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22 Delicious & Easy Spanish Snacks You Should Try | + Recipes

Enjoy delicious Spanish Snacks and learn more about Spanish history and culture with the help of our ultimate guide to sweet and salty Spanish snacks.

Spanish people love both sweet and salty food and no matter what you choose you can be sure that you’re going to eat a truly savory snack. You can try many different types of snacks but the two most popular snacks you’ll try in Spain will be Tapas and Pinchos.

Explore here Spanish snacks you can buy online or if you’re a foodie who enjoys spending time in the kitchen you can try to make them on your own with the help of yummy traditional Spanish recipes.

You’ll find here packaged Spanish snacks, fried Spanish snacks, and fun foodie ideas for your next dinner party.

We also included Spanish snack boxes that are also great gifts for foodies.

While visiting Spain should be on everybody’s bucket list it just simply isn’t always possible. However, we can all make this fascinating country’s savory delights at home.

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Delicious Sweet Spanish Snacks

22| Spanish Turron (Torrone)

Turrón has traditional Moorish (Arabic) origin so it’s no wonder that with Spain’s cultural heritage its a very popular sweet snack there as well.

The Spanish Turron is very similar to what you might find in other countries. You can easily get Turron on markets, shops but many people still make it at home as well.

This sweet Spanish snack’s ingredients always include honey and some toasted almonds or other nuts.

You can buy traditional almond turrons from El Almendro on Amazon but you can also learn how to make them in about an hour with the help of Spain on a Fork‘s homemade turron recipe.

21| Spanish Crema Catalana

If you are in search of classy Spanish sweet snacks Crema Catalana is a perfect pick for your next dinner party.

You can, of course, serve it as just a small snack or even as a dessert. Despite looking exactly like the French crème brûlée, there are major differences such as it is made of milk instead of thick cream.

The ingredients differ as well, so the taste is going to be somewhat different too. According to culinary history books, both the French and Spanish versions appeared in the 17th century so there is no exact proof where it was invented.

Crema Catalana is among the easy Spanish snacks to make at home so you can indulge your guest or family without making a huge mess or spending a day in the kitchen.

You can learn how to make this creamy and delicious authentic Spanish snack if you follow Spanish Sabores‘ traditional Crema Catalana recipe.

20| Miguelitos

One of the most beloved Spanish snack recipes is Miguelitos. This delightful puff pastry is definitely going to make a great afternoon snack or even a dessert after a nice Spanish themed meal.

If you are in search of Spanish snacks and ideas, you are going to enjoy this lovely bite. In between the delicious flaky pastry you can put various fillings, the most common are vanilla or chocolate, but even the recipe of the filling is more than just simple custard.

These delicious Spanish snacks are fairly easy to make especially if you buy ready to bake pastry sheets. If you’re looking for an easy Miguelitos recipe check out Spain Buddy‘s.

19| Polvorones

Buy traditional Polvoron on Amazon.

Some of the most common sweet snacks in Spain is Polvorón which is sort of like a shortcake. You can make it easily at home without much trouble and it definitely is going to make your tea party turn into a memorable gathering.

This taste bud indulging, crumbly, sweetness is surely among the best Spanish snacks for parties. Polvorón originates from Andalusia, where most of the production takes place.

So if you are visiting the southernmost region of Spain, you know how to treat yourselves between two sightseeing spots accompanied by a coffee or tea.

You can buy La Estepena Traditional Polvoron online on Amazon or visit Hola Foodie to learn how to make Spanish Polvorones easily and deliciously.

18| Spanish Bunuelo

Image credit

These popular Spanish fried snacks are also very easy to make at home and will definitely serve as a great nibble while having drinks at a party.

If you are preparing it for your little ones, there is no doubt, they will love these Spanish doughnuts. There are different ways of preparing it, you can either make thicker, doughnut-like pieces, thin, flat discs or even little balls.

The flat discs are going to be rather crispy, while the balls will have a soft surprise under the crusty cover.

