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Explore some of the most hilarious and feel-good classic and new comforting TV shows that will make you feel better in no time.

You’ll find here lesser-known award-winning and more popular fan-favorite shows with unique visuals, weirdly wonderful stories, and eccentric characters.

Thanks to these charming and truly entertaining shows you can easily take your mind off things at least for a little while and enjoy some well-deserved me time.

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You can easily boost your mood while exploring uplifting stories that will bring some laughter, joy, and optimism into your life.

No matter if you’re looking for a show that’ll cheer you up, makes you laugh out loud, or provides some warmth and comfort because you’ll find here a series you’ll want to binge-watch.

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Unique & Comforting TV Shows

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14| Romantic Killer

Romantic Killer - comforting tv shows

Romantic Killer is one of the funniest and most feel-good Netflix original anime series with a unique set-up and excellent characters as well as exciting character development that turns this fun slice-of-life anime into a meaningful and heart-warming story.

Its story follows Anzu’s life after the young girl is suddenly selected by a cute but annoying match-making wizard who wants to find her the perfect partner.

The wizard does their best to turn Anzu’s life into a rom-com filled with ikemen but since Anzu is happy with her single life she decides that she’ll become a romantic killer instead and will resist at all costs.

You can watch Romantic Killer on Netflix.

13| The Orville

The Orville - New comforting tv shows

The Orville is a science fiction comedy-drama that not only tackles some of the genre’s most timeless themes but does it in a unique, hilarious, and inspiring way that will help you think more positively about what the future might hold.

What makes The Orville stand out the most from other sci-fi shows is its complexity which provides meaningful stories to its viewers. The show also has fascinating world-building, stirring music, surprising plot twists, as well as well-crafted characters.

With each episode, viewers can expect to see dramas and moments that challenge them to think differently or broaden their perspectives.

You can watch The Orville on Amazon Prime & Hulu.

12| Yuri!!! On Ice

Yuri on Ice - most comforting tv shows

Yuri!!! On Ice is a beloved anime series that follows the thrilling story of figure skater Yuri Katsuki. This show takes its viewers on an incredible journey of self-discovery and determination.

Yuri explores stories about love, friendship, and passion, LGBTQ+ themes, and has a wide range of inspiring and fascinating characters. Yuri!!! On Ice’s animation style is also incredible and is accompanied by beautiful music that further enhances the viewing experience.

You can watch Yuri!!! On Ice on Amazon Prime.

11| The Good Place

Thanks to The Good Place you can enjoy a story that’s filled with plenty of humor, heartwarming moments, and great performances.

Eleanor Shellstrop (Kristen Bell) finds herself in the good place, after being hit by a train of supermarket carts. Once being paired with Chidi (William Jackson Harper), she comes to a realization of being sent to the good place by mistake.

Trying to become a better person she takes philosophy lessons held by her soul mate.

If you are looking for TV shows about the afterlife and the meaning of life then you should check out The Good Place. It’s humorous, easy to relate to and is full of surprises as well as meaningful moments and has a positive message.

You can watch The Good Place online on Amazon Prime Video.

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10| Lost Girl

A truly unique fantasy TV show that fantasy lovers will definitely binge watch is Lost Girl. It has a pretty out of the ordinary setting as Bo (Anna Silk) is a bisexual succubus who gains her extraordinary strength from her sexual partners.

Bo Dennis feels lost as some of her romantic encounters did not end well.

Living in an abandoned building, she comes across another loner Kenzi (Ksenia Solo), an eccentric weirdo but in an amazingly entertaining way.

The two become very good friends while Bo is struggling with making a choice of joining either the dark or light side of fae.

She chooses to remain neutral and start a “supernatural” detective agency with her new human friend.

The story is quite interesting with some R-rated scenes but nothing too much really. There are exciting fight scenes and getting lost in fae history is also going to please fantasy lovers.

Lost Girl is among the best Canadian supernatural fantasy TV shows that have a passionate fandom.

