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Last Updated on April 5, 2021 by Jella Erhard

Amazing Asian Musicians You Should Know

It’s hard to know where to start when looking for new artists to listen to, especially when it comes to Asian musicians. There are so many talented and interesting artists yet it can be quiet hard to find them if you don’t know where to start your search. But don’t worry! The help is here.

I’m happy to show you a couple of my favorites because one of the questions is if I can recommend an Asian musician. Giving recommendations is pretty exciting especially when it comes to books, movies, and music of course.

I love these artists and the music they make and while I always try to find new artists, find something that sounds new and exciting I always find myself coming back to them and their songs.

Many of you who already lead a little or a very geeky lifestyle K-pop is pretty much well known. And while I love many K-pop artists (one of them is on the list too) there are many more musicians in Asia you should know about and listen to.

Hopefully, my list will help you find a new artist you can love and some new sounds that will make your heart beat a little faster and louder!

A quick note: The sequence is random just one after the other. I love them all and they’re all number one in my heart!

1| G.E.M. ~ China’s superstar

G.E.M. means Get Everybody Moving and the singer behind the acronym (Tang Tsz-kei) really makes some music that will make you move. She’s one of the most famous pop artists in China and she’s working hard to break into the western market as well.

Which would be well deserved. Her vocal range is fantastic, her style is fierce, and her music is way better than most pop artists you hear on the radio.

2| Lea Salonga ~ The Filipinos’ Musical Princess

Lea is one of my favorite singers of All Time.  She’s a Broadway diva and a real-life Disney princess who was also the singing voice of Mulan one of my favorite Disney Character. Her career started at a young age and reached stardom soon after.

Yet she never forgot where she came from and works hard to this very day to always improve herself and to support others. She has an exceptional vocal range and vocal control which makes her live concerts just as perfect as the songs she records in the studio.

3| Li Yundi ~ Chinese Classical Pianist

Li Yundi is arguably one of the most talented and accomplished contemporary pianists. Started his career with becoming the youngest (and first Chinese) to win the International Frédéric Chopin Piano Competition in 2000 at the age of 18. His genius would not need further proof.

Yundi perfectly delivers in a smooth, gentle manner, fitting every note into the right second. Sometimes, you get the impression of these Ballades being composed for his talent.

4| Jasleen Royal ~ Soul of India

Jasleen‘s gentle, beautiful, and heartwarming voice will leave you wanting to hear more. Jasleen sings in three languages, Punjabi, Hindi, and English. You can often hear her songs turning up in many of the most popular Bollywood movies too.

Jasleen’s an independent singer who writes and composes her own songs. Her songs are simple but emotional and usually revolve around life, love, friends, and family.

5| Yui ~ Japan

Yui is a huge star not just in Japan but worldwide. I first met her music while watching Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood which is one of the best anime series ever and thanks to Yui it has one of the best anime openings as well.

Yui has a soft gentle voice yet it doesn’t stop her to rock out. Her music is highly emotional, usually fast paced with pop and rock elements.

If you want to visit one of her concerts get ready for loud crowds and overflowing love. She’s a huge star in Japan and she fills up a stadium in no time. She writes most of her songs and she also plays on multiple instruments. Don’t be surprised either if you see her pop up in Japanese movies since she’s also a talented actor. 

You can also check out Again’s acoustic version here.

6| Fatin Shidqia ~ Indonesia’s Beloved Superstar

Fatin is Indonesia’s new superstar! She quickly raised to stardom after she won the first season of the Indonesian version of The X Factor back in 2013. Her music is played all over Asia.

People quickly connect with her unique style and love the strong character in her voice. Her songs are soulful and positive. Listen to one or two of her songs and you will quickly understand why Indonesia fell in love with this young girl.

7| Ji-Hae Park ~ South Korean Violinist

TED is really good for just about anything. Even to find new music to listen to. I found this amazing musician while searching through the site. Many people (including me) love to hear violinists play because their music resonates with our soul on many levels and Ms. Park’s music does just that and more.

Ms. Park is no exception, on the contrary! This virtuoso violinist plays passionately and has a wide variety of discography. She’s also a mental illness advocate which gives her music new layers and gives us new ways to connect with it.

8|Thongchai McIntyre “Bird Thongchai” ~ Thailand’s Favorite

Bird Thongchai is probably Thailand’s most beloved singer who is adored by all generations. Brid’s first album was released in 1985 and he stepped onto the road of superstars right after and he walks on it since then. His style is mostly Thai-Pop and luk thung.

You can also watch the award-winning documentary “Crossing Borders” about his life. He is also a talented accomplished actor; Khu gam (Sunset at Chaophraya) and Langkha Daeng are his most well-known movies.

9| Kim Hyun Joong ~ South KoreaN Pop star

Kim started out in a band called SS501 but decided to go solo in 2011. He is one of the most well-known and celebrated K-pop artists not just in South Korea but around the world. Kim can sing, dance, and act. He does it all and he does it well.

He’s on his first world tour this year (2018) and his first stops will be in South-American countries. But you can also catch one of his concerts in Japan.

10| Hoang Thuy Linh – Vietnam’s Multi-Talented Star

Hoang Thuy Linh - best Asian Musicians

Hoang Thuy Linh is one of the most succesfull acrtess/singer in Vietnam. Her album ‘Hoang’ is widely popular all around the country and you’ll be able hear her songs in the radios when you sit in cafes or restaruants.

Hoang is a very special contemporary pop album because it incorporates elements of Vietnamese folk music. Her videos are also really fun and beautiful and just like her music they feature Vietnamese folklore, has various traditional elements but it’s presented in a modern style.

Her songs and videos are truly special and most of them have English subs.

11| Shreya Ghoshal ~ India’s heart

Shreya is one of India’s most accomplished playback singers. With many awards under her belt, she is still making wonderful music for most Bollywood movies. Shreya aspired to become a playback singer from a young age and started her formal training in classical music at the age of six.

Over the years she got recognized and got honored by many other countries too, including the United Kingdom and The United States. She also became the first Indian singer to have her wax figurine in Madame Tussauds Museum.

Do you have a favorite artist? Share with us!

Thank you for reading & listening!