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Best Medieval Festivals in Europe, USA, & Australia

Visit the most exciting medieval festivals and fairs around the world and make your holiday even more memorable and fun. You can find these unique festivals happening all over Europe, the USA, & Australia. Visit huge festivals with plenty of activities and stay for days while glamping.

But there are also smaller more family-friendly medieval festivals too, where you can still dress up in your favorite medieval costume and enjoy a special day out with friends and family. In case you’re into history especially the middle ages then you’ll be a fan of these festivals since they will immerse you in the medieval time period with stunning costumes, shows, music, food, and all sorts of period-accurate activities.

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If you really want to make the experience special choose one that takes place in a castle where you can truly feel like you’ve just traveled not only in space but in time as well.

What are the medieval festivals and why are they still happening?

Medieval festivals are held for the curious and enthusiastic who would like to get a better feel of the middle ages. They are organized to gather the like-minded, who would like to play games and take part in challenges while often dressing up in authentic wear.

It was a dark but fairytale-like time period that’s entertaining and fun to re-create… or at least some parts of it.

What holidays were celebrated in medieval times?

Most festivals in medieval times were religious or something related to the country’s history, however, the biggest celebrations were held in honor of the royal family.

Some of these elements are still a part of the medieval festival celebrations.

What did they eat and drink in medieval times?

Food meant very different things for people in the middle ages. Royals and the nobles got to eat a lot of fruit, meat, and even cheese.

The poor on the other hand, barely seen luxurious foods like what the royals feasted on. They mostly ate eggs, beans, cabbage, and rye bread.

Most common drinks were ales and beers. In the southern parts of Europe, the wine was much more common. Milk was often reserved for the younger members of the family.

Do not worry, at these medieval festivals and fairs you will be able to taste the finest meals the royals had back then.

The best Medieval Festivals in Europe

18| El Alamo Medieval fair (Community of Madrid), Spain

Image ©  – via Twitter by Teresa Larraz Mora

El Alