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Easy Christmas Treats & Snacks Inspired by Movies & Books

Check out our quick and sweet guide to easy Christmas treats and snacks inspired by movies and books. Fun Christmas treat recipes for beginners that kids & adults will love.

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We love exploring world snacks and recipes from around the world that will give us great ideas for our next movie night. Here you’ll find unique snacks for movie nights that are not only comforting but they all have a kind of unique twist.

You can make these easy Christmas treats for kids and adults as well because they do not only look but taste delicious too. You’ll find here the best Christmas treats inspired by classic movies, popular tv shows, and of course, Christmas itself.

If you enjoy trying out new delicious recipes or old ones with a new and healthy twist you’re at the right place.

Unique Christmas Treats & Snacks For Beginners

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best christmas treats

11| Grinch Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Grinch Chocolate Covered Pretzels best christmas treats and snacks

Christmas is not complete without watching and reading Dr. Seuss’ heartwarming Grinch story. Dr. Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas is definitely a great Christmas movie and now you can bring a little piece of the green What into your home.

You can make a delicious snack in a short time with very little meal prepping. Grinch fans only have to buy pretzel rods, green chocolate melts, candy sprinkles, and edible little hearts. You can be ready in less than 15 minutes with cooling included. It’s the perfect fun Movie-themed Christmas treat recipe for beginners because both adults and kids will love this yummy treat.

After dipping the pretzels into the melted chocolate, sprinkle it with the candy and place a heart on each. Then you are just a few minutes away from enjoying this lovely Christmas sweet.

If you want to learn how to make this Christmas recipe step by step then check out Natural Beach Living‘s easy to follow recipe with her beautiful images. We love her site because she has recipes that are easy to make but look and taste delicious.

This movie inspired Christmas treat is the perfect choice for those who love to mix sweet and salty.

easy christmas treats

10| Turkish Delight Inspired by The Chronicles of Narnia; The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe

Turkish-Delight-recipe-from-Chronicles-of-Narnia-InLiterature-christmas snack recipes

There are so many great Christmas snack ideas that will put you in the mood at first sight. Undoubtedly this scrumptious homemade Turkish delight is one of them.

If you read The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis, and wondered how the treat tasted Edmund asked from the Queen, you are in luck. This delicious and fairly simple delicacy is going to bring Christmas to your home instantly.

Thanks to the short meal prepping time, your sweets are ready in about an hour. This recipe requires only a few ingredients, so you don’t have to stock up with a lot of items.

Visit In Literature‘s recipe to make this beautiful and delicious Christmas snack. You’ll also find home decor ideas, craft tips, and other amazing literature-inspired recipes on Bryt’s site.

This sweet and beautiful Christmas treat recipe is for those who love classic novels and love to explore food from around the world.

9| Candied Orange Peel (Chocolate Covered)

candied-orange-peel easy christmas treats and snacks

As simple as this idea sounds, you can be assured, everyone is going to love these treats. Even if someone doesn’t love orange peel or marmalade, these orange peel sticks look amazing. Probably no one would be able to resist taking a bite. While it is sweetened, thanks to the peel, it is a bit tangy and with the chocolate coating, it creates a unique mixture.

Meal prepping takes actually less than an hour so you can prepare it as a last-minute sweet. Every guest is going to love it served simply in a whiskey glass throughout the evening. Don’t be surprised if you run out within an hour. Although it has a strong taste, no one will be able to stop after the first bite.

This recipe has such a warm vintage vibe that it reminded us of one of our favorite fiction books for foodies At the Sign of the Sugared Plum by Mary Hooper. To learn how to make this vintage Christmas treat visit downshiftology‘s recipe. Lisa is dedicated to creating healthy recipes using fresh and seasonal ingredients.

This easy and yummy Christmas treat is for those who love vintage and classic candies and desserts.

8| Game Of Thrones Inspired Iced Milk And Honey

Game Of Thrones Inspired Iced Milk And Honey best christmas treat recipes for beginners

Speaking of simplicity, this cup of milk is going to blow your mind and it won’t take longer than five minutes to prepare. Game Of Thrones fans might have come across the drink in the series.

