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Explore some of the darkest, twistiest, and spiciest mystery romance books and read the most popular modern and new romantic suspense novels as well as must-read classic mystery romance stories.

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best mystery romance books

Twisted Mystery Romance Books

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Venture into the captivating realm of mystery romance books, where passion intertwines with puzzles. Here you can explore the best-rated and most intriguing classic, modern, and new mystery romance novels. Each one is a delightful cocktail of love and enigma – a concoction that never fails to enthrall readers.

These captivating romance books fall into the mystery genre because they beautifully fuse romantic entanglements with brain-teasing conundrums. They’re not your typical sweet love stories; instead, they delve into the suspenseful and thrilling side of romance.

Embark on a literary journey through the most engrossing mystery romance books, an incredible mix of the amorous and the enigmatic. You’ll discover timeless classic whodunits spiced up with romantic threads, and you’ll also get to explore contemporary mystery romance books, highlighting the modern face of this genre.

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Our list also features popular and classic mystery romance novels that are pillars in the genre for their effortless amalgamation of mysterious elements with enthralling romance, creating a suspenseful ambiance you’ll thoroughly enjoy.

But the world of mystery romance isn’t confined to the classics. A wave of fresh, new mystery romance novels are making their mark, crafting narratives that delve into the mysteries of the human heart.

For those who crave a darker narrative, explore murder mystery books with romance as well as noir romance books that merge the grit and suspense of noir tales with the allure of romance. For readers who enjoy a good thrill, suspense romance books will keep you on your toes, delivering a flurry of emotions with every unexpected twist.

So, whether you’re on the hunt for the latest mind-bending romances or the most intriguing classic crime or gothic love stories, you’ll find here what you’re looking for.

Crimson River by Devney Perry

Crimson River by Devney Perry - mystery romance books

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Published: June 2023


Crimson River is a thrilling tale of mystery and romance set in a small town. When workaholic Lyla Eden stumbles upon a man with bloodied hands in a stream, her life takes an unexpected turn.

Then she meets the ruggedly handsome ex-cop Vance Sutter, whose interest in Lyla is as palpable as the mystery surrounding the scarred man. As the chemistry ignites between Lyla and Vance, they embark on a journey to uncover the truth.

Crimson River is one of the most engaging new mystery romance books that combines suspense, intrigue, and love, capturing the essence of small-town charm with an edge of danger.

The Bride Wore White by Amanda Quick


The Bride Wore White by Amanda Quick - mystery romance novel

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Published: May 2023


The Bride Wore White is one of the most thrilling paranormal mystery romance novels that unravels the gripping tale of Prudence Ryland, a psychic on the run. When her job as Madame Ariadne places her in the crosshairs of a ruthless client, she finds herself framed for murder in a coastal town named Burning Cove.

It’s a race against time as Prudence teams up with the enigmatic and possibly dangerous Jack Wingate to clear her name. The tension escalates as the line between trust and suspicion blurs.

The Bride Wore White is a captivating blend of suspense, romance, and supernatural elements, this book makes a thrilling addition to any mystery romance lover’s collection.

Identity by Nora Roberts

Identity by Nora Roberts - new mystery romance book

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Published: May 2023


Identity is a suspenseful romance book featuring Morgan Albright, an army brat-turned-bartender whose life shatters when her roommate is murdered by a deceptive con man named Gavin.

As Morgan battles to reclaim her life and identity after a devastating identity theft, she finds herself caught between her past and an uncertain future. This twisty story is set against the backdrop of a friendly neighborhood near Baltimore and the tranquil landscapes of Vermont, this compelling narrative weaves a web of mystery, romance, and the struggle for self-recovery.

Identity is a thought-provoking suspense romance novel that captures the heart of resilience and the power of new beginnings in the face of tragedy.

Beyond the Thistles by Samantha Young

Beyond the Thistles by Samantha Young - single mom book with romance

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Published: May 2023


Experience a riveting blend of suspense and romance in Beyond the Thistles. Welcome Walker Ironside, a Scottish bodyguard carrying a bag of haunting memories, and Sloane Harrow, a resilient single mom hiding from a dangerous past.

Finding themselves in the small Scottish Highlands village of Ardnoch, their lives intersect in the most unexpected ways. While Walker battles his demons, Sloane tries to win him over with her irresistible cupcakes and treats.

But as a shadowy figure threatens Sloane’s newfound peace, Walker must confront his darkest fears.

This touching mystery romance story is also a great choice for readers who love single-mom romance books.

Beyond the Thistles takes its readers on a thrilling roller-coaster ride thanks to its suspenseful story.

The Shifting Current by Dani Pettrey

The Shifting Current by Dani Pettrey - susepenseful mystery romance book

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Published: May 2023


The Shifting Current is a riveting suspense romance where love battles lethal odds. Follow Coast Guard Agent Logan Perry and teammate Emmy Thorton as they unravel a murder mystery in the quaint town of Cauldron Creek.

