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Explore some of the best witchy and steampunk Halloween costumes for women and men. Beautiful Victorian Steampunk costumes and accessories for cosplay events and festivals.

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witchy and steampunk halloween costume ideas


Witchy & Steampunk Halloween Costumes for Women & Men

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Looking for your most epic steampunk Halloween costumes yet? You’re at the right place. We collected some of the most beautiful, handmade, and made-to-order steampunk costumes for men and women. You’ll find here stunning victorian steampunk costumes for women, beautiful steampunk coats, masks, wings, and crowns to make sure you’ll be this year’s queen of Halloween.

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However, you’ll also find here some really cool steampunk Halloween costume ideas for males too. We added to our list some of the most unique Steampunk masks and accessories that’ll make even the most simple costume look instantly memorable and alluring.

So, if you’re looking for unique steampunk cosplay items and accessories you should check out these products and their talented creators to turn your steampunk Halloween costume into something truly special. 

One of my favorite things is to mix and match steampunk with witchy and fairy Halloween costumes to create a truly eerie and unique look. It all depends on if you want an eerie, fun, or spicy Halloween costume.

29. Adult witch hat

Adult witch hat


Turn your favorite black dress into a witchy Halloween costume on a budget with the help of this beautiful witch hat for under $30.

This wide-brimmed hat is incredibly versatile, serving as both a classic black witch hat and a warlock hat. Whether it’s Halloween or a thrilling role-playing adventure, this handmade sorcerer hat has you covered. Explore a wide range of witch hat options in our online store and bewitch with style

28. Cape Velvet with Real Natural Gothic Feather Cape

Hooded Cloak


Do you want to go simple but still want to look amazing? Then this witchy gothic cloak is for you. With the right steampunk hat or mask, you can create something truly special.

This meticulously crafted ensemble offers convenience and mystique, with a handcrafted velvet cape designed for easy wearability and a striking feather shawl that adds vibrant allure to your outfit.

Whether you’re attending a gothic event or immersing yourself in supernatural character roles like vampires or witches, this cape and feather combo is your ticket to a captivating and unique look that sets you apart from the crowd.

27. Wednesday Addams Halloween Costume

Wednesday Addams Halloween Costume


Did the new Wednesday steal your heart too? You can find amazing Wednesday costume ideas for adults and Wednesday costumes for kids as well. Check out multiple shops because many of them have adult and plus size options too.

Thanks to these amazing costumes you can easily transform your little one or yourself into the iconic Wednesday Addams. This costume features the classic black dress and the signature braided pigtails, giving your child a spookily stylish look that’ll send chills down spines on Halloween night.

Meticulously crafted for comfort and durability, it’s the perfect choice for a bewitching evening of trick-or-treating. Just make sure to measure your child accurately for the perfect fit and get ready for a smile-inducing transformation.

26. Morticia Addams Dress Costume for Women

Morticia Addams Dress Costume for Women


The Morticia Addams Dress Costume for Women is your ticket to elegance and mystery this Halloween. Crafted from top-notch polyester, it’s comfy and long-lasting.

This vintage black dress boasts a seductive V-neck, alluring off-the-shoulder sleeves, and a slim fit that’ll turn heads. It’s not just for Morticia fans; you can morph into any dark character you fancy, from witches to vampires, and own the spotlight at any spooky gathering.

With a few steampunk accessories, you can turn this costume into something unique and become a steampunk witch queen.

25. Unique Witch Halloween Costume with Cape

Unique Witch Halloween Costume with Cape


The Unique Witch Halloween Costume with Cape is the ultimate fusion of steampunk and witchy charm, making it a top choice for those who want a bewitching yet unique Halloween look. Crafted from high-quality polyester, it offers both comfort and durability, ensuring you’ll feel fantastic all night long.

The striking black color and hooded cloak embrace the mystique of a witch, while the plain pattern keeps the focus on your captivating presence.

This costume is perfect for anyone seeking a spellbinding blend of elegance and darkness. To make it truly unique and infuse steampunk elements, accessorize with gear-shaped jewelry, pocket watches, or goggles.

It’s an ideal choice for those who want to effortlessly mix and match these two styles and become a mesmerizing steampunk witch, stealing the spotlight at Halloween parties and cosplay events.

