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Learn how you can start to work remotely from home or travel & work online with no experience. Explore creative and smart part-time, full-time remote work for beginners, as well as affiliate marketing programs and the best passive income ideas.

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How To Make Money Online & Travel The World

*Disclaimer: Some links on are affiliate links. If you click through and make a purchase we may receive a small commission (at no additional cost to you). 

Looking for some smart passive income ideas That actually work or you want to start a remote working career? You’re at the right place. We put together this guide for those who want to travel the world and make money online or want to work from the comfort of their own home.

There are plenty of creative ways to make $100 a day online and you don’t need any special skills or deep knowledge and years of learning. There are of course certain things you’ll have to learn to get started but those skills can easily be learned in a few weeks.

It also depends if you want to get started with remote working full-time or part-time. If you’re not ready to quit your job that’s also perfectly fine. It’s actually more financially stable so while it might take you longer to get started as a part-time remote worker you’ll also be able to switch to full-time remote working within a few months but it should take no more than a year.

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If you’re a complete beginner and want to learn how to make money with affiliate marketing or start your own blog, or Etsy business we also have a few tips for you. No matter if you want to work remotely for a company or start your own online business you’ll find here inspiration and some easy-to-follow instructions that will help you get started on your journey the right way.

Do You Want To Work For A Company, As  Freelancer, Or Start Your Own Business?

There are plenty of local and global companies that offer entry-level remote jobs as well as remote jobs that require experienced and tech-savvy employees. It’s so popular that you can even find thousands of remote working opportunities on LinkedIn. The numbers are growing and now it’s even easy to get a remote social media management job or to find remote jobs in marketing.

You can even pitch a remote working position to your boss. If you’re not sure how your boss would take your inquiry first propose it on a temporary base and only switch it for permanent if it works out well for everyone.

How To Become a Remote Working Freelancer As A Beginner?

Do you already have some skills you can use as a freelancer? Are you not sure? Take a quick look around Fiverr and check out what kind of gigs are the most popular. Are you a good writer? Do you know SEO, have social media management experience? Can create cool logos or any design? There are hundreds of ways you can work as a beginner freelancer and work remotely while traveling the world.

If you don’t have a remote working skill yet or you think it’s not advanced enough yet you can also take a quick online course. You can learn a brand new skill, work on a hobby you always wanted and make money through that.

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Best places to learn a new remote working skill online: – has a fantastic and internationally acknowledged site where you can earn professional certificates, join micro masters programs or even start your journey and earn an online Master’s Degree.
You can choose from hundreds of courses created by some of the best universities around the world like Harvard, MIT, and Berkeley.

These courses are not only useful if you want to start a career as a remote employee and want to advance your chances of getting hired but can be helpful if you want to start your own business.

Check Courses On EdX

Lead Academy – Lead Academy is easily the best place to learn pretty much any new skill online easily and on a budget and actually get CPD-accredited training recognized and accepted by thousands of professional bodies and government regulators around the world. It’s one of the best interactive platforms online to learn any new skill and you can find courses for under $10. They offer a wide range of courses suitable for all levels. Whether you want to advance your career or simply learn something new, we’ll have the course for you.

Lead Academy is trusted by over 250 leading Universities and companies globally and employers actually know that Lead academy provides access to the world’s best quality, certified courses that employers value.

You can choose from thousands of Lead Academy courses and learn about anything from coaching, hospitality management, IT, make-up and beauty, sales, fitness, massage therapy, or animal care. You can buy courses separately or get full access to their course library for just £99 ($123).

Learn More About Lead Academy

Fiverr Learn – is another great place where you can not only learn a new profitable online skill but also learn how to make money with it on Fiverr and other online platforms.

You can find new remote working ideas to help you find the perfect fit.

Check Courses on Fiverr Learn

Try Trusted House Sitters When starting out with remote jobs or remote businesses & Save Money On Rent

You should consider moving to a country where you can leave on less money and even if you stay in your home country you can try to find home sitting jobs so you can save money on rent. It’s a fantastic opportunity for those who just starting out as remote workers, building their client list as an influencer, and for those who are building their businesses online.

