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49 Best Steampunk Gifts for Cosplayers & Fans

Looking for Steampunk gifts? Then you’re at the right place! Our guide to the best Steampunk gifts for cosplayers and fans has some amazing gift ideas you can get to your loved ones or yourself.

You’ll find here steampunk home decor ideas, steampunk goggles, and other steampunk costumes and things every cosplayer needs. No matter if you’re looking for thoughtful Valentine’s day gifts for steampunk lovers, a fun steampunky Christmas gift, or a truly unique steampunk birthday gift for him or her you’ll find here something special.

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You can explore creative and unique steampunk gifts on Amazon that you can get in a day or so. You don’t know how to create cosplays or a beautiful makeup? No problem, follow these courses and guides so you can learn it easily.

We’ll also have some great steampunk books and steampunk movies on this gift list that you can enjoy with the whole family.

No matter if you’re getting ready for your next festival, convention, Halloween, or just planning a fun movie night you’ll find here something that will make your time more memorable, fun, and one of a kind.

Creative & Fun Steampunk Gifts for Cosplayers & Steampunk Lovers

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14| Steampunk Games

There are some steampunk cosplayers and fans who enjoy watching shows, reading books and even play fun steampunk games. You can find truly amazing steampunk board games that will take you to a world of your dreams.

They make some of the best steampunk gifts Amazon has to offer. Some are very easily understandable so the whole family can play, while there are rather complex ones for advanced gamers.

There are superb steampunk video games that will get you hooked for a good several days. Just remember to take a meal break every once in a while.

You can also find imaginative steampunk toys, which are great to introduce your beloved world to the little ones in your family.

For a start, we love steampunk action figures, which guarantees fun for children. It’s a really fun steampunk gift for kids but it can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Square Enix DC Comics Variant Play Arts Kai Batman Action Figure (Steampunk Version) - steampunk gifts

If you’re a Batman and a steampunk fan then this Steampunk version of DC’s Batman action figure is just what you need. The Dark Knight has never looked steamier.

ROKR Marble Run 3D Wooden Puzzle Roller Coaster Mechanical Model Self Craft Deco Education Gift - best steampunk gifts

Are you someone who loves curiosities and enigmas? Then you should check out this fun and beautiful wooden puzzle roller that’s a mechanical model and is also a fantastic educational gift.

Mission Red Planet - steampunk board games

Mission: Red Planet is one of the most fascinating and fun steampunk board games on the market. It’s a whole lot of fun for steampunk lovers and general gamers too. If you love Steampunk board games you should also check out Dastardly Dirigibles Board Game and Steampunk Rally Board Game. These are fun for adults and younger gamers as well.

13| Steampunk Gear & Accessories

A true enthusiast will need all sorts of steampunk gear and Accessories. As you are browsing on the internet, a load of superb stuff can found that will make your appearance cooler.

Some people only wear or use those cool pieces at conventions or events. Although the truly devoted fans always display their love for the unique world.

So if you find something of your desires, such as Steampunk jewelry or a single piece of clothing, feel free to wear them all the time. Gear and accessories make excellent steampunk gifts for him and they can be used at home or at festivals.

Naturally, there are Steampunk Guns, Steampunk Airship, and other extremely awesome gear, that may suit better for gatherings. Nevertheless, it is up to your discretion to be yourself all the time. Don’t let others discourage you from being you.

Otherworld Steampunk Gun Blade Sword - steampunk gifts

If you want something elegant then you should go with this Steampunk Gun/Sword. It’s a perfect steampunk cosplay item that’s also unique and a perfect gift for him and her as well.

Veronese Design Hand Painted Steampunk Hot Air Balloon Fantasy Statue gifts for steampunk lovers

While getting a real-life steampunk hot air balloon would be a hoot we probably all have to settle for a model. Thankfully we can buy really beautiful, hand-painted ones that can be a price piece in any steampunk style room.

Leather Plague Doctor Mask Steampunk Bird Mask Long Beak Halloween Masquerade Party Costume Mask

A plague Doctor mask is probably one of the coolest and spookiest Steampunk cosplay accessories you can get. This black leather bird mask with a long beak is not only a perfect choice for a Halloween masquerade party or steampunk convention but the style is also historically accurate.

12| Steampunk Decor

Naturally, it is not only your appearance you can rethink to reflect on your personality and hobbies.

What would be more fun than having the home of your fantasy world? You can find fascinating Steampunk Art that will smuggle a piece of another world into your home. A beautiful piece is an excellent steampunk gift idea for her or him. 

If you want to take things to the next level, there are fantastic Steampunk Furniture to create the steampunk home decor of your dreams. With some small touches, or by going all out you can surely create the home of your desires.