While it is extremely simple, everyone is going to love this refreshing drink. You can prepare it with milk replacement and use agave instead of honey to go vegan. In the recipe, there are only three ingredients, milk, honey, and if you like cinnamon. Serve it in a nice stem glass or in small jugs and it will create a festive atmosphere.

Of course, you can leave the ice out, if you prefer room temperature drinks and warm it up if you are cold. To make the drink look a little more inviting, pour some milk froth on top.

To learn how to make this unique Christmas treat follow Feastofstarlight‘s recipe. You’ll also find other magical recipes on their site that are inspired by some of the greatest fantasy stories from around the world.

If you’re looking for a tv show inspired easy and comforting sweet Christmas treats you should choose this Iced Milk and Honey.

7| Christmas Tree Brownie

Christmas Tree Brownie - best christmas treat recipes for beginners

It is usually just up to us and our creativity to create some superb Christmas snacks. If you want to create a warm Christmas vibe, there is nothing better than making the all-time favorites with a festive twist. Probably everyone loves brownies in the family as it is delicious and only good memories are linked to them.

For this Christmas, make a huge tray of your favorite brownie recipe and slice it into triangles. Then, you can use colorful icing and have a fun afternoon with your family decorating the little Christmas trees. Add some sprinkles and you are about to serve the most delicious and cutest Christmas treats.

Follow Onelittleproject‘s recipe to make this charming and yummy Christmas treat. Brownies are one of the best winter comfort desserts and with this fun Christmas twist, it will make an excellent movie night snack while you watch your favorite Christmas movies like The Polar Express. Debbie also has other really fun and easy to make yummy recipes and printables that are especially good for families with smaller kids.

This charming unique brownie will be a big hit, especially with smaller kids. So, if you want to make an easy and comforting Christmas snack you should go with this.

6| Yule Log Cake

Yule Log Cake - best christmas treats for beginners inspired by movies and books

If you want to sweep your loved ones off their feet, this superb Christmas treat recipe is going to be a winner. It looks amazing, with little extra time or effort, you can create a delicious tree log, that will create a festive mood.

Although it requires a bit more work than other easy Christmas recipes on this list, the hard work will pay off.

After rolling up the chocolate sponge cake with the whipped mascarpone filling, cover it with delicious chocolate ganache. The result will be a fairly light treat which also looks incredible. Even if your guests are filled up on turkey, they won’t be able to resist a slice of this superb dessert.

Lifeloveandsugar‘s beautiful Yule Log cake recipe is a perfect Christmas dessert treat. It reminded us so much of the recipes made in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and we think it’s also a perfect choice for the fans. Lindsay also has other beautiful recipes, easy to follow tutorials, and she even has a gorgeous cake cookbook ‘Simply Beautiful Homemade Cakes: Extraordinary Recipes and Easy Decorating Techniques‘ that you can buy on Amazon both in Kindle and paperback edition.

You can also learn about how to create your own traditional Yule log and how it’s connected to witches and paganism if you read AnOther magazine‘s post.

If you do not only love Christmas but also love witches you should make this beautiful Christmas cake.

5| Lavender Rose Cakes

Lavender Rose Cakes - best Christmas treats for beginners

We simply adore this easy Christmas snack recipe because it looks beautiful and also tastes unique. After you finished making this elegant little cake, you are going to feel sorry for biting into it.

But right after you and your guests tasted it, regrets will fly away as it is just as delicious as good looking. It is up to you if you want to mix your own batter or prefer to buy ready to bake mix. Either way, the pastry is going to look great thanks to the rose mold.

Then, grind lavender and sugar together and sprinkle the cool cakes. Your little rose cakes are ready in less than 45 minutes.

Learn how to make this beautiful and delicious Christmas recipe from Ricardocuisine. Because of its taste and charming vintage look, this recipe reminded us of the classic Christmas movies like Miracle on 34th Street, and believe it’s a fun and unique choice for those who want to blend traditional with something new.

If you love to make beautiful and crumbly Christmas treats you should make this beauty.

