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Explore the best camping games for adults you should pack on your next trip with your friends & family. DIY campfire games for adults and the coolest glow-in-the-dark games you can play at night.

best camping games for adults

Best Camping Games Adults Will Love

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Camping is a whole lot of fun just by itself and one can go camping for many reasons. Some like to spend some time alone and reflect on life or meditate. Leave modern life a bit behind and recharge in nature. But camping is also a really great time to re-connect with friends and family in a fun and meaningful way.

Of course, to make this possible you’ll have to choose activities and games that can be enjoyed by everyone in the group no matter their age. There are plenty of great camping games for adults to choose from at night camping games, thrilling camping games you can play outside or inside on rainy days, and even cool-themed camping games if you’re into turning your activities and events into an exciting theme party experience.

We collected some of the coolest outdoor camping games for adults, that will challenge not only your mind but gets your body moving as well.

What games should you take camping?

You’ll have to consider how much extra space you have in your car, the weather because it does matter if you go camping during winter or summertime, and the kind of camping activities you and your friends and family prefer. The best games to take camping mostly depends on the camper really. Do you prefer games that you have to play outside or do you prefer travel board games?

You can still have nice walks, go on a bigger trekking adventure if you or someone in your group doesn’t enjoy outdoor camping games you don’t have to push it. There are still plenty of amazing cozy campfire games for adults that will make everyone smile while also bringing your friends and family closer to each other.

You should write down a bit of information about everyone who’ll be joining you on this camping trip before you decide what games to bring camping.

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There are so many fun things to do while camping, from classic camping activities to specialized camping games for couples, friends, and families to DIY camping games for adults. After you finished with your list of qualities and the type of activities you want to do during your camping adventure you’ll be ready to choose the games you should take with you.

You’ll find on our camping games list all kinds of amazing, fun, and even spooky games that’ll surely make your camping experience more memorable and a whole lot more fun too.

20| The Woods: Campfire Mystery Escape Room Game Kit

The Woods Campfire Mystery Escape Room Game Kit

Escape room kits and games are one of the best choices if you’re looking for something that the whole family can play and enjoy together. This mystery campfire escape room kit is one of the best choices because it has to be played outdoors. It can be played by anyone ages 14 and up and is for up to 6 players.

As with most escape room games, this one also comes with a thrilling and spooky story best told in the dark by the campfire. Players will have to crack, codes, solve puzzles to find out the truth behind the mystery before they run out of time and get stuck in the forest for eternity with everyone else who failed before them.

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19| Throw Throw Burrito Dodgeball Camping Card Game

Throw Throw Burrito dodge ball camping card games for adults

Throw Throw Burrito is the world’s first and most hilarious dodgeball card game. It’s a superbly silly and entertaining game adults will enjoy just as much as kids. While this game can be played indoors it’s a whole lot more fun to play it outdoors since players have more room to run, dodge, and don’t have to worry about breaking something important in the house.

It’s easily portable and can be played by ages & and up and up to 6 players. You’ll get 120 cards, 7 tokens, and two super cute and soft burritos you’ll love throwing around.

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18| Collapsible Portable Corn Hole Boards With 8 Cornhole Bean Bags

Collapsible Portable Corn Hole Boards With 8 Cornhole Bean Bags

The classic game with an easy to assemble twist so you can easily take this fun outdoor game camping or anywhere you go. You can also get some amazing LED cornhole lights to make the experience even more special and that way you can also play this fun camping game at night. Just grab the bean bags, aim, and throw. It’s a simple but really fun camping game for adults and kids alike.

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17| Portable Franklin Sports Spyder Pong Tennis

Portable Franklin Sports Spyder Pong Tennis camping game for adults


Are you into ping pong and volleyball? Then try this really fun portable spyder Pong game that brings all the fun of table tennis and volleyball into one game. This is an easy set that also can be assembled in a few minutes without any tools. It’s a really cool camping game that will also give you a bit of exercise.

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16| Giggle N Go Yard Games for Adults

Giggle N Go Yard Games for Adults

This is another really fun and easily portable camping game you can pack away in a handy storage bag. It’s also super easy to assemble and requires no tools. A flying frisbee disc, bottle stands, and pole parts are all included so after the set up you just need a water bottle or a soda can to get the game started.

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15| GoSports Pro Grade Ladder Toss Outdoor Game

GoSports Pro Grade Ladder Toss outdoor games for adults

This kid-friendly outdoor game is perfect for camping. It’s portable, easy to assemble and you can enjoy nature while trying to score as high as you can. It takes only 2 minutes to set up the game and since most of the components are soft you can even play with them indoors after the camping trip.

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14| Rechargeable Laser Tag Set

Rechargeable Laser Tag Set for adults

Are you into laser tag games? Then you should check out this innovative laser tag set adults will surely fall in love with just as fast as kids. You just have to strap on your vest, grab your gun, check your ammo, and fight for victory. This is a super easily portable camping game that has 4 guns and 4 vests and comes with one charging station.

You don’t have to worry about batteries ever again since the guns and the vests are all rechargeables that let you play approximately 8 games per charge. You also don’t have to worry about remembering scores since both the lives and team data are automatically synced, and you can easily check your status at all times thanks to the LCDs on the vests and guns.

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13| Beat That! – The Bonkers Battle of Wacky Challenges

Beat That! - The Bonkers Battle of Wacky Challenges

Looking for the ultimate camping games for families that adults will also love? Then go for Beat That! This super fun game has 160 challenges that will challenge players of all ages. It can be played by anyone aged 9 and up and up to 8 players.

It also doesn’t take a whole lot of time to learn how to play the game so you’ll be laughing and having fun in no time. This is one of the most fun camping games for kids and adults alike.