Find some remarkable Steampunk Home decor for the bedroom, which is going to make you feel truly at home. With little DIY efforts or by shopping you can create a dreamy Victorian futurist bedroom.

Not to mention cool steampunk kitchen decor ideas, which turn your food sanctuary into something even more amazing. By using copper, and adding some touches to your design, you can quickly and easily create your own space.

There are no better design elements than steampunk lighting and lamps because they can create the vibe really easily. With near to non-effort your home is a whole new world.

Once stepping outside the house, a superb steampunk garden design can make a huge difference. It will definitely stand out of the neighborhood, while even the little ones could enjoy it.

Industrial Barstool Solid Wood Water Pipe Fire Hydrant steampunk home decor ideas

If you’re looking for Steampunk home decor ideas then you should check out these barstools with a pipe fire hydrant. They look amazing and would make a great addition to any bar or kitchen. 

Industrial Bookshelf Pipe Shelves steampunk shelves

These fun and beautiful industrial bookshelves with pipes would give any room a steampunk vibe instantly. With their elegant vintage vibe, they make an excellent choice.

Industrial Table Lamp with USB Charging Port

This charming industrial table lamp has a USB charging port and is a great choice if you need a steampunk lamp for your nightstand or desk.

Sauder Boulevard Café Credenza steampunk home decor ideas

If you want to give a steampunk style to your living room you should check out this stunning Sauder Boulevard Café Credenza with a vintage oak finish. It’s sturdy, stylish, and has major steampunk vibes.

FirsTime & Co. Factory Cart Coffee Accent Table steampunk home decor ideas

This charming vintage cart coffee accent table is every steampunk lovers’ dream. It can make any home look more stylish and fun the moment it gets there.

Excello Global Products Industrial Toilet Paper Holder with Rustic Wooden Shelf and Cast Iron Pipe Hardware for Bathroom steampunk home decor ideas

This industrial toilet paper holder with a rustic wooden shelf and a cast iron pipe is the perfect accessory for your bathroom. It doesn’t require a lot of investment but it’s unique and elegant.

Diguo Belgian Belgium Luxury Royal Family Balance Syphon Coffee Maker

Steampunk and coffee lover? Then this stunning Diguo Belgian luxury royal family balance syphon coffee maker is what you should check out. It doesn’t only look amazing but it can also make you great coffee in the morning.

Iron Hill Three-Light Indoor Island Pulley Pendant

If you want a steampunk lamp you should check out this Iron Hill Three-Light that’s a perfect indoor island lamp for any steampunk lover. It’s elegant and a great fit for kitchens and living rooms. It can also make a great steampunk housewarming gift.

Ebros The Call Of Cthulhu Octopus Salt And Pepper Shaker

Give your salt and pepper display steampunk style. This ‘The Call Of Cthulhu’ octopus salt and pepper shaker will do the trick without a doubt. 

11| Steampunk cosplay subscription box

There is nothing better than receiving little surprises every month. Imagine feeling like Christmas every month! You can either set the subscription up for yourself or give it to your loved one as a present.

There are fantastic goodies coming to your door every month, which will perfect your outfit. It is also great to give you some inspiration, even if you haven’t even been thinking of making any changes.

You could be receiving some cosplay must-have items, which are always useful in case you are a regular cosplayer.

A steampunk cosplay subscription box is definitely a great present but do not be shy and surprise yourself too.

Another World Escapes steampunk box

Unfortunately, there aren’t many steampunk subscription boxes at the moment. However, we did find ‘Another World Escapes’. They send hand-selected SFF novels with a themed high quality bath product (bath bombs, bubble bath, bath salts etc) and 2-3 complimentary treats such as candles, sweets, teas or other self care products. They promise an ‘immersive hour escape from the everyday’. Sounds great, right?

10| Cosplay Makeup Kit

Cosplay makeup is undeniably among the things every cosplayer needs. You can find outstanding kits to perfect your outlook. Quality is very important when it comes to cosplay makeup.

First of all, you have to make sure they are not harming your skin, healthy, preferably natural ingredients are important. Secondly, if you are going to a convention or a gathering, it has to last and endure different conditions.

For instance, if you get caught in a rain or it’s boiling hot, things can go wrong.

Your makeup cannot be ruined at the beginning of the day or at any time for that matter. So a good makeup kit is definitely on every cosplay wish list.

SHANY All In One Harmony Makeup Kit - Ultimate Color Combination steampunk makeup kit

If you’re new to Steampunk Makeup and cosplaying then you will need an all in one makeup kit. This Shany Harmony ultimate color combination kit is just what you need.

