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Last Updated on November 18, 2022 by Jella Erhard

Bokksu Box Review – Japanese Snack Box Review

Is Bokksu worth it? If you’re a Japanese snack enthusiast like us, you probably have been wondering about this. Bokksu is one of the biggest brands on the market and while they have quality snacks and treats in their boxes it does cost a more than other Japanese snack boxes online.

It really comes down to the snacks. Do you enjoy exploring unique and truly quality snacks? Do you love to support small manufacturers and businesses who are truly passionate about creating something special for their customers? If so, then yes.

Bokksu is the right Japanese snack box for you. It’s not a secret that we work together with various affiliate partners so we can show special experiences and products to our readers, and Bokksu quickly became one of our favorite partners.

They offer quality service, a unique and fun experience, quick shipping, and thanks to their new partnerships they offer such a unique selection of snacks no other Japanese snack box company does at the moment.

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Bokksu Box Review - best japanese snack box review

What makes Bokksu special? Why is it worth it?

Bokksu offers a nice selection of snacks with their starter Japanese snack boxes starting from $39.95. You’ll get about 20-25 snacks including tea, chocolates, candy, chips, and all kinds of sweet and savory treats with free shipping. Their shipping is fast and you’ll get a tracking code so you’ll always know where your snack box is. Bokksu’s delivery time is about 7 to 14 days.

It’s all pretty much standard stuff just like with the other Japanese snack boxes. However, what makes Bokksu special is its special selection.

It was always important for the Bokksu team to take their customers seriously and they curated and still curate all their boxes with their taste and needs in mind.

Bokksu also works together with various new and traditional Japanese artisan snack and dessert makers. Some are their long-term partners but you can always find something new and exciting on their list. Bokksu even has special Bokksu only snacks that you can only try if you order through them.

Our favorites from the snacks were the Hokkaido Red Bean Doughnuts, their White Strawberry, Funwari Meijin Mochi Puffs,  and the Organic Genmaicha Tea.

Bokksu Box Review - Japanese Snack Box review - Hokkaido Red Bean Doughnuts (2 Pieces) (Small)
Bokksu Box Review - Japanese Snack Box review - White Strawberry (Small)
Bokksu Box Review - Japanese Snack Box review - Funwari Meijin Mochi Puffs
Bokksu japanese snack box - organic green tea (Small)

However, the handmade Yuzu Sake Candy was also very special. With Bokksu you’ll get a selection of gourmet snacks as well as the more general but still tasty and popular Japanese snacks. This way you can try more traditional, superstore, and Japan’s gourmet snacks as well. Bokksu’s excellent and one of a kind selection makes them stand out.

Every single snack we tried was tasty no matter if it was sweet or salty. We spent a couple of months in Japan and were extremely happy to try some of our favorite snacks again.

If you want to try quality Japanese snacks or want to go for a long-term Japanese snack box subscription you should choose Bokksu. At this moment there are no other Japanese snack boxes on the market that offer this kind of quality while still offering a pretty generous quantity as well.

You can buy once or choose monthly or even yearly plans.

You can also check out Bokksu Market where you can order your favorite Japanese snacks and sweets and all kinds of delicious treats separately and learn about the snack makers’ history.

Bokksu also sends a beautiful culture guide to their snacks. In this few-page long guide, you can learn about the makers, their history and see where exactly in Japan was each snack made.

Bokksu Review - Japanese snack box review and guide
Bokksu Review - Japanese snack box review and guide 2
Bokksu Review - Japanese snack box review and guide 3

If you’re a foodie, a world snacks lover or a Japanophile who just loves to learn more about this beautiful country you should choose Bokksu.

Bokksu boxes also make an incredible birthday gift or holiday gift since not only their snacks are presented beautifully but their packaging is also fun, simple, but elegant. Bokksu is the best choice for foodies and culture lovers who want to taste and experience something special.

Bokksu Box Review - best japanese snack box review