Their investigation quickly spirals into a dangerous labyrinth of deceit, with a killer hot on their heels. Amidst the thrill, an unspoken attraction simmers between them, adding a layer of tender complexity to their perilous journey.

The Shifting Current takes its readers on a heart-pounding adventure and will keep them guessing until the very end, as Emmy and Logan’s budding love story fights for survival in the face of deadly threats.

Drowning by T.J. Newman

Drowning by T.J. Newman - suspense mystery romance book

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Drowning plunges readers into an adrenaline-fueled race against time. When Flight 1421 crashes into the Pacific and sinks, twelve passengers find themselves trapped in the wreckage, including engineer Will Kent and his daughter, Shannon.

On the surface, an elite rescue team led by a professional diver and estranged wife, Chris Kent, launches a daring operation. This edge-of-your-seat thriller grapples with survival, family ties, and a seemingly impossible rescue mission. In this perilous world, time is fleeting and air even more so.

Drowning is a heart-stopping suspenseful novel with emotional depth, exploring a family’s desperate fight for survival against incredible odds.

Winter’s Mourn by Mary Stone

Winter's Mourn by Mary Stone - modern mystery romance book

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Published: April 2019


Winter’s Mourn by Mary Stone is an exhilarating ride into the world of an FBI special agent, Winter Black. Thrust into a specialized team focused on human trafficking, her first case uncovers chilling connections to a long-lost victim’s family and her own traumatizing past.

Balancing her complicated personal life and relentless pursuit for justice, Winter finds her redemption may come at a hefty cost.

Winter’s Mourn is an intense mystery romance, blending relentless suspense with the haunted echoes of past trauma.

Verity by Colleen Hoover

Verity by Colleen Hoover - popular mystery romance bok

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Published: December 2018


Colleen Hoover’s Verity follows the story of a struggling writer Lowen Ashleigh after she is given a chance to finish an established author’s novel series due to the author’s incapacity.

But when Lowen uncovers the author’s hidden autobiography, she finds herself drawn into a chilling narrative that blurs fiction with reality, testing her morality and sparking a dangerous attraction to the author’s grieving husband.

In 100 words: Verity is a masterfully woven mystery-romance that pushes boundaries, posing a thrilling blend of unorthodox romance and sinister undertones.

Verity is one of the most popular suspenseful romance books packed with chilling revelations that will keep you questioning what is real and what isn’t.

The Witness by Nora Roberts

The Witness by Nora Roberts - classic mystery romance books

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Published: April 2012


The Witness is a thrilling blend of suspense and romance and it follows the life of Elizabeth, a prodigy turned rebellious teen who witnesses a crime, leading her into the witness protection program.

Years later, she’s living under a new identity as Abigail in a quiet town, where she falls for the local police chief, Brooks Gleason. As their love blossoms, her past threatens to catch up with her.

The Witness is a gripping tale of suspenseful romance that masterfully intertwines a life on the run, a burgeoning love, and a haunting past. In a sentence: It’s a captivating story about a woman finding love while fighting to escape her past.

Mr. Perfect by Linda Howard

Mr. Perfect by Linda Howard - classic mystery romance book

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Published: August 2000


Mr. Perfect weaves humor, mystery, and romance in one captivating narrative. It starts when four friends jokingly create a list of qualities for the ‘perfect man’, which becomes viral and deadly when one of them is murdered.

Marlie, one of the friends, teams up with Detective Dane, an unlikely but irresistible ally, to unravel the mystery. This 100-word summary encapsulates its essence:

Mr. Perfect combines sizzling romance, unexpected humor, and chilling suspense, as a light-hearted list of ‘perfect man’ traits turns deadly, leading to a thrilling quest for truth. In a single sentence: A riveting tale where love and danger mix in a deadly cocktail of suspense.

Naked in Death by J.D. Robb

Naked in Death by J.D. Robb - steamy mystery romance book

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Published: July 1995


Naked in Death introduces us to the futuristic world of Lieutenant Eve Dallas, a tough and competent New York police detective. When a high-profile murder case lands on her desk, she finds herself drawn to Roarke, a charming Irish billionaire who happens to be her prime suspect.

Naked in Death is one of the steamiest mystery romance books that blend futuristic murder mystery and smoldering romance, where a hardened detective finds her heart ensnared by her prime suspect.

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte - classic mystery romance book

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Published: October 1847


Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte is a classic romantic mystery tale that has captivated readers since its release in 1847. The story is about Jane Eyre, a young woman with a difficult past, who becomes a governess at Thornfield Hall.

There, she meets the enigmatic and darkly handsome Mr. Rochester. But as their relationship develops, Jane is haunted by strange occurrences in the house, hinting at a mysterious and disturbing secret that could shatter her dreams of love and happiness.

This suspenseful romance novel is a great choice for readers who love historical fiction books and are looking for thought-provoking and entertaining stories about resilience and love.

Jane Eyre is one of the most popular classic mystery romance books that beautifully blends romance, mystery, and Gothic elements in a story about a woman’s quest for love and independence.

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