Steampunk Gothic Eye Decals

Not into makeup but want to do something special? Then these Steampunk gothic eye decals are for you. They’re easy to use and will give any steampunk cosplay a unique touch.

Woochie 3D FX Makeup Kit - Professional Quality Halloween Costume Makeup

Are you looking for something pro? Then you should check out the Woochie 3D FX Makeup Kit. It’s a professional-quality kit that’s perfect if you want to create your own Halloween Costume Makeup or Steampunk festival look.

9| Steampunk Books

If you are looking to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of the Victorian futurism, pick up a good book. We have also collected some of the best steampunk books you can find nowadays.

Reading is fun and reading about your favorite genre to get lost in your imagination is a great experience.

In our collection, you can find action, romance, and other steampunk books that invite you on an unforgettable journey.

For newcomers to the genre, you are about to embark on an adventure you hope to never end. The world-building and the story are so captivating you are about to be hooked for life.

steampunk book - steampunk bible

The Steampunk Bible by Jeff VanderMeer and S. J. Chamber. Jeff VanderMeers’s name sounds familiar since he wrote many amazing steampunk books including this detailed and gorgeous Steampunk Bible. If you want to give a Steampunk Book as a gift you can not go wrong with this one.

The Art of Fantasy, Sci-fi, and Steampunk by Hiroshi Unno steampunk books

The Art of Fantasy, Sci-fi, and Steampunk by Hiroshi Unno. Do you want to learn more about Steampunk while enjoying stunning art? Then this book is for you. It can also make a beautiful and thoughtful gift for anyone who enjoys steampunk.

1,000 Steampunk Creations Neo-Victorian Fashion, Gear, and Art by Dr. Grymm (Author), Barbe Saint John (Contributor) steampunk books (Small)

1,000 Steampunk Creations: Neo-Victorian Fashion, Gear, and Art by Dr. Grymm (Author), Barbe Saint John (Contributor). Do you want to explore the curious creations of the steampunk world? Pick up this excellent read and get lost in the steamy and wonderous world of steampunk.

8| Steampunk Movies

The next step after picking up a good book is to watch some great steampunk movies. You can find a pretty good collection of fantastic movies that bring that remarkable world into your home.

To boost the movie night experience, you can find cool steampunk items for sale online. A few great steampunk films are available on Netflix so you are in for a good time for sure. You can watch amazing movies like ‘Sleepy Hollow’, or the amazing  ‘The Adventures of Baron Munchausen’ from 1988.

The City of Lost Children (1995) steampunk movies

The City of Lost Children is a weird and wonderful creation from 1995 by the brilliant French film director  Jean-Pierre Jeunet. It’s a classic steampunk film for adults that will take you places you’ve never been before.

The Fabulous World of Jules Verne (1958) steampunk movies (Small)

Even if you’re not into steampunk you’ve probably heard about the world-famous writer Jules Verne. ‘The Fabulous World of Jules Verne’ is one of the oldest steampunk movies (from 1958) and will make an amazing gift to any occasion.

Howl’s Moving Castle (2004) steampunk movies (Small)

Howl’s Moving Castle from 2004 is your go-to steampunk movie if you want to enjoy a movie night with people who don’t like steampunk or with smaller kids. It’s considered one of the greatest animated movies ever. It’s beautiful with a great story and was created by the one and only Hayao Miyazaki.

7| Steampunk Collectibles

There are no better steampunk gifts for him and her UK and US-wide than awesome collectibles. A true enthusiast can never have enough cool showpieces.

They make great decor items while making their new owners proud of the new addition to their sanctuary. Some may even increase in value as time passes so could be considered as an investment too.

These fantastic collector’s items can double as steampunk wedding gifts as well. Would anything else be so unique? Unless it’s on the registry, you are about to gift a true surprise.

By little research, you can find steampunk items for sale online, but we collected a few superb options for you.

Steampunk Giant Kraken Octopus Marauder Statue steampunk collectibles

The one thing you can not miss from a steampunk collection is a Kraken/octopus. This Steampunk giant Kraken/octopus Marauder statue is a fun and perfect steampunk gift that’s also on a budget. 

5 Sundial Compass Solid Brass Sun Dial steampunk collectibles

Looking for something unique and affordable? This 5″ Sundial compass is something you should check out.

London 1920 Marine Collectible Décor Nautical Spyglass steampunk collectibles

If you’re looking for a special steampunk collectible you should consider this London 1920 Marine Collectible Décor nautical spyglass. It can be a great steampunk home decor item and can double as a fun steampunk cosplay item.