This is a popular Spanish snack and is a lovely dessert for the whole family. Bunuelos can be made to your taste, if you like sweet it is a treat, otherwise, you can refrain from making it too sweet in case you prefer.

You can learn how to make traditional Spanish Bunuelo if you follow Spanish Sabores‘ recipe.

17| Spanish Olive Oil Tortas

Buy traditional Orange flavored Spanish Olive Oil Tortas on Amazon.

There are a number of different ways to make it, but we love the crispy, biscuit-like version of it. The fact that the Olive Oil Cakes are made with extra virgin olive oil, definitely makes it one of our favorites.

The exact origin is debated, but first, it was mentioned in the 16th century. With no exact location of its origin, we are just delighted it is still available to this day. You can also buy this Spanish packaged snack online as well.

You can find sweet, almond, sesame taste, and a number of other recipes, so it is up to you what your palate desires.

You can buy these savory and crispy treats on Amazon as well. The best you can find online is Ines Rosales’ Orange Sweet Olive Oil Tortas with orange. Their snacks are hand made and the company is running since 1910.

16| Pestinos 

Pestiños is a bit more festive version of Buñuelo. It is mainly prepared and consumed during Christmas celebrations in the southern regions of Spain.

If you have a sweet tooth, then this is going to be among your new favorite quick and easy Spanish snacks.

Apart from making the dough, it is not too difficult to make, once you are done with the mixing, you just have to fry it in olive oil and glaze it with honey or sugar.

The original Spanish snacks are shaped like little rolls or bows, but it is entirely up to you to get creative.

Check out Fascinating Spain‘s Pestinos recipe with honey to learn how to make this delicious sweet Spanish snack.

15| Fried Milk (Leche Frita)

I have to admit, this is a personal favorite when it comes to guilty pleasures. This delicious dessert is present in a number of different cultures, difficult to tell where it originates from. Still, you are going to love the Spanish version.

I have tried a number of recipes and the Spanish one is definitely among the best tasting ones.

It may not be vegan but surely is one of the best Spanish vegetarian snacks that will be the new go-to comfort sweet for the whole family. However, if you’re a vegan and want to try it you can try to make it with almond or soy milk.

This smooth, sweet Spanish dessert tasted amazing and the texture is appetizing as well.

You can follow The Cooking Foodie‘s Spanish Friend Milk recipe to learn how to make this yummy sweetness.

14| Churros with hot chocolate

Image credit

Whenever you search for easy Spanish snacks and recipes, you are most likely to come across the most beloved and common one; Churros.

This fried dough is indeed quite simple but naturally, you have to make sure to get the recipe right for the desired result.

Nothing is better than starting a day with a stick of Churros dipped into a cup of thick hot chocolate. We don’t only recommend it for breakfast though.

The experience will be just as lovely in the afternoon. Make sure you make a very thick hot chocolate, almost like a pudding.

The reason Churros has become so widely consumed in Spain and now around the world is the fact that it is an easy to make Spanish snack.

Also, it is usually made rather tasty than just sweet, so everyone finds it indulging.

Learn how to make easily this famous Spanish snack from The Noshery. Just follow her Spanish hot chocolate with coconut churros.

13| Mantecadas

If you already have all the muffin making equipment, Mantcadas will definitely be one of the easiest Spanish snacks you can make at home.

This delicious sponge “muffin” is surely going to be a new favorite in the family.

It makes a great companion to coffee and tea while it is easy to keep fresh for a relatively long time so if you make one large batch, you have something to munch on for days.

It is similar to pound cake, and if you are the experimenting type, you can add some fruits to spice things up.

Mantecadas is among the most popular Spanish supermarket snacks you can find in shops around Spain, usually packaged in six.

Out of all the Spanish snacks online, this one will most likely become a frequent item on your wish list.

Learn how to make Mantecadas from The Spruce Eats.

12| Horchata with Fartons

First, let’s talk about Horchata, one of the most delicious Spanish vegetarian snacks suitable for vegans as well.

