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Last Updated on January 17, 2023 by Jella Erhard

We all need a little cuddling and love or protection, that is why we collected our favorite strong and cute anime animals. The ones below are not just anime for animal lovers, still, we cannot go by without acknowledging how cute those animals are.

Are you an animal lover anime fan? Then these cuties are going to make your day!

We have all the anime animal cuteness for you. From cute anime dogs and the cutest cats to pandas, parrots, bears, hamsters, whales, and more. We also have some cute Kawaii animals on the list that will surely steal your heart and make you want to start watching the show if you aren’t already.

However, having a strong and powerful friend is just as important so we added some of the most powerful anime animals to the list too. Some of them might not be your best friend or they’re even evil but they’re strong for sure.

We have listed some amazing anime with cute animals who have their own – mostly good but sometimes bad – personalities.

The Best Strong & Cute Anime Animals You’d Wish Were Real

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44| Blair – Soul Eater

Blair is a monster, who can shift into a cat. As a human, she is sort of an anime witch, who is not at all afraid of exposing her naked body. She often puts others in awkward situations for her own entertainment.

In general, she is playful looking for fun no matter what. Despite being a cat, she loves taking a good bath. In human form of course.

In her cat form, she is a cute, long, curly-tailed, large-eyed piece of sweetness. We find it fun to see such a cute creature with a personality of a flirty woman, who dares almost all men.

Also, the witch hat on the cat is just a superb combination we are sure many cat owners consider for next Halloween.

Blair is certainly one of the cutest anime animals even though she’s a witch who can turn into a cat. However, many fans think that she’s the cutest cat anime ever.

43| Laboon – One Piece

One Piece is probably among the most known and beloved anime. Unfortunately, if you have not yet acquainted one of the best fantasy anime with pirates, you have a lot of catching up to do.

There have been over 900 episodes released so far. We are sure it is going to be an eventful couple of weeks if you wish to watch all you have missed out on.

One of the most lovable anime animals we know. He is a gigantic whale, with full of love. Over time, he proved to be a loyal and patient friend to Crocus, his caretaker.

Laboon is a beautiful creature and incredibly powerful nonetheless. He can make a mid-sized ship disappear in a moment, quite handy for a pirate.


We just love this super cute anime animal character inside out.

42| Bubbles – Dragon Ball Z: Bio-Broly

King Kai’s goofy and friendly pet-friend, Bubbles, the monkey is a cute anime animal. We just love how the comedy is coming from the fact that on his planet gravity is ten times Earth’s.

He is usually quite friendly, loves eating and is playful. Goku is put to the test to catch Bubbles who obviously has the advantage of coping with the scale of gravity.

Dragon Ball has so many cute and kick-ass anime characters that it almost seems to be an anime about animals. There are many unique characters over the nearly 300 episodes and movies who will grow on you forever.

This classic anime has a lovely sense of humor too and is packed with some of the best anime action scenes of all time.

41| Ebichu – Oruchuban Ebichu

Oruchuban Ebichu is definitely one anime that stands out of the line. It is amusing like no other shows. This soap opera anime series is bringing the life of a hamster to a new light. You are going to laugh, even if you are not completely familiar with Japanese culture.

Ebichu, the super cute hamster is just irresistible. The housekeeper, or caretaker of the home, is just incapable of pulling a proper practical joke.

She tries to be funny, but it seems, she only upsets her owner. Did we mention she has another personality that surfaces at night? Well, Ebichuman joins us at late hours to offer sex advice.

Probably don’t have to mention, this is an anime about animals for adults.

Unfortunately, the show can’t be streamed but you can watch scenes with Ebichu on Youtube.

Ebichu is a super cute anime animal. Not many anime lovers know about him but the ones who do adore him.

40| Umagon – Zatch Bell!

Umagon, also called as Ponygon, is a strange but easy-to-love horse(ish) creature. He does look quite out of the ordinary and in the series and he even proves to be odd every now and then. Ponygon is a lovely piece of work and often is very funny.

We also love how it has been drawn. The fact that he is only capable of saying three words because he is young, creates many comedic moments.

Zatch Bell! is a very entertaining adventure anime with a unique world. It is one of the best action anime with animals despite being cut short.

39| Oolong – Dragon Ball Z

Again, Dragon Ball is hands down of the most popular anime one can think of that has a seemingly endless cute anime animal supply. Therefore, it is very likely you know what are we talking about.

But do you remember Oolong, the odd little pig? Well, he is quite a piece of work. He smokes cigars and he is a pervert of a sort. You would be surprised what this cute looking little fella has in his mind.

His personality and sarcastic humor paired with Bulma’s beatings on him create a delightful comedic release.

38| Kirara – Inuyasha

Inuyasha got known by the cute anime boy, Inuyasha himself. The story is magical and romantic, with all one could only wish for. Kagome finds herself in the Sengoku period where she meets a half dog-demon.

In this time travel fantasy anime with cute animals, you are going to get lost. It is gorgeous in every sense. The art is stunning, the characters are living and there is love, action, and drama. This time it’s not the cute Inuyasha we want to mention though. Kirara, a small kitten with two tails.

She looks so “aww”, but do not let the looks fool you. Kirara can actually change into a much larger creature, which you may have nightmares about after an encounter.

37| Shenron – Dragon Ball

Here is one of our favorite kick-ass and cute anime animal from Dragon Ball.

Shenron is a cute anime animal character, especially for a dragon. Alright, not that cute, but definitely easy to grow fond of.

Shenron, the Dragon God is kind, yet has a temper who isn’t willing to wait long for their summoner to finally make their wish.

We’re sure Shenron was super cute when he was a baby and who wouldn’t want a baby dragon who can make your wishes come true.

Shenron looks super cool and without a doubt, he is one of the strongest anime animals of all time.

36| Ame & Yuki – Wolf Children (Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki)

Ame and Yuki are not just simply cute anime animals. They were born sort of half-wolf half-human. Their father had the ability to transform into a wolf. It is a pretty sad anime movie, which may be good to watch on a rainy day.

Only if you do not need cheering up. Wolf Children seems to depict a never-ending struggle these two children and their mother have to endure. After their father’s passing, there is a lot to deal with.

Overcoming all these difficulties, the two have to deal with the obstacles coming from their differences. It is a beautiful anime with cute animals. Yes, despite the drama, those wolf kids are just the best.

35| Ein – Cowboy Bebop

The widely enjoyed science fiction anime, Cowboy Bebop has so many great characters, but one of our favorites is Ein the cuddly corgi.

This adorable Corgi with enhanced intelligence is just unforgettable. Ein is one of the best cute anime dogs you can find. He is loyal, friendly, and protective just like a real best friend.

To make things even better, Ein is coming to us on Netflix as a real dog.

34| Mokona – Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, xxxHolic, Magic Knight Rayearth

Mokona (there are two; a black and a white) are curious little bunny-like creatures. Despite being fictional characters, we think all animal lovers will love them.

They are cute and mischievous so we would certainly adore them if they were real. As the three anime with cute animals are in the same universe, we get to see more of them.

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33| PANDA – Shirokuma Café

Shirokuma Café is the best slapstick anime with animals in our opinion. There is plenty to laugh about thanks to this delightful anime. You won’t be able to stop smiling and chuckling as you watch these animals mingling with humans.

How they are trying out human things for themselves. It was difficult for us to pick just one out of the many anime animal characters. Panda is quite a comedy itself. He rarely knows what the conversation is about which always creates cute comedic scenes. 

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32| Doraemon – Doraemon

Think of Doraemon as the Terminator of cats. Or a cat Terminator. He doesn’t terminate anyone actually. But he is a robotic cat sent back from the future. If you love cute anime cats, Doraemon is going to take place in your heart.

This anime is quite lighthearted, rather for the younger ones, but it is still quite fun to see Doraemon pulling all sorts of futuristic items out of his 4-dimensional pocket. It is one best adventure animes for kids.

31| KURONEKO – Kanojo to Kanojo no Neko – She and Her Cat

The mini-series Kanojo to Kanojo no Neko (She and her Cat) was beloved by anime cat lovers. It’s a touching and one of the best classic drama anime with cute cats.

The loyal companion of Her is ever so cute. This often melancholic short series deserves your time as it is quite an emotional journey.

She and Her Cat has beautiful soundtracks and is created by Makoto Shinkai. What makes it even more unique is that the story is told not from the owner but from the cat’s perspective.

30| AKAMARU – Naruto 

Meet Akamaru, an energetic and friendly dog, who is the loyal partner of Kiba. Akamaru is one of the most lovable cute anime dogs.

If you enjoy watching action animes with animals, Naruto is a great choice.

There are plenty of fight scenes throughout Kiba’s journey of becoming a renowned ninja. The anime has a special angle, you often see things from Akamaru’s perspective.

29| JIBANYAN – Yo-kai Watch!

Not the most conventional anime about animals. Yo-Kai Watch! is a superb action fiction created after the video game proved to be successful. Jibanyan is one of the best and most lovable anime animal characters.

Yo-Kai does not exist in real life, still, we just adore this determined, sometimes hot headed cat-like creature.