You can watch Lost Girl online on Amazon Prime Video.

9| Miranda

Miranda is surely one of the quaintest binge worthy comforting TV shows for stressful times. Miranda Hart’s (written by and starring) short series is a delight that will lighten up everyone during the hardest of times.

The socially challenged (in an absolutely hilarious way) lady is having difficulties in the everyday; she just cannot avoid weird and awkward situations. All that while being secretly in love with Gary (Tom Ellis AKA Lucifer) and being under pressure by her mother, Penny (Patricia Hodge).

As she is quite tall people often confuse her to be a male that naturally bums her out but handles with a great sense of humor.

There are great characters as well making this show a really funny and lovable one.

If you are in search of funny and unique British TV shows, then Miranda is most definitely one to make your list for the next binge watch movie night.

You can watch Miranda online on Amazon Prime Video.

8| Black-ish

For a fun and educational movie night follow the Johnson family living in an upper middle class dominantly white suburban area.

Dre Johnson and Rainbow are trying to raise their kids with their values while also trying to shelter them from all the difficulties a person of color may face.

It is a fantastic show that is going to keep you smiling while learning a lot about African-American history, culture, and current issues in society.

All the actors are perfect for the characters they bring to life, making it a great, living show that feels like peeking into the neighbor’s home. Sometimes it can get painfully emotional, while it is mostly an incredibly funny show.

Black-ish cast also includes superb actors such as Anthony Anderson, Tracee Ellis Ross, Laurence Fishburne, Peter Mackenzie, and Jennifer Lewis.

You can watch Black-ish online on Amazon Prime Video.

7| Avatar: The Last Airbender

avatar the last airbender - comforting tv shows

The Legend of Aang is a complex animated series that has almost everything one might consider when looking for a binge worthy TV show.

Thanks to the different main characters, there is a lot of comedy, while there are crushingly emotional moments just as well as beautifully animated scenes.

It is a delight for viewers of all ages so The Last Airbender is definitely a good reason stay in tonight for a good time. If you enjoy Ghibli and martial arts movies this series will blow your mind.

The story begins with Northern Water Tribe siblings Katara and Sokka finding the avatar frozen. As soon as Aang, the 12-year old boy regains consciousness, he has to realize that he was frozen for a hundred years.

During that time the fire nation has destroyed and conquered almost the whole world terrorizing everyone.

The new friends embark on a journey to restore order on the planet, which turns out to be an incredibly emotional and physical struggle while also having some serious fun.

It does get quite emotional sometimes, as a young boy has to carry a huge weight since the whole world needs his help, but there is often a humorous release.

The heroes are showing enormous strength despite their age and teach a lot about friendship.

You can watch Avatar: The Last Airbender online on Amazon Prime Video.

6| Frasier

When cozying in at home you may not want to be sucked into epic fights and exhausting struggles, it may just be an easy movie night. For a really fun movie night marathon, Cheers spin-off Fraiser is a superb choice.

Dr. Fraiser Crane (Kelsey Grammer) moves back to Seattle from Boston to take care of his father (John Mahoney).

The bachelor is adjusting to life in the new city and things couldn’t be more complicated than the way he tends to sort issues out.

It is a great series for those having social anxiety as there are many situations that may be familiar to them. It is also a great show for introverts and people having a hard time because of aging.

You can watch Frasier online on Amazon Prime Video.

5| The Golden Girls

If you are looking for binge worthy fun and comforting TV Shows then Golden Girls are not just all that but superbly empowering.

The remarkable and funny 80’s show is not only for women though. Everyone can take away plenty for their whole lives, young, middle-aged and elderly people as well.

Four ladies move in together after being left alone. Rose (Betty White) and Blanche (Rue McClanahan) are widowed while Dorothy (Bea Arthur) recently divorced.

Dorothy’s energetic mother Sophia (Estelle Getty) needs no supervision but enjoys the company.

The four completely different ladies are not willing to give up, even if society at that time had different expectations from mid 40’s ladies.

Each of the characters is lively and thanks to their eccentricities there is not one boring moment.

The show brings up a lot of issues, such as how a woman’s sexuality is often being judged and women are commonly considered “old” over 40.

The wittiness and charm of this fantastic story of friendship and fresh starts is going to make a fabulous movie night.

You can watch The Golden Girls online on Amazon Prime Video.

4| Reaper

How would you take the news of your parents selling your soul to the devil? Well, it is quite a sensitive topic and Sam Oliver’s (Bret Harrison) life takes an unexpected turn on his 21st birthday.

Yes, his soul belongs to the ruler of hell and Sam has to be of his service from now on.

Becoming a bounty hunter for the devil poses some new challenges in a completely uncharted territory but thanks to his good friends Ben (Rick Gonzalez) and Bert (Tyler Labine) there is nothing he cannot cope with.

Reaper series is actually a superb show for young adults having trouble with changes in life and difficulties in the romantic field. Despite the fact that Sam is chasing hell fugitives he has plenty of relatable issues.

You are going to love this humorous binge-worthy TV show for sure. Reaper cast also includes Ray Wise, Missy Peregrym and Armie Hammer.

You can get Reaper Season 1 and 2 DVDs on Amazon or you can watch it online on Netflix.

3| Jane The Virgin

jane the virgin - comforting tv series

Jane The Virgin is an action-packed and hilarious romance drama with quirky, eccentric but highly relatable characters.

Its main story centers around a young Latina woman called Jane who gets accidentally artificially inseminated. From then on, Jane must grapple with laugh-out-loud funny and shocking life-changing surprises, make hard decisions, and overcome obstacles as she navigates her new life.

Jane The Virgin offers a range of compelling and important messages through its diverse characters. From family values, to female empowerment and relationships, the show is both relatable and powerful. Jane’s goofy nature manages to make even the most serious matters entertaining at times, enlightening the viewers with much needed doses of both humour and advice. As Jane navigates not just the extraordinary events that happen in her life, she also faces universal issues such as love, loss and career challenges.

You can watch Jane The Virgin on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

2| Eureka

Speaking of unique TV shows, we highly recommend putting Eureka on your shortlist for the next binge watch movie night.

Also known as ‘A Town Called Eureka’ is an entertaining and colorful series that deservedly went on for six seasons.

From the first episode when U.S. Marshall Jack Carter (Colin Ferguson) enters the mysterious town of Eureka by accident with his daughter Zoe (Jordan Danger) you will be hooked.

It is a government-funded town, where the world’s biggest minds are gathered to work freely on their inventions.

As you can imagine, things tend to go wrong and Carter is offered a job as town sheriff due to a series of (un)fortunate events.

Eureka series cast is quite strong thanks to the likes of Salli Richardson-Whitfield, Joe Morton and Erica Cerra. You are going to love it because there are so many different characters having their own strange problems to solve.

You can watch Eureka online on Amazon Prime Video.

1| Pushing Daisies

If you’re looking for a stunningly magical TV show to binge-watch then you should check out Pushing Daisies. Unfortunately, this remarkable series has only two seasons.

Bryan Fuller’s dreamy show is just great for so many reasons; the story is captivating, the visuals are unique while all the characters have their own personalities.

With beautiful dialogues, eccentric characters, and a truly one of kind visual world, this series will quickly become your new favorite.

We are following the loner pie maker Ned (Lee Pace), who has the special ability to bring the dead back to life with a touch while his second one will bring irreversible death. It comes for a price though; if left alive for longer than a minute, a similar creature will end up on the wrong side of the grass.

It is a fantastic binge-worthy show you will be sorry to have watched in a day wishing there were hundreds of more episodes.

This lovely show deals with the topics of death, love and helps those coping with the loss of a loved one.

The Pushing Daisies series cast is really memorable thanks to Kristin Chenoweth, Chi McBribe and Anna Friel.

You can watch Pushing Daisies online on Amazon Prime Video.

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