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Last Updated on July 12, 2023 by Jella Erhard

Must have dog travel supplies for plane, car, camping, and train travel with dogs. Get the best dog accessories, essentials, & kits to make your trips better for you and your furry best friend.

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Fun & Useful Dog Travel Supplies That Will Make Your Journeys Easier & Better

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One of the most crucial things to do when you’re traveling with dogs is to get your dog travel kit ready in time.

There are many things to be considered and it can be overwhelming especially if you’re traveling with family and you already have hundreds of other things to schedule, plan, and organize. However, it is an important part of any trip with pets.

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You’ll find here some great tips and ideas on how to get everything sorted out. You should also check out IPATA the international pet and animal transportation to find out more info on how to travel safely with a pet post-pandemic and get tips and guides from experts.

You can read and watch superbly useful videos on how to travel safer and avoid the -unfortunately- rising online puppy scams. If you’re considering traveling or shipping a dog, cat, or other pet you should visit their site too.

No matter if you already have a puppy or if you’re a traveler who plans on finally getting a furry companion you’ll find here all the must-haves for traveling with a dog.

You don’t really need luxury dog travel accessories to make the trip comfortable for your dog but you do need a few travel essentials.

No matter where you’ll buy your travel supplies online make sure it’s from a trusted and reliable brand. You might save a few bucks if you buy lower-quality stuff.

But if they broke and become unusable the first time it can not only ruin hours or even days of your trip but can potentially cause harm to your dog. So, always check reviews and make sure you go for the best possible choice you can afford.

You’ll have to consider all kinds of things before you’d take your dog on a trip. It’s especially important to do your research if it’s the first time you’re taking a longer trip. We have a few tips on traveling with dogs so your journeys together become better and easier. The easiest way is if you just open the notes app on your phone and make a list of things.

Dog travel supply list tips:

  • First about the special needs of your dog like allergies, special dietary and so on (if any)
  • A list of the essentials based on how you’ll travel (plane, train, car)
  • Health care essentials including dog travel insurance

We broke down these points below to give you a clear idea of how to do this and what dog travel supplies you should consider including on your list. While every puppy is unique and they all have their unique needs and loves there are a couple of things that every dog owner on the road will need. So, let’s get started.

1| Dog Travel Kits

Yes, you can buy ready-made dog travel kits. However, you’ll need different types of kits depending on how you will travel.

Basic Dog Travel Supplies:

– Plane travel with dogs

You will need at least the basic pet airline travel supplies. Some you might already have at home so take a look around.

– Basic pet airline travel supplies:

You might need different carrier bags, backpacks, and kennels when you travel with your dog on a plane. Always check with your chosen airline and ask about their requirements at least a few days before your flight.

–  Basic Car travel with dogs supplies:

Getting some dog car travel accessories is fun but first, you should concentrate on getting the most important items for the car to make your trips safer and better for you and your dog too.

  • Dog supplies for a road trip

– Basic camping with dogs supplies:

You’ll need the basic dog travel kit and you might consider adding a few extra products based on your needs and your destination. Check with the camping base before you would buy anything. If the camping site is dog friendly there is a good chance that they supply some of the things so you don’t have to buy everything.

– Basic train travel with dogs supplies:

Just like with the other traveling options you’ll need a basic travel supply kit then you have to check with the train line you’re traveling with. Just like airlines, train line rules differ from one another. So check before you buy a dog bag or a kennel to make sure you can use it on your journey.

Dogs shed a lot in summer so if you’re traveling, we recommend a custom cargo liner from “Ruff Rugs:“. This company makes custom, padded cargo liners for your vehicle so you can keep your dogs comfortable and your SUV clean.

2| Backseat Pet Bridge

Backseat pet bridges make car traveling with dogs much safer for everyone. In case it’s a backseat dog bridge and barrier then it helps keep your dog in the backseat so you can drive calmly and without disruption. It also prevents your dog to jump or fall on the ground and get under the seats.

Naturally, you’ll have to check the size and the type before buying a pet bridge so don’t forget to measure your car beforehand. A good backseat pet bridge will be one of the most useful dog travel supplies you’ll ever buy for your road trips.

3| Dog Travel Bed

Three things are the most important when it comes to dog travel beds; it has to be comfortable and easy to clean, and easily portable.

4| Dog Travel Bag

Choosing a good pet travel bag or dog travel backpack is very important. It has to be durable, and easy to clean, and you have to fit everything in it. So make sure first you buy all the supplies and then check the pockets and the size of the travel bag you want to buy to make sure you have enough space. It’s a must-have dog travel supply for every type of traveler.

5| Dog Travel Bowl

It’s always a good idea to have a durable and easy-to-clean dog travel bowl and dog water bottle with you on every journey.

6| Collapsable Sided Dog Crate

A dog travel crate is one of the most important dog travel supplies, especially on long journeys. There are thousands of different crates for dog travel so make sure to check with the airline or train company you’re traveling with. Dog crates for traveling on airplanes are easily available online but since most airlines (and train companies) have their specific requirements make sure you check before you buy the crate.

7| Dog travel insurance & Alternatives

You should also have to check if your insurance plan covers your dog too. If not you’ll have to get pet travel insurance for your dog. Be careful and check which countries and what illnesses and accidents are covered before signing up for anything. You should also check out Eusoh which can help you save a lot of money on your dog’s medical costs. Eusoh’s community health plan offers comprehensive coverage for a fraction of the cost of a traditional insurance policy.

Last Dog Travel Tip:

Please, do make sure before your first long trip that your dog/s actually enjoys the journey. What does this mean and how to do it? Great questions! Do a trial run. Go on a shorter car ride and see how your dog handles this. Go on a shorter plane ride before you would hop on a five-hour plus one. Hop on buses or trains before a long journey.

Some dogs just can’t handle travel and get extremely stressed out even if they get anxiety and calming supplements. Some dogs don’t like to be in new environments or meet new people. It’s unfortunate but you have to take all this into consideration for the well-being of your dog. You might miss your pets while traveling but if it’s the best for them you have to accept it.