He is never afraid of getting in the middle of the action while trying to prove himself better than his robotic counterpart, Robonyan.

28| Totoro – My Neighbor Totoro

Probably one of the most famous Hayao Miyazaki animated movies with cute anime animals is My Neighbor Totoro. Many thought that Totoro is a spirit but Hayao Miyazaki cleared out the question when stated Totoro is only an animal.

This beautiful anime is just heartwarming with so many great moments.

You are going to love the unlikely friendship of human children and this cuddly creature. Totoro is an adorable and gigantic plush owl-rabbit-like creature.

He is friendly, warm and loyal to his friends. We think it is one of the best anime with cute animals.

27| Luna and Artemis – Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon isn’t just an anime with cute girls, but with cute animals too. Luna and Artemis are wise cats with unimaginable wisdom.

They act as advisors and trainers. Luna (black cat) Artemis (white cat)are sent to Earth to find the reborn Sailor Guardians.

Probably we do not have to introduce the Sailor Moon series. It is an action anime with a little humor and romance. The sort of classic from the mid 90’s deservedly has still many fans all around the world.

26| Pikachu – Pokemon

Here is another piece of love ball that is known everywhere in the world. Pikachu, Ash’s main Pokemon has won everyone’s heart not long ago.

This little creature, which is one of the most powerful ones, is the best friend everyone dreamed about. The cute, yet fierce yellow animal is just adorable.

Pokemon, the series is one of the best anime about animals. Even if those are fictional. There are action, friendship, adventure and teaching moments throughout the series.


Follow the adorable adventures of Hamtaro, the family hamster. This is one of the best anime with animals for children.

First of all, it is very child-friendly and entertaining. Secondly, it is packed with super cute anime animals, which we cannot have enough of.

If you are looking for something easily digestible that leaves you with a smile on your face, Hamtaro is for you.

24| Agumon – Digimon

It is difficult to pick just one as the digital monsters are quite cute. We like most of them, but Tai’s monster is one of the cutest.

If you are in the mood for a fun, adventurous anime with cute animals, this will do. This anime is often compared to Pokemon, however, it is a quite different series in the same genre.

It has been in high demand over the years since 1999, therefore, it was sort of rebooted after several breaks.

23| HAPPY AND CARLA – Fairy Tail

Happy and Carla are one of the cutest anime couples we know of. They are each other’s Yin and Yang. Carla is strict and serious, while Happy (as the name suggests) is playful and silly which her complete opposite.

They are Exceeds, a cat-like species, which just makes them utterly lovable. Fairy Tail is among the best action and adventure comedies with humor.

Stop your search and watch a few episodes. We are sure you are going to get hooked.

22| CHOPPER – One Piece

Probably Tony Tony Chopper is the most known cute anime animal on our list. The doctor of the Straw Hat Pirates is just impossible to go past without “awwww”-ing a little.

He is also known as the “Cotton Candy Lover”, but do not let the name fool you. He is to be taken seriously. Most of the time of course.

Not sure if One Piece needs an introduction. It is one of the most popular anime out there. It is also regarded as one of the best adventure and pirate animes you can find.

21| Momo and Appa in ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’

Momo and Appa are definitely on the top of the cutest anime animals list. They are not just cute but have distinctive personalities as well. They do not speak, yet, you can tell how they feel and what they think.

The Avatar’s companions are just perfectly fitted into the world of the element benders. It is not really an anime about animals yet Avatar has many exciting creatures. These two creatures get a lot of screen time, which makes this adventure anime even more enjoyable.

The Last Airbender is one of the best action animes with cute animals and an exciting and unique storyline.

20| The Hamsters in Himouto! Umaru-chan

Himuto! Umaru-chan is a fun show with quite a lot to relate to. How difficult it is to balance all the things in life. How much we struggle to fit in and so on.

Umaru appears to be a normal person, but at home, she turns into a tiny, couch potato, who is not at all what she appears to be.

The series is quite entertaining, maybe rather for younger age groups. The addition of the super cute hamsters just makes this cute anime even more likable.

19| Maru – Kimi ni Todoke

Kimi Ni Todoke is one of the best romantic shoujo anime you can warm your heat with.

There are some cute anime boys and teenage love with all the school troubles one can face.

With all that, we loved Pedro Martinez, or Maru, the stray dog taken in by Sawako. He is cute and very thankful for all the love and care.

18| Usamaro – Kamigami no Asobi

This is one of the best romantic drama animes we came across lately. It is very well known and beloved world-wide.

Kamigami no Asobi can even be played as a video game in case watching the anime or reading the manga wouldn’t be enough.

