Myths, Legends, Unique Stays & Places to Visit in Florence

Explore our nineteen favorite exciting, unique stays & places to visit in Florence Italy. From museums through restaurants & shops to hotels. Discover Florence's lesser-known side, its myths & legends and go beyond Uffizi & the Duomo to have a truly...

10 Best Books About Witches to Bring Magic Into Your Travels

One of the best ways to ensure that you'll have a magical read is to choose a book that's about witches. I collected some of my favorite novels with witches and chose from various genres from nonfiction and fiction through fantasy to folklore and YA. The best part is?...

Vacation like Robert Langdon at this historic hotel in Florence

  "That's Il Duomo. That's the Palazzo Vecchio, isn't it? What am I doing in Florence?" Asks Robert Langdon at the beginning of the award-winning book and blockbuster movie 'Inferno'. At the elegant and historic Hotel Brunelleschi, you'll be able to peek out your...

13 Captivating Spots Around The World To Seek The Fallen Kingdom

While I loved Jurassic World's Fallen Kingdom my favorites will always be the Jurassic Park films. I collected and enjoyed playing with dinosaurs since I was five and could barely wait for a new movie to come out that featured them. I remember laughing my ass off...

A Perfect Florentine Getaway – Best Things To Do In Florence

Firenze is the magical city of dreams, art, and romance. It's my favorite city and I can't wait to share my favorite finds and the best things to do in Florence, Italy. I visited the city countless times and I was lucky enough to live here for 4 months and I cannot...

Top 10 Scariest Places In The World To Feel Chilled To The Bone

Fall is a truly magical season and a perfect one to visit the scariest places in the world. Why? Because the weather gets cooler, leaves are turning yellow, orange, and red. But most importantly, of course, Halloween finally arrives. If the dinners and parties don't...

Meet Tokaj The Most beautiful Wine Town In Hungary

Hungary is known for the capital, Budapest. I'm sure, barely a few visitors heard of one of Hungarians' most beloved towns, Tokaj. It is famous for the region's special wine, but did you know, how charming and entertaining can this place be for Youngs, adults,...

Welcome to the Jungle; Taman Negara jungle trekking adventure

A Taman Negara Jungle trekking tour is a unique and fun experience which helps you reconnect with nature and learn more about it. The Jungle Book, Tarzan, Indiana Jones, The Lost City of Z and so on… the wonderful experience of visiting a mysterious and dangerous...

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