Horchata is a perfect sweet drink for everyone. The name covers a number of different ingredients, but usually, it is made of rice.

This cold rice drink dates back to the 13th century, first appeared in Valencia.

Fartons is among the best Spanish snacks for parties as it is easy to just grab one and take a bite, while it is delicious and simple.

The sugar-glazed spongy stick is usually dipped in Horchata or warm beverages such as coffee or hot chocolate.

Both are fairly easy to make authentic Spanish Horchata from Spain on a Fork and Fartons from Hey Valencia.

Delicious Salty Spanish Snacks

11| Migas

Image Credit The Bossy Kitchen

When you want to cook something delicious and beautiful snack, but don’t have much time, Migas is to the rescue.

Within about half an hour you can serve this lovely dish, which will be to the satisfaction of everyone at the table. There are few easy to make Spanish snacks and Migas is without a doubt one great bite at any time of the day.

This egg and tortilla based snack is colorful so if you are making it for guests, everyone will be uplifted just by looking at it. Thanks to it being healthy as well, you can fit it into most types of diets, except vegan.

Visit The Bossy Kitchen and learn how to make Migas, one of the best Spanish Snacks.

10| Escalivada – Catalan Roasted Vegetables

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry in case you are in search of Spanish vegetarian and vegan snacks, because there are plenty.

Escalivada is a lovely Catalonian dish that will make a great and healthy snack on your next movie night, or with a glass of wine, even as a side for your meal.

There is much more to this simple Spanish snack than you may think. A variety of vegetables, usually eggplant, peppers, onion, garlic and anything you desire are roasted and grilled to give a mind-blowing smoky taste.

If you follow the recipe and use fresh ingredients, it is one hell of a snack.

Follow The Happy Foodie‘s traditional Escalivada recipe and have a yummy homemade Spanish snack in no time.

9| Patatas Bravas

Another one of the quick and easy Spanish snacks for parties that is going to make a fantastic offering without any trouble. This spicy nibble pairs superbly with cocktails and surely is great for gatherings or movie nights.

Patatas Bravas is among the most popular Spanish snacks, you can find it tapa bars, and restaurants offered with drinks.

The cubed potato is being fried and then covered with various spicy sauces.

It surely fills the tummies when served warm and despite being so simple, it without a doubt a great snack.

Follow May I Have That Recipe‘s yummy and easy to make Patatas Bravas recipe.

8| Pinchitos

If you are looking for meaty Spanish snacks, then Pinchitos is a great option for you especially if you’re looking for a fun and filling snack for gatherings and family events.

Pinchitos skewer is also very easy to prepare and is suitable for outdoor barbecues. It is more common in the southern Spanish regions and has Moorish origins.

Usually, pork or chicken are used, however, they use all kinds of meat. With a variety of spices and charcoal grill, you are about to make a delicious Spanish snack for your next dinner party.

Pinchitos is among the best Spanish snacks to make at home for meat lovers. However, you can follow the steps and make it with veggies instead if you’re a vegan.

You can learn how to make traditional Andalucian Pinchitos on

7| Spanish Ham Croquette (croquetas de jamón)

One of the most special Spanish fried snacks is the ham croquette, which can be a bit more difficult to make than the ones above.

Still, it is fairly easy to make and the result will be something everyone is going to remember.

Under the crispy golden cover a delicious, soft filling awaits, that will make you fall in love with the Spanish cuisine.

The ham croquette is a yummy Spanish snack you can make at home for parties that will be a favorite of kids and adults as well.

Without question, it is a great finger snack that is tasty and makes a remarkable addition to your buffet at a party.

Learn how to make Spanish Ham Croquettes with The Spruce Eats‘ yummy recipe.

6| Tortilla de patatas (Spanish Omelette)

Tortilla de Patatas is one of the traditional and easy Spanish snacks that could make a fantastic bite at any time of the day. This Spanish omelet is made with potatoes and various vegetables.