24| Adult Sarah Sanderson Hocus Pocus Costume

Adult Sarah Sanderson Hocus Pocus Costume for steampunk lovers

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This brilliant and beautiful steampunk Halloween costume idea is on the budget since the whole costume costs less than $60 and is of great quality with amazing reviews. Thanks to its special design it’s a great choice for steampunk lovers who want to do something different for Halloween but still want to wear a corset and a costume that has a similar design to Steampunk with a bit more colors.


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You can, of course, check out all three sisters’ costumes and decide if you want to dress up as Winifred, Sarah, or Mary.


23| Sexy Steampunk Halloween Costume

Steampunk Halloween Costumes for adults

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This sexy and elegant steampunk costume has deep colors and a stylized hi-lo skirt with a dropped v waistline and sweetheart neckline. It’s a whole set so you’ll also get the gloves, a laced-up top hat with a sash, and decorative goggles when you buy this costume.

The only two things you’ll need are the additional volume with a hi-lo pettiskirt if you want it to be big and the boots. However, for under $50 it’s one of the best steampunk Halloween costume ideas on a budget that has really great reviews on Amazon.

22| Spike Black Crown With Chain

Spike Black Crown With Chain (Small)

Buy It On Etsy From $45

Looking for a spooky and epic accessory for your Victorian Steampunk costume? Why not go to this year’s Halloween party or Steampunk festival as the Queen of Steampunk. This stunning handmade black crown with chain-veil will surely make everyone bow down to you.

The length of the veil can be as long as you need and since it’s made to order you can request other changes as you may see fit. You can even change the color of the rhinestones in the veil if you want to.

21| Gothic Cosmos Moon Ring

Gothic Cosmos Moon Engagement Ring Set For Nerds (Small)

Buy It On Etsy From $695

Looking for a stunning accessory for your Victorian Steampunk Halloween costumes? Check out some of the most beautiful Victorian, vintage, and of course steampunk rings on Etsy. You can find beautiful rings for under $100. However, if you’re looking for more valuable rings or maybe even getting ready to pop the big question then you should also check out these unique engagement rings.

20| Victorian Steampunk Costume Black underbust Heavy Duty Corset & skirt

Victorian Steampunk Costume Black underbust Heavy Duty Corset (Small)

Buy It On Etsy From $89.99

Some of the best steampunk Halloween costumes for women are also great for any event. This elegant piece for example can be worn anywhere and anytime because it looks great and it’s comfortable. The corset may seem to be a little tight, but an experienced Victorian cosplayer knows it isn’t uncomfortable at all.

The costume comes with a high-quality underbust heavy-duty corset and a majestic wine and black damask skirt. The reason it is among the best steampunk Victorian costumes is that every bit is perfect in this set. Even in the pictures, it is clear that both pieces are of remarkable quality.

19| Victorian Steampunk Costume Corset with Black Bustle Skirt

Victorian Steampunk Costume Corset with Black Bustle Skirt (Small)

Buy It on Etsy From $89.99

Here is another one of the superb steampunk Halloween costumes that is going to wow everyone at the party. The corset looks fantastic with the metal clasps, we think it could also work as a goth costume with the black bustle skirt.

If you are looking for steampunk costumes for cosplay, with a number of cool accessories we included in our list of the best steampunk gifts will definitely look amazing. We love the taffeta skirt that is most definitely going to be your new favorite article of clothing.

18| Steampunk gas mask with goggles – Mad Max Inspired

Steampunk gas mask with goggles - Mad Max Inspired (Small)

Buy It on Etsy From $18.50

Can you imagine proper steampunk Halloween costumes without an awesome respirator mask and the good old goggles? Well, we certainly cannot and fortunately, with this fantastic combo, you don’t have to break the bank to create the coolest steampunk costumes for males as well as for women.

The best part is that you can order the mask in various colors including silver, copper, and black, but if you prefer gold, you are in the right spot. The goggles come in different colors and designs too, so feel free to personalize as you wish.

17| Horned Headpiece

Women's Horned Headpiece (Small)

Buy It On Etsy From $38.50

Although these beautiful headpieces feel like great accessories for fantasy Halloween costumes, we feel there could be some pretty amazing results if you think steampunk with them. Because steampunk is a versatile genre, you can come up with some eye-catching steampunk Halloween costumes for women and men as well. The manufacturer has men’s designs as well.