On Trusted House Sitters you can find great house sitting opportunities where you can spend even months in one place completely free in exchange for looking after the house and usually a pet. 

You can find brilliant housesitting opportunities for singles and couples around the world. From The US, UK, Australia, to Italy, France, Spain, Thailand, Japan, and Mexico. You’ll have no problem finding a perfect home away from home and save money on rent while getting started with remote working and learning how to make money online.

Try Trusted House Sitters

Now that you know where to learn a new skill and how to save money on rent you can start creating your online profiles and applying for jobs.

How to Make money online as a beginner?

best creative hobbies that make money - Reading

FiverrIs one of the best places you can start to build a huge remote freelancer business online. It’s the perfect place where you can list a few gigs and earn passive income online.

Become A Freelancer on Fiverr

Etsy is for creative types. If you can create ANYTHING that you think others would pay for you should totally go for it! You can sell shirts, mugs, jewels or pillows. You can easily register with Etsy and start selling your handmade, jewelry, notebooks, clothes, or whatever you have in mind. You name the price as well. Etsy is one of the most fun ways to work remotely and travel the world.

Start A Shop On Etsy

Printfulis one of the best places to start your Print on Demand business. You can easily open an online store and start selling on eBay, Amazon, Etsy, or on your own website. You can just upload your design here with a few clicks and start selling shirts, hoodies, mugs, or even blankets with your own design.

Get Started With Printful

You can easily create awesome designs with Canva Pro. Canva can help you not only create amazing designs for t-shirts and mugs but also to create amazing promotional images for social media sites or to create great CVs.

Try Canva Pro

Start selling on It’s one of the easiest and fastest ways to start making money remotely. You can easily connect your Amazon seller account with your Printful account and start selling your Print on Demand products. 

Start Your Own Website or Blog & work remotely


Starting your own website to finally be able to work remotely has never been easier. Companies made it super easy to sign up for website hosting, get a theme so you don’t have to worry about the design, and start selling your products and/or start your blog.

Site Ground– is by far the best WordPress website hosting service provider you can find. Their Go Geek Package offers everything you may need at a friendly price. They’re safe, fast and their customer service is truly 24/7.
You can also buy your domain with them. The best about Site Ground is that you never have to worry about your tech skills. Their experienced tech team is always ready to not only give you step-by-step instructions but even help and quickly do some things for you.

Start Your Website With SiteGround

Elegant themes- You can not go wrong with Elegant Themes’ DIVI THEME. It’s super easy to use even if you have zero tech or design experience. This also comes in handy if you do have experience but want to save time but still have a gorgeous design.

No matter if you want a beautiful and fast blog or a shop DIVI will be a perfect choice for you. You can choose from hundreds of gorgeous and user-friendly ready-made themes that you can start using in a few easy clicks.

Try DIVI Theme

How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing As A Beginner

Affiliate marketing is probably the most beginner-friendly and easiest way to start making money online without investment. The easiest and fastest option is Click Bank.

Click Bank – you can promote ClickBank products or create a product and start your own Click Bank business and let others promote your product in exchange for a small commission.

It’s completely free to sign up and start using their platform.

Sign Up For Click Bank

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs For Beginners:

Not sure how to make money with affiliate marketing? If you want fast results you should go with a course. You’ll learn in under a month how to choose the right products to promote, how to promote them on social media and on your blog, as well as how to build funnels, email list, and more advanced skills to grow and scale your affiliate business.

If you want to get started fast and on a budget we recommend:
Affiliate Millionaire – It’s the best affiliate course perfect for complete beginners. It’s budget-friendly and you will learn everything step-by-step about how to start and make money with affiliate marketing.

Join Affiliate Millionaire

You should also consider joining other affiliate programs to make money on social sites and on your blog. Two of our favorite affiliate sites are AWIN and ShareASale.

If you want to learn how to work remotely and make money online then you should get started with affiliate marketing. It’s the fastest and most beginner-friendly online opportunity you can get started without any investment and actually earn $100 a day or more.

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