But why is it on our cute anime animals list? Well, there is a cute little furball, Usamaro, Tsukito’s familiar. The rabbit makes this anime with cute anime boys even more enjoyable

17| MONOKUMA – Danganronpa

Monokuma is not going to be your typical cute anime animal character. He is a tiny bit (or enormously), psycho. Danganronpa anime is made after the successful video game Dongaronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc.

So this black and white bear will not invite you for a cuddle, that is for sure. Still, if you are into dark anime characters, he is one of the cutest among them. Danganronpa shows 16 high school students being trapped in the academy.

Their only way out is to kill someone in the group. It is definitely one of the best dark psycho and murder mystery animes.

While Monokuma looks cute he’s not so much the bear you would be happy to have in real life. However, this unusual match of look and personality (cute and crazy) just makes this dark anime even more enjoyable.

16| PUAR – Dragon Ball

Puar is quite a strange creature. It is blue and has the ability to shape-shift. It can even turn into non-living things. We do not know its gender, but it is quite fun and definitely a cute being.

It gets into all sorts of adventures alongside Yamcha. Dragon Ball probably does not need an introduction. Still, we are sure many would be surprised how fun this anime is actually.

15| Taroumaru Gakkougurashi! School-Live!

Gakkougurashi! is a fun, lively anime for teenagers. It is great to see how much Yuki enjoys her time in school.

She is a member of the School Living Club. One day she comes across a beautiful and irresistibly cute puppy, Taroumaru.

This little pup soon becomes even the mascot of the club. This is not an anime about animals, but definitely one of the best animes with cute anime dogs.

14| TOKUGAWA – Miracle Train: Oedo-sen e Youkoso (Miracle Train: Welcome to the Oedo Line)

Miracle Train is a quite interesting show. It may kick off a little slow, but it is worth your while. This is a great anime about Japanese culture so if you want to learn more about it you should check it out. Not to mention, there are some really cute anime boys as well.

This one is probably not the first to pop in your mind when thinking of anime with animals. Still, Tokugawa is just hilarious. He is cute as well as entertaining. Tokugawa cannot speak, yet, his character is very much living and he even gets a little sarcastic from time to time as well.

13| Chip – Rio: Rainbow Gate!

Rio: Rainbow Gate! is kind of on a thin line between harem anime and gambling anime. There are some rather bewildering scenes, but nothing too much for sensitive viewers.

Rainbow Gate really ran the extra mile to show some beautiful anime girls. 

There are many different charming anime characters. One of our protagonists, Rio Rollins Tachibana has a sweet ferret, Chip. With the red bow tie, he is a real gentleman.

12| Potato – Air

We may have just found a new favorite. Potato, a little stray dog looking like a potato is just heart-charmingly cute, one of our favorite cute anime dogs. Potato is playful and energetic.

Yukito, one of our main characters, comes across him and form a strange friendship. She often finds the little fluff annoying.

Air is a beautiful fantasy drama anime with a lot of engaging story developments. The art is just lovely and makes the anime even more enjoyable.


Potato is probably the cutest Kawaii dog in anime.

11| Muta (Renaldo Moon) – Whisper of the Heart (Mimi wo Sumaseba)

Muta is not one of your typical cute anime cats. He is in fact not at all cute. He’s sort of grumpy and assertive. We love his uncontrolled sarcasm that never gets too old.

He appears first in the Ghibli anime Whisper of the Hearts, then in The Cat Returns. Probably we don’t have to say much about those.

Both anime are one of the best anime movies with beautiful art. Naturally, they are just eye-catching with an amazing storyline. You are for sure up for a treat if you haven’t seen these movies yet.

10| Guts – Kill la Kill

Pug lovers here is your new friend. We rarely come across cute anime dogs which are pugs, so now we all have the opportunity to enjoy one on screen. Guts, as the name suggests, can eat. A lot.

He has a gusto like no other pugs. He is a beloved member of the Mankanshoku family. Guts is just incredibly funny in his hoodie and sticking-out tongue. This little pug can also stand and walk on his hind legs just like a human. And he is hung up on Ryuko. Sexually. Sometimes on a little to pervy way.

The anime Kill la Kill is one of the best comedy action animes with a magical girl. It is packed with funny moments, but always full of action. It is drawn to be a little erotic as well.

9| Nagoya – My Little Monster (Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun)

Nagoya, Haru’s pet rooster is adorable from top to bottom. He found our bird friend on the side of the road and decided to save him. Nagoya ends up living on the school grounds, which allows him to live a full life.

We love how this romantic comedy anime shows compassion towards all living beings. Even a rooster deserves humane treatment. The anime itself is the beautiful story of Shizuku and Haru finding each other and fulfilling their love.

8| Pakkun – Naruto

Pug lovers, the joy hasn’t ended yet. Pakkun is a mini pug or looks like one. He is actually a Ninken. Pakkun looks very sweet, but he is not one of the usual cute anime dogs.

He is actually very brave and would be ready to fight. Unfortunately, to his biggest regrets, he is not able to take part in the battle. He has a deep voice, which is actually quite funny given his small size.

Overall he is a very loyal friend. Naruto is a superb adventure and fantasy anime with martial arts. We follow Naruto on his journey becoming a master ninja. His aim is to gain fame to prove himself.

7| Jiji – Kiki’s Delivery Service (Majo no Takkyuubin)

Kiki’s Delivery Service is a lovely coming-of-age fantasy anime. Kiki is a trainee witch, who has just left her home and helps a baker lady with cake deliveries in exchange for accommodation.

It is a beautiful anime movie with problems and changes teenage have to face. Making this anime even more enjoyable is Jiji, a black cat, who is understood by Kiki. They are best friends, but there are always difficulties.

See how this charming story develops. There are other cute anime cats in the movie as well.

Maybe enough if we say; this anime movie was written and directed by the one and only Hayao Miyazaki.

6| Chi – Chi’s Sweet Home: Atarashii Ouchi (Chi’s New Address)

This anime starts with heartbreak; the little kitten loses her mother and siblings as she wanders off.

Fortunately, she doesn’t have to worry for much longer. A little boy and his mom find her and take her in. The Yamada family proves to be a perfect match for the little ball of fur.

It is one of the must-see anime about animals if you are looking for a cozy time in. It is easy to fall in love with one of the most adorable cute anime cats.

5| Heen – Howl’s Moving Castle (Howl no Ugoku Shiro)

One of our favorite of all cute anime dogs is Heen. Despite being an errand dog of Madam Suleiman, he seems quite lazy. Heen often comes across as an old dog, who has a very short time left. But don’t let yourself be fooled.

He can be energetic and happy. Not often, but he can. He has a personality we haven’t seen anywhere else. Heen is extremely smart and he often shows it throughout the movie.

Overall, he is a great addition to the Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki masterpiece, Howl’s Moving Castle.

4| Black Hayate – FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Black Hayate is just impossible to pass by without wanting to smush his little furry face. This black and white Shiba Inu puppy was found by Master Sergeant Kain Fuery. It is difficult to find cuter anime dogs than Black Hayate.

After a tough time to find him a proper home, Riza Hawkeye takes him in. There are some funny moments (as we got used to in the series) as the puppy has to be house trained by his new best friend.

Fullmetal Alchemist is just an amazing adventure fantasy anime series with lots of humor. If you need a dose of fun in the middle of some action, this is your best match.

3| Inko – Toradora!

Toradora! is easy to watch a slice of life anime with a little romance and comedy. Follow Ryuji and his peers in high school. It is a tough time for everyone. Always having to look the best, dealing with crushes, changes and riding the emotional roller coaster.

Ryuji has an odd parakeet, Inko. She understands humans and can interact with her owners. Despite appearing a little mentally challenged, she is actually quite capable. At least of imitating human speech.

Toradora! is one of the best teenager romance comedy anime with a pretty cute parrot-like anime animal.

2| Iggy – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken)

As the title suggests, it is going to be quite an adventure. Kujo Jotaro embarks on a journey to Egypt with the aim of finding and defeating Dio. All the characters are outstandingly unique and our cute anime dog, Iggy, isn’t the usual kind either.

Iggy possesses the powers of a stand, therefore is extremely powerful, especially for a dog. Only Avdul, Jojo’ grandfather’s friend can approach him.

He is sort of an antisocial being, who loves chewing coffee-flavored chewing gum. We warned you, nothing is like the usual in this anime. Why would Iggy be one of those ordinary cute anime dogs?

1| Mieu – Tales of the Abyss

This fantasy anime was made amid the success of the role-playing game on Play Station. Tales of the Abyss is a considerably short (26 episodes) anime series. If you like fantasy anime, this one will give you a fun weekend.

The show is keeping its viewers at the screen until the end. You are going to want to unveil the mystery around Luke fon Fabre, a swordsman who picked the easiest end of the straw. Until one day he becomes a person of interest.

During his journey, he encounters and befriends Mieu, a young Cheagle.

What we truly love is a curious mind and an optimistic attitude. He is actually quite strong despite being such a fuzzy little cuteness.

Thank you for reading!