The women’s horns are remarkably beautiful, it is going to feel like wearing art on your head. You can order it in four colors, gold, black, silver, and rose-gold copper.

16| Steampunk biomechanical Wings

Steampunk biomechanical Wings (Small)

Buy It On Etsy From $150

Prepare to take everyone’s breath away with these stunning biomechanical wings that will step up your cosplay game. How many times have you imagined being the person with the most outstanding costume at conventions and Halloween parties? If you are looking for a truly unique addition to your steampunk cosplay costumes, then you are at the best place.

To top the fascinating style, you can request further personalization, so the color, shape, and design could really fit your taste. Once you order the wings of your dreams, there won’t be any steampunk Halloween costumes like yours.

15| Steampunk Goggles

Steampunk Goggles (Small)

Buy It On Etsy From $24.99

Every steampunk fan knows the goggles are inevitable accessories when it comes to planning the best steampunk costumes for cosplay. When every little detail matters, your goggles have to fit the picture and this eyewear is certainly a perfect addition.

You can order it in six different colors, so you can rest assured, there is something for you too. If you are on the way to the next retrofuturistic convention, do not forget the goggles that will help you put together the best steampunk cosplay costumes out there.

14| Steampunk Hat

Steampunk Hat (Small)

Buy It On Etsy From $24.95

When it comes to stylish steampunk Halloween costumes for women and men, one item should never be missed. A great hat will be the difference between a good and a great steampunk cosplay costume. Do not worry, Etsy has the answer to this burning question as well; this lovely hat has everything a steampunk hat has to offer.

The goggles and the cogs create a perfect vibe, while the feathers ensure you remain the most elegant in every room.

13| Steampunk Mask

Steampunk Mask for Men (Small)

Buy It On Etsy From $18.95

Are you attending a masquerade with your friends and you want to stand out of the crowd? Well, there is no better choice than this superb steampunk mask no one is going to be able to pass by without a word. It is certainly a great conversation maker at any Halloween party.

All steampunk Halloween costumes for males would look even more amazing thanks to this mask. We find it also to be a great accessory if you are invited to a Phantom of the Opera themed party this year.

12| Steampunk Masquerade Mask

Steampunk Masquerade Mask (Small)

Buy It On Etsy From $19.95

What we love about steampunk is that you can let your imagination soar and create truly unique costumes without having to obey all sorts of rules. With this full-face lace metal mask, your steampunk Halloween costume can step to the next level for sure.

The beautiful gold masquerade mask is definitely among the most remarkable accessories to steampunk Halloween costumes for women mixed with a little fantasy. The beautiful, yet somewhat intimidating piece is certainly going to help you stand out from any crowd.

11| Steampunk Halloween Costumes Wolf Mask

Steampunk Halloween Costumes Wolf Mask (Small)

Buy It On Etsy From $19.95

You cannot go wrong with this stunning silver wolf mask if you want to create a unique steampunk costume this year. There are many great steampunk Halloween costumes for males with animal masks, you can start creating your own with this piece.

The mask is actually quite lightweight, therefore you won’t have to worry about wearing it all night. If you want to assemble the coolest steampunk cosplay costumes with your friends, you can form a wolf pack for the next convention.

10| Victorian Steampunk Halloween Costumes Brown Corset With Skirt

Victorian Steampunk Halloween Costumes Brown Corset (Small)

Buy It On Etsy From $89.99

Can your closet take another fascinating steampunk dress? You will have to make room because we are sure you won’t be able to resist this beautiful brown taffeta skirt with the classic steampunk corset. When it comes to truly imaginative Victorian steampunk Halloween costumes for women, the best is to start with a quality and stylish corset and skirt combo.

They will sort of determine the direction you are heading to. Choose the right accessories and with this classic brown set, you are going to look breathtaking for sure.

9| Plague doctor Mask (Black & White)

Plague doctor Mask (Small)

Buy It On Etsy From $38.95

This spooky but stunning plague doctor mask is an excellent choice if you love this dark but fascinating part of history. Now that life is slowly getting back to normal, there is no way a steampunk cosplayer can attend a Halloween party without this creepy set.

There are no steampunk Halloween costumes that wouldn’t look even greater with this mask and hat. You can order it in various colors to match your cosplay outfit.

