing might lead back to the Palace of Versailles. If you’re into mysteries and dark fantasy books with great twists and a unique world-building then you should pick up The Clockwork Girl.

The Clockwork Girl is the most anticipated steampunk historical fantasy book of 2022 set in 1750s Paris, France.

400 Pages

2| Pandora by Susan Stokes-Chapman – Mythology, Historical Fantasy Novel – 2022

Pandora by Susan Stokes-Chapman - dark historical fantasy books 2022

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2022 is a big year for Greek Mythology retellings. Pandora is about Dora who lives with her wicked uncle in her parents’ once-famed shop of antiquities. One day a mysterious Greek vase is delivered to Dora who doesn’t waste time and gets help from Edward a young antiquarian scholar to find out everything she can about this peculiar object.

What they discover about the vase will change both their lives forever and will prove to Dora that some stones are better left unturned. Pandora is an atmospheric and twisty Greek mythology retelling that’s perfect for those who love novels with intrigue, romance, deception, and dark secrets. If you’ve been looking for some of the best new thrillers and mystery books then you should check out Pandora.

Pandora is one of the most exciting adult historical fantasy books set in 18th century London, England.

432 Pages

1| Speaking Bones (The Dandelion Dynasty #4) by Ken Liu – High-Fantasy, Historical Sci-fi Book Series – June 2022

Speaking Bones by Ken Liu - best historical fantasy books 2022

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The Dandelion Dynasty is one of the most celebrated sci-fi fantasy book series of all time. If you’ve been looking for something different and looking for a unique read with historical fantasy elements then you just found what you were looking for.

In Speaking Bones the epic battle continues as science and destiny collide against the will of the gods. This series is more for those who love epic book series and love getting lost in meticulously built worlds with vivid characters and larger-than-life themes. If you’re looking for new dark fantasy books to read with unique storylines and memorable characters don’t forget to pick up this excellent read.

Speaking Bones is one of the most exciting new silkpunk fantasy books of 2022.

912 Pages

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