You can freshen it up with tomatoes as well. As we mentioned earlier, there are plenty of options for veggies and this rather filling omelet is one of the best Spanish vegetarian snacks you can offer to hungry guests.

In some cases recipes include meat, but in general, it is prepared vegetarian. It is also easy to make, the potatoes may require a little time to cook, but otherwise, it is ready fairly quickly.

Follow Tastes Better from Scratch‘ delicious Tortilla de Patatas recipe.

5| Pan con Tomate

The simplicity of this fantastic and easy Spanish snack doesn’t mean it is not among the greatest snacks you are going to eat in your life.

Pan con Tomate is widely popular in the whole country, you can easily come across this bite in almost all tapa bars, restaurants and even at home people tend to prepare it as a quick snack between or before meals.

Just grab a slice of bread (usually toasted) and rub garlic and tomato on it. After seasoning it with olive oil and salt, you get a remarkable quick and easy Spanish snack.

If you are prepping it for a party, maybe it’s better to go easy on the garlic or completely leave it out.

Serious Eats‘ easy but delicious Pan con Tomate will help you to make this delicious salty Spanish snack.

4| Olives

Olives may sound a little too simple as it actually doesn’t require any preparation apart from just pouring it into a bowl unless you want to cure yourself.

It is widely popular in Spain, in most of the bars if you order a drink, a small bowl of olives are served without even asking the guest.

The little green fruits are consumed in most Mediterranean countries, but they are cured differently everywhere, that is why it’s crucial to sample them during your travels.

When in Spain, you are not going to be disappointed, it is delicious and makes a great snack accompanying your drinks.

Fortunately, you can order it along with other Spanish snacks online, so now you can try it without having to leave the comfort of your home. You can try Lindsay Snack and Go! Pimiento Stuffed Spanish Manzanilla Olives.

You can also learn how to make Spanish style marinated olives if you follow Pooks Pantry easy recipe.

3| Empanada

Once you have deemed yourself a skilled cook, it is time to find somewhat more difficult Spanish snack recipes.

You may have already heard about the “enbreaded” little crescents that are filled with all sorts of minced meat and spicy sauces.

You can make vegetarian versions as well, so it can be a real treat for everyone with various dietary requirements.

You just have to make the pastry, stretch it out to be a large sheet, snap the filling on and wrap it up, then you can either fry it or bake it in the oven, it is up to you.

Since Spanish people prefer frying and usually use olive oil, it is ready quite quickly.

Well, we made it sound easy, still, it is not one of the easiest Spanish snacks to make at home.

Follow Cookstr‘s yummy Spanish-Style Empanadas recipe.

2| Pincho

Pincho is the collective name of a nibble selection, which is usually a whole separate section on bar or restaurant menus. You can find some of the simplest, yet most delicious bites.

There are small sandwiches and finger snacks that will definitely make you fall in love with Spanish flavors.

You can find small bread slices with spicy octopus, ham, and even egg spread.

If you want to make some snacks for parties or a movie night, you can find a large variety of flavors and ingredients in this category.

Pincho can be made suitable for vegans, veggies, and pescatarians as well, so you do not have to worry when it comes to a larger group of friends all with different requests.

Follow Bucketlist Journey‘s great guide to Pinchos.

1| Spanish Fried Anchovies, Traditional Tapas 

When it comes to Spanish snacks, without a doubt most people think about Tapas.

It is also the collective name of a wide range of snacks you can indulge your loved ones with. Most of them are fairly simple to make, however, some do require serious cooking skills as there are stew-like dishes as well.

One of the specialties is the Spanish fried Anchovies, which is a great snack for gatherings, especially with drinks.

In most southern Spanish cities you are going to find the fried anchovies on the menus, so if you are planning to visit, there is no way you can miss it.

If you want to learn how to make tapas you should try Delicious Spanish Food‘s Spanish fried anchovies and other tapas recipes.

Delicious Spanish Snack Boxes

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