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10 Best Things About High School DxD | Will there be season 5

Are you impatiently waiting for the High School DxD season 5 release date? We sure do. It is though to spend a week without this adventurous, funny and cheeky anime. Here you can learn everything about this thrilling anime including why fans are so eager to get a new season.

The daring experiences of Issei Hyodo, Rias Gremory and Asia Argento with the Occult Research Group are pretty amazing. Do you crave your daily dose of High School DxD? Then, you came to the right place.

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What is the story of High School DxD?

High School DxD AKA Highschool DxD is a supernatural, comedy, harem anime. It’s about Issei Hyodo a bit pervy and silly highschool boy who gets killed on his very first date by the girl. Then he is brought back to life as a demon to serve the devil’s family. He becomes one of the underlings of Rias Gremory, who is a high-level demon and is also the prettiest girl on Issei’s campus.

Give it a chance. High School DxD will quickly become one of your favorite guilty pleasure anime!

How many seasons does High School DxD have so far?

High School DxD premiered in 2012 and has 4 seasons and 53 episodes with a 23 minutes runtime per episode. The last season (season 4) aired in 2018.

When will High School DxD season 5 be released?

Is High School DxD finished? No, but we have mixed feelings about the unofficial release date of High School DxD season 5. Many fans expect it to be out early 2020. We are happy to see there is an estimate that isn’t years away. On the other hand, it is way too much time until the next season.

The original High School DxD novels finished with Volume 25 but maybe its writer Ichiei Ishibumi and its illustrator Miyama-Zero will create some new stories with the gang.

Where to watch High School DxD? 

Thankfully, there are quite a few options. You can watch this anime on Netflix but you can also find it on Crunchyroll and Funimation. It all depends on which country you’re trying to watch it from.

Or if you’re a collector you can grab a High School Dxd: Complete Series Collection in Blue-ray on Amazon for only $35.99.

Is High School DxD anime for kids?

No. Nope. Nah. Heck no! High School DxD is a harem anime and it doesn’t shy away from occasional naked bodies. This anime show is definitely preferred by boys rather than girls, however, if you’re not sensitive to nudity jokes you should check it out no matter which gender you identify with. Since High School DxD uses nudity to create comedic scenes and not sexual ones it’ll probably make you laugh. Still, this can be triggering for some so it’s worth to keep this in mind before you start watching.

High School DxD official trailer 

Top 10 reasons why we need a High School DxD season 5 release date ASAP

To make our wait a bit easier we have collected a few points to warm up for season 5. Or to rush it a little. We are hoping, the more we talk about it the sooner it comes out.

1| We’ve been waiting for too long for season 5 

We are beginning to show severe signs of deprivation. It has been over a year. The last episode of High School DxD season 4 aired on July 2018. We know that Passion Studio is very particular and works on only one anime at a time.

So, now we just have to sit back and watch reruns until Z/X Code Reunion is out. Hopefully. 

2| High School DxD is one of the most beautiful action anime 

We love the creatures and demons they get to fight because while they’re dangerous they’re also pretty beautiful. The drawing is creepy yet stunning. High School DxD is very graphic, there is blood, weird creatures, and awesome props too that will keep you entertained at all times.
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3| High School DxD is also a pretty funny anime

Throughout the four seasons, High School DxD proved to be one of the funniest anime series. Imagine all the comedic elements coming from the pervy minded Issei being surrounded by attractive ladies. The two closest to him, Asia and Rias are actually teasing him sometimes unintentionally. High School DxD characters feel alive, with quirky and eccentric personality traits providing a platform to laughter.

Not to mention, the many sitcom-like scenes, where you just won’t be able to stop laughing. Let’s hope the coming High School DxD season 5 we will be not let down.

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4| Life is just more exciting with charming demons

High School Dxd Season 5 is going to be a very exciting part of the series. Judging from the light novels, it is certainly going to be full of action and more secrets are going to be revealed.

The past four seasons did not disappoint either. You are constantly in action, while deeply rooting for the characters. They all have an interesting personality, which makes you feel you are making new friends.

Not to mention all the monster killing. The graphically indulging scenes do not come short of action.

5| We know there is much more fun needs to happen in the anime

There are 25 light novels only of the original novels with many additional volumes. So far, the first ten have been brought to life. That leaves us with at least 15 volumes to pick up. In our calculations, it should be around six more seasons of High School DxD.

It seems we aren’t only sitting on the edge of our seats while watching the series. It’s an exciting wait until finally getting a confirmation on what pace it will be developed. Do not give on it, we are sure there will be a High School DxD season 6 as well.

6| We fell in love  

High School DxD fandom is growing. It has become so popular, it would be a huge mistake to keep the loving crowd wait so long. It has a wide fan base, not only harem anime lovers watch it, but everyone who loves funny anime with action and a good story. It is addictive. Fascinating. Entertaining. Bottom line: we want High School DxD season 5 to come now.

7| Becuase of its quirky, weird, and beautiful characters 

Throughout the four seasons, we have all made a few new friends in the series. The versatility of the characters, their unique personalities are just so easy to like. There is at least one character that is going to appeal to your taste.

Issei Hyodo, Our main protagonist has a very vivid imagination when it comes to the female body. To his surprise and luck, real-life has become much more graphic than his imagination. You’ll find yourself laughing and shaking your head while watching his ridiculous inner struggles about erotic situations. His thoughts are not at all pure, yet his reactions show us how innocent and at the end respectful he is.

Rias Gremory, the devil from one of the highest-ranking devil families, is surely a delight. She is a straight-to-the-point kind of person, who loves teasing her subordinate.

Asia Argento, the originally raised to be a Catholic nun, never wants to be left out of the fun. Despite being idolized by the whole school, she is humble, smiling and gentle.

This could be a long list, as other members of the Occult Research Club would deserve a few lines. They are all different with a well thought through personality.

8| We also need the fights…

Alright. This may sound a little psycho, but sometimes we all do. Don’t we? Is it just us, loving the slaughtering of otherworldly creatures? In our opinion, High School DxD is doing a great job when it comes to fighting scenes. Full of action, a little scare from time to time along with gruesome finish. What can one wish for?

It isn’t always red. It is sometimes blue, yellow, purple etc… That doesn’t make the craving for more blood weird. Right?

9| High School DxD never lets you down

High School DxD is always full of interesting turns of events and twists. We are sure that even after the third re-watch fans are still enjoying every episode. It has a superbly crafted storyline, with all the characters revealing new information about themselves. 

There are some fun elements that release a lot of tension. It has a lot of moments that help you jump out of the darkness. It is dark, how could an anime about devils be bright? Despite that, no threat of being depressed is imposed.

10| It’s a breath of fresh air

Doesn’t matter if you love it or hate it; you have to admit that High School DxD is something else… It’s not your regular demon hunter anime. Nor a typical harem anime. Neither just an anime about a high school community. Teens? Friends? Sensual moments? Action, superb creatures, outstanding art and a lot of fun.

In summary, it is a great work done, with all the episodes being exciting, characters lovable. We have a feeling it is going to be an even more awesome season 5 of High School DxD. With more secrets to be revealed, probably getting a little darker.

So we have only one question left: When is High School DxD season 5 finally coming?

Thank you for reading!