8| Black Lace Parasol

Black Lace Parasol (Small)

Buy It On Etsy From $61.99

Some say there are no perfect steampunk cosplay costumes for women without a lace parasol. We wouldn’t say that, however, if you would like to create a Victorian steampunk women costume, then it could look really great.

Naturally, it depends on your taste and style if a parasol is a good addition, but one thing is for sure; this black or white lace parasol looks great with any dress. Therefore, we are sure you can find good use for this beauty.

7| 3 pc Victorian Steampunk Black Corset & Skirt

3 pc Victorian Steampunk Black Corset (Sall)

Buy It On Etsy From $119.99

One of our favorite steampunk Halloween costumes for women is this three-piece beauty. The black corset with the brocade pattern, chains, and studs cannot look any cooler and more beautiful. The set comes with a short wine skirt that creates a breathtaking look with the long black skirt under it.

We are certain you are going to turn all heads at your next outing in this unique steampunk dress. Thanks to its design the dress might also be a great fit for goths and anyone who loves Victorian cosplay.

6| Victorian Steampunk Long Wine & Black Damask Dress

Victorian Steampunk Long Wine & Black Damask Dress (Small)

Buy It On Etsy From $124.99

Here is another stylish three-piece steampunk costume for women. In case you would like to be an absolute fan favorite at any gathering, this dress is certainly for you. There are only a few steampunk Halloween costumes for women that are so intricate.

We love the fairly simple, yet truly classy corset with the ribbon lacing. Not to mention the eye-catching wine and black damask skirt. You are only going to need a few extra items to create the perfect steampunk cosplay costume of your dreams

5| Steampunk brown corsage – Steampunk Halloween Costume

Steampunk brown corsage (Small)

Buy It On Etsy From $170

If you want to step up your corsage game, there is no better option than this authentic-looking faux leather corsage. Thanks to the stitching and the metal fittings, it seems to be the best addition to all steampunk Victorian costumes or even goth or fantasy outfits too.

The quality is outstanding, you can rest assured, this corsage is a long-term investment. Even if you prefer to wear pants instead of skirts, you are going to look amazing with this corsage.

4| Steampunk Brown Striped Tutu Skirt with Tulle

Steampunk Brown Striped Tutu Skirt with Tulle (Small)

Buy It On Etsy From $112.93

In case you are not fond of the Victorian steampunk costumes that can be fairly warm during summer, this one of a kind steampunk tutu is a great option for you. Since steampunk is the kind of cosplay that can be very flexible, you can go with any article and type of clothing that suits you best.

This tutu can be a fascinating addition to all steampunk Halloween costumes for women without a doubt. Every little detail is great on this tutu with the light tulle, we are sure you can’t wait to wear it as soon as it arrives.

3| Women steampunk Gothic teal green Brocade frock long coat

Women steampunk Gothic teal green Brocade frock long coat (Small)

Buy It On Etsy From $105.86

Once your order arrives, you are not going to take off this chic jacket for sure. Thanks to the beautiful tailoring and the complementing colors, no one is going to be able to resist ordering this beauty. The laced black lapels create a mystical vibe that would suit steampunk and goth lovers as well.

Although the cog buttons speak for themselves; this is a proper steampunk jacket for women. The long coat is perfect in every sense, get ready to wear it all year round with your favorite steampunk cosplay costumes.

2| Steampunk Plague doctor Mask with LED Lights

Steampunk Plague doctor Mask with LED Lights (Small)

Buy It On Etsy From $38.95

Who thought these plague doctor masks can be even cooler than they originally look? Well, if you would like to stand out of the crowd, then these LED-lit masks are definitely going to do the job. You can choose your favorite color for the LED so your mask will reflect on your personality. The mask itself can be ordered in three different colors, black, white, and silver.

These steampunk costume accessories can be personalized even further when ordering you can select the goggles’ color too. Furthermore, the seller has cool hats as well.

1| Steampunk leggings

Steampunk leggings (Small)

Buy It On Etsy From $39

Sometimes stylish isn’t enough, it is great to be practical too. When browsing for the best steampunk accessories to put together unique steampunk Halloween costumes for women, you have to think of keeping warm too. Fortunately, these ankle-to-thigh steampunk leg warmers are just as functional as cool-looking.

The laces can be placed in front or back and are non-slip. It’s really great item that would definitely be a great addition to any of the dresses and skirts we included in our list.

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