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12| Portable Badminton Set with Freestanding Base

Portable Badminton Set with Freestanding Base

This portable badminton set is the perfect camping game for friends who love to get a bit of exercise with their friendly competition. You don’t need any extra tools to assemble it just extend the telescopic poles, attach the net and start playing. It’s a lightweight set so it’s easily portable and you’ll have no problem carrying the case even if you’re traveling by train or a bus.

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11| B3 Bean Bag Bucketz; Outdoor Game for Adults

B3 Bean Bag Bucketz; Outdoor Backyard Game for Adults

This is another fun and easily portable telescopic game where you’ll have to use your aiming and throwing skills. The tower can be set up quickly and doesn’t require any extra tools. It’s a fun game for kids and adults too and can be played by up to 16 players so it’s fun for bigger groups too.

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10| UNSOLVED CASE FILES: Cold Case Murder Mystery Game

UNSOLVED CASE FILES Cold Case Murder Mystery Game

If you’re into murder mystery party games and want to play an exciting murder mystery game during camping, then you should check out Unsolved Case Files. Thanks to this spooky murder mystery game you’ll become a cold case detective and have to work the most mysterious unsolved case files. You’ll have to solve three mysteries to crack the case.

You can choose from over 50 investigation documents and photos, evidence reports, phone records, and so on. This spooky game is perfect for true-crime and mystery lovers. It’s a really spooky mystery game and one of the best camping games for two, especially for horror lovers.

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9| Scrabble Deluxe Travel Edition

Scrabble Deluxe Travel Edition

For those who love brain teasers, this beautiful scrabble with a folding wood case is the right choice. You can, of course, take any travel board games to your camping journey but if you’re looking for a classic camping game you can enjoy on rainy days you should go with scrabble. It’s also one of the most fun camping activities you can play in a tent.

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8| The Grimm Forest | A Fairytale Inspired Strategy Board Game

The Grimm Forest A Fairytale Inspired Strategy Board Game

Looking for a bit of extra magic or are you a fantasy geek? Then pick up this charming fantasy board game and get lost in the Grimm Forest. You’ll have to avoid cunning creatures, use your deduction skills, and use Fable cards to find out each other’s plans.

You’ll meet legendary fairy tale characters like Snow White and the Evil Queen among many others. It’s a whimsical and fun game that can be played by up to 4 players from ages 13 and above. If you’re looking for fun camping activities you can play in a tent on rainy days you should pack a few forest or camping-themed board games.

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Camping Games At Night & Glow in the dark games

7| 70mm Travel Scope – Portable Refractor Telescope

70mm Travel Scope - Portable Refractor Telescope

The best games are also educational. Did you know that you can get a great portable refractor telescope for less than $100? It’s the perfect camping gift for sky gazers that can be easily turned into an educational at-night camping game.

This telescope is perfect for astronomy beginners and is equipped with two high-quality eyepieces (20mm and 10mm) that provide low- and high-power views of celestial objects at night and terrestrial objects during the day. You’ll also get a bonus bag, a tripod, and a FREE download of one of the top consumer-rated astronomy software programs. You can easily play fun games to see who can find celestial objects faster. It can be also a really cool and romantic camping activity for couples.

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6| LED Light Up Flying Disc for Night Games

LED Light Up Flying Disc for Night Games

This LED flying disc has super-bright illumination and is floating and water-resistant which makes it one of the most simple yet fun camping games you can play at night. It’s also a great toy you can play with your dog.

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5| Wizards & Werewolves – Active Outdoor Group Game Glow-in-The-Dark Elements

Wizards & Werewolves - an Active Outdoor Group Game with Hide and Seek, Tag and Glow-in-The-Dark Elements

Wizards and Werewolves is one of the most fun glow-in-the-dark games for fantasy lovers. It’s the perfect camping game for families to play after dark. The game is a combination of hide and seek, tag, and scavenger hunts. It’s good for bigger groups or families since it can be played by up to 10 players from ages 8.

The Werewolves have to hunt for Wizards while the Wizards have to search for glowing crystals to increase their powers and win the game. The lights are high quality so they’re good for hours and have 3 levels of gameplay to make it exciting for advanced players just as much as for beginners. If you’re into RPG or DnD you’ll probably like this night camping game too.

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4| Black Light Tumble Tower

Black Light Tumble Tower

A fun glowing version of the classic tumble tower where you can write your own party tasks on them to make this fun game even more interesting. As usual, players have to take turns to remove one block from the tower without knocking it over, then follow the rule described on the bottom of the block. However, 9 of the blocks are left blank that’s where you can write your own tasks.

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3| ED Beach Ball with Remote Control

ED Beach Ball with Remote Control

Even balls are better if they’re glowing. These really fun LED flow beach balls come with a remote and they’re also durable and waterproof. You can not only use it on the beach or for pool volleyball but also for kickball since the material is pretty strong. It’s a really simple camping game but one that’ll surely make any classic game that much more special.

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2| GlowCity Light Up Soccer Ball 

GlowCity Light Up Soccer Ball for adults

Football fan? This super bright glow in the dark football is probably something that’ll make all the games much more fun. The balls have 2 LED lights that are good for up to 20 hours of evening play. The lights illuminate automatically when the ball is kicked or bounced and shuts off after 30 seconds if the ball is not in use. You can, of course, use this glowing ball for any traditional camping game that requires a ball.

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1| LED Shuttlecock Badminton Birdies

LED Shuttlecock Badminton Birdies

Playing badminton after dark? Yes, please. These multi-color badminton birdies will light up when you hit them. It has a large capacity battery and is good for over 30 hours. It’s the perfect camping game for night time especially if you don’t feel like running around during hot days. You can just easily turn on/off the lights and turn your badminton games instantly more magical.

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