4| Game Of Thrones Inspired Ice Cream

Game Of Thrones Inspired Ice Cream - best Christmas treats and snacks

In some parts of the US, Christmas time is just good for ice cream like summertime. Even if you live in cooler regions, ice cream is still an option as a festive dessert. Especially for Game Of Thrones fans. This black-gray and blue ice cream is the perfect Christmas treat if you weren’t freaked out by the White Walker skeleton armies.

Meal prepping time is significantly longer than most other easy Christmas snack recipes, but it is worth your efforts. The active prep time is about an hour but in total it takes 15 hours to get your ice cream ready.

Letseatcake‘s winter-themed ice cream recipe is perfect for those who are looking for a cold Christmas treat that’s not only yummy but also unique. You’ll also find fun recipes and lifestyle news on this site as well as beautiful photography like this one created by the talented photographer Notbland.

If you want to make a cold and special Christmas treat inspired by one of the greatest tv shows ever then you should go with this dark and tasty delight.

ice cream maker

3| Vegan Snowball Cookies

Vegan Snowball Cookies - best easy christmas treats and snacks for beginners

Fortunately, there are more and more options for vegans as well. Almost all the recipes in the list can be made vegan. However, this one makes everything easy for you as you don’t have to think about suitable replacements.

These snowball cookies are definitely among the best vegan Christmas snack recipes because they are easy to make and takes only a short time to prepare. Around 40 delicious balls can be prepared in less than 45 minutes and the result will be mind-blowing.

Even non-vegan people would love it as it’s incredibly tasty thanks to the superb mixture of pecan and vanilla.

This beautiful recipe by Noracooks is not only yummy but healthy and vegan. Nora has other delicious, homey, vegan comfort food recipes. Her charming Snowball Cookies remind us of classic recipes and classic winter-themed and Christmas books like A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens but her recipes come with a modern vegan twist.

Simple, delicious, and classic Christmas treat for vegans who enjoy vintage recipes with a twist.

2| Vegan Gingerbread Cookies

Vegan-Gingerbread-Cookies-Sweet-Simple-Vegan - best christmas treats

There is no Christmas without gingerbread cookies. That is a fact now even vegans get to enjoy this easy classic Christmas recipe. The total meal prep time is about 90 minutes, which is great considering how cute the result is going to be.

It would also make a great family activity. Gather everyone around and let them make the shapes they would love to see in the snack bowl.

Because some foodies love little gingerbread people while others might enjoy making gingerbread houses. The result is a happy family mounching on one of the most delicious vegan Christmas snacks.

With the help of Sweetsimplevegan‘s yummy and fun recipe, you can create gingerbread men cookies that will look like Shrek‘s Ginger Man. It’s the perfect snack if you love re-watching Shrek The Halls or any of the Shrek movies during the Holiday season. Take a look around while you’re on Jasmine and Chris’ blog because they have other fun and easy recipes and recipe videos that will help you create unique and delicious treats.

A vegan twist on a charming and yummy Christmas treat classic.

1| Easy Vegan Cookies With Jam

vanilla crunch - best christmas treats and snacks for beginners

Show how much you love your friends and family with these adorable little cookies. What makes them great is the fact that besides looking super cute, they are easy to make. It won’t take much up of your time but the result will definitely blow everyone’s mind.

In half an hour you can make twenty servings and even non-vegans will love it. It is up to you if you prefer strawberry, raspberry, or blackberry jam to fill the little hearts on top.

These cookies are definitely among the best easy vegan Christmas recipes. While you are ready in no time, the prepping isn’t too difficult either. Therefore, you will have the energy for your loved ones throughout the holidays.

Follow Vanillacrunnch‘s fun and yummy recipe and learn how to make this cute Christmas treat. You’ll also find other fun and useful recipes on Lara’s site but she also shares tips and guides about travel and lifestyle. Lara’s recipe reminded us of A Christmas Story which is one of the most charming Christmas movies ever. 

If you’re into cute and vintage recipes you should go with this beauty.

Homemade Christmas treats & snacks

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