6| Steampunk Watch – Steampunk Clock

Even steampunk fanatics want to know the time, therefore steampunk watches or clocks make great presents. There are some really amazing designs, which look great, probably not only lovers of the genre will adore them.

Watches are the number one accessories that can be a game-changer. When it comes to steampunk gifts for him in the UK or USA, timepieces are number one.

You can find steampunk pocket watches as well, which surely stand out of the crowd. Don’t think of children’s toys when talking about Victorian science fiction designs.

No, they can be very high quality, elegant items, so you can even consider wearing them with a suit. 

Steampunk clocks are surely perfect for creating a home design that reflects on your passion. If you’re looking for a unique and beautiful Valentine’s day steampunk gift for her or him you might want to consider going for one of these.

ThinkGeek Steampunk-Styled Tesla Analog Watch

You can easily make your day-look more steampunk style with this elegant Steampunk-Styled Tesla analog watch. Of course, it could make a stunning gift as well.

Nixie Tube Clock with New and Easy Replaceable IN-14 Nixie Tubes steampunk clock

This nixie tube clock with new and easy replaceable tubes has a motion sensor, it looks amazing and comes with gift packaging. If you want a unique steampunk clock then this is a great choice.

Wrought Iron Antique-Look Brown Round Wall Hanging Double Sided Two Faces Retro Station Clock steampunk clock

Do you prefer a classic steampunk look? Then you should check out this wrought iron antique-look wall hanging retro station clock. This beautiful steampunk clock will make an excellent gift and can give a unique look to any home.

5| Steampunk Shirts & Clothing

Some of the easiest, yet coolest steampunk gifts Amazon can offer are steampunk shirts and clothing. Naturally, some of the dresses, clothes are cosplay must-haves, because they can make a huge difference.

Good quality and great looking clothes will up your cosplay game without a doubt.

You can, of course, buy simpler t-shirts and items that simply showcase your hobby. However, for true steampunkers, some of the clothes are definitely going to be on their cosplay wish list.

To gather some inspiration on how to appear on the next convention, take a look at great shirts and outfits.

Women Stand-Up Collar Lotus Ruffle Shirts Blouse - victorian steampunk shirt

No matter if you’re looking for a shirt for a man or a woman you can not go wrong with an elegant ruffle shirt. It’s not only a great cosplay item but you can wear it on more casual occasions as well without drawing too much attention to yourself. 

Women's Hooded Wool Blend Cape Coat with Vintage Embroidery steampunk coat

This beautiful hooded wool-blend cape coat has vintage embroidery and is a perfect choice for any steampunk lover who enjoys elegant but unique clothing.

Handmade Black Lace Parasol Umbrella steampunk style

A beautiful parasol is a must-have item in any steampunk closet. This handmade lace parasol will make an excellent addition to an elegant steampunk look.

Steampunk Cosplay must-have items

There is no outstanding cosplay ensemble without some of the most important pieces. For ladies, an outstanding steampunk corset can go a long way.

It surely helps you stand out from the crowd without any extra effort. Steampunk boots are definitely among the must-haves, so don’t give up on finding the perfect match for you.

The cherry on the cake are steampunk hats. They are incredibly cool and make a huge difference when it comes to standing out of the crowd.

Both for ladies and gents, there are superb options to either create or buy. It’s a really fun and unique steampunk Christmas gift idea for him and her.

Charmian Women's Steampunk Spiral Steel Boned Vintage Retro Corset Tops Bustier

Corsets… Women either hate or adore them. This Charmian Steampunk spiral steel boned corset is a beautiful piece. It can make a great gift just make sure that the recipient enjoys wearing corsets before you buy.

Deluxe Velvet 4.25 Inch Steampunk Top Hat with Removable Goggles

A proper top hat is another must-have steampunk item no matter if you’re a lady or a gent. This deluxe velvet Steampunk top hat is affordable and the goggles are removable.

Ellie Shoes Women's 181-Silas Combat Boot (Small)

Steampunk boots are more pricey but they’re long term investments and can not only make your cosplay look better but your everyday style more unique too.

4| Steampunk Glasses (Steampunk Goggles)

Here are the steampunk gifts for cosplayers and fans that are things every cosplayer needs. There is no complete dress without this accessory.

Probably everyone thinks of this first because there are no real steampunk characters without them. Yes, we are talking about steampunk glasses or goggles. Imagine visiting a convention and being the only person without goggles.

What a disaster. So to avoid disappointments, probably the first item one needs is a cool looking cover for your eyes.

You can find pieces made of very good quality materials, so they last long and actually seem genuine.

Probably steampunk sunglasses are the most iconic cosplay accessories you can find.

