Best Korean Horror Movies for a spine-tingling movie night

Best Korean Horror Movies from classic 60s thrillers to modern gore and zombie cinema treasures. If you're a fan of horror & dark movies you probably heard about Korean horror movies. Why? Because they're doing it pretty well. The stories, directing, actors and...

15 Creepy & Dark Anime Characters Who Will Make You Shiver

These creepy and dark anime characters will prove that it's fairly easy to get nightmares even because of animated characters. We collected some of the best villains of anime history from the most popular shows to some of the lesser-known but quality shows. You will...

Anime Music Treasures That Will Make Your Heart Pound Stronger

Anime music treasures can really make you start a day on a better tone and comfort you on days when you feel sad. What will you find on this list? Just the jam! From the best anime OST through the best anime opening songs to our favorite anime singer you will find...

10 Beautiful Asian Movies You Should Watch

Asian movies are not widely known in most western countries and as a huge fan of Asian cinema I can tell you; people who don't watch them are missing out on the most beautiful movies ever made. One of the most entertaining and fun ways to get to know a culture is...

10 Amazing Asian Musicians You Should Know

It's hard to know where to start when looking for new artists to listen to, especially when it comes to Asian musicians. There are so many talented and interesting artists yet it can be quiet hard to find them if you don't know where to start your search. But don't...

Top 10 Scariest Places In The World To Feel Chilled To The Bone

Fall is a truly magical season and a perfect one to visit the scariest places in the world. Why? Because the weather gets cooler, leaves are turning yellow, orange, and red. But most importantly, of course, Halloween finally arrives. If the dinners and parties don't...

The 14 Best Animated Movies For Adults

Looking for some of the best animated movies for adults? Here you will find everything from indie darlings to  Oscar winners from around the world. I didn't want to make another list of only the most popular and well-known animated movies so it came handy that most of...

The Filipino’s real life Disney princess: Lea Salonga

I grew up admiring the strength and beauty of Mulan and Jasmine (Aladdin). I was never really someone who loved the Disney movies where princesses just lied around and waited for the prince to come and save the day. Jasmine, Mulan, Pocahontas, Megara (Hercules),...

10 Best Anime Series -Let’s Get You Hooked On Anime

These are my all time favorite anime series, but don’t worry they’re not just my favorites.
These are all shows that proved themselves through generations, to professionals and fans as well that they deserve to be on the top of any best anime series list.

Best Festivals For The Geeky

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Best Asian Movies

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Best Animated Movies For Adults

best animated movies for adults


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