UMBRELLALABORATORY Steampunk Victorian Style Goggles with Compass Design, Colored Lenses & Ocular Loupe (Small)

The Umbrella Laboratory has this stunning Steampunk Victorian style goggles with a compass design, colored blue lenses and an ocular loupe. It’s a perfect choice for women and men too. 

KOLCY Spiked Steampunk Goggles Double Ocular Loupe Welding Punk Gothic Glasses (Small)

These spiked Steampunk goggles with double ocular loupe are perfect choice for those who love their Steampunk style with a bit more punk flair. 

Hobart 770096 Welding Oxy-Acetylene Goggle - 50mm Eye Cup

Classic and elegant. This Oxy-Acetylene goggle is a perfect choice for those who love simple and minimalist designs.

Steampunk Gifts for those creatives who enjoy making their own cosplay

3| Steampunk Cosplay Supplies

Without the proper materials, there are no head-turner DIY cosplay costumes. Because a remarkable piece is much more than just cosplay makeup.

You can find pretty creative ideas online to realize your dream outfit. It can be quite revealing that often you don’t have to buy stuff that is originally meant to be used for steampunk cosplay.

There are many materials that can be re-purposed for your needs. Obviously, the easiest if you order things that are created with intention of becoming part of a cool costume.

Our favorites are high-quality pieces that will serve perfectly. You can make your next Halloween costume or prepare for the upcoming convention.

EVA Foam cosplay making

You may not know this (yet) but EVA foam is a must-have item for any cosplay maker. It’s a must-have item and your loved one will be extremely happy to get some of it. It’s a great gift even though it may not look like one.

steampunk cosplay tools

A rotary tool is a great gift for any cosplay maker. A good quality rotary tool is an excellent gift. Rotary tools are necessary but more pricey so if you can afford to get a Dremel 4300-5/40 High-Performance Rotary tool kit you should because it’s most cosplay makers dream rotary tool kit.

3M Safety 142-6100 6000 Series, Small Reusable Half Face Mask Respirator

Safety first! This small reusable half respirator is a great choice if you don’t have one yet. It’s a must-have item since you’ll be working with dangerous stuff including paint and glue. It’s also an affordable item which makes it even better.

2| Steampunk Cosplay Storage

Your next best friend is going to be your place and carrier that stores your costumes and makes transporting easier.

We have collected some amazing steampunk cosplay storage ideas, that aren’t just practical but cool too.

Personalize your carrier boxes and create a space for the outfits to rest where you really feel inspired. A good cosplay costume starts with an amazing looking steampunk closet.

You can go as easy on the design as you wish, but there are so many ideas, you may not be able to hold back. Then just simply go all out and let your imagination soar.

Household Essentials 9243-1 Large Vintage Decorative Home Storage Trunk steampunk storage

This stunning piece is truly a steampunk household essential.  It’s large and with its beautiful vintage decor, it makes excellent storage. You can just fill it with your cosplay supplies and then leave it in any room.

SLPR Alexander Wooden Chest steampunk storage

These beautiful wooden chests easily make decorative storages in any steampunk home. Just fill these trunks with your supplies and use them as home decor.

Signature Design by Ashley - Kettleby Storage Trunk - Rustic - Brown 3

This rustic storage trunk is the perfect choice for those who like more minimalistic and elegant design but with a steampunk vibe. It looks beautiful, it’s sturdy, and can make an excellent addition to any room’s design.

1| Steampunk Cosplay Tutorial Books or Online Course

Nothing happens just by the snap of the fingers. To became a master of the cosplay world, you can get some help.

Probably the best to create your cosplay wish list is to study the whole thing first. That will help you decide how and what to create for yourself, to perfectly match your personality. There are also courses, where you can get tremendous help from pros.

This way, you are going to become a pro yourself, which makes planning and executing much easier. If you want to impress others at gatherings and conventions, become a true master.

There is no better way than doing your research and learning about the world of steampunk cosplay.

Steampunk & Cosplay Fashion Design & Illustration

Steampunk & Cosplay Fashion Design & Illustration is a perfect book if you want to learn more about Neo-Victorian costumes and accessories. It’s filled with more than 50 ideas and will help you learn how to design clothing on your own.

Lessons in Cosplay - Making Steampunk Arms

SkillShare has plenty of amazing online courses and one of them is ‘Lessons in Cosplay – Making Steampunk Arms’. If you want to learn more about steampunk cosplay you should check out this online course.

Steampunk Adult Coloring Book

This fun and beautiful steampunk coloring book is a perfect choice for adults and kids. It can help you learn more about steampunk designs and style and can help you practice your drawing skills that can come handy when you do your own makeup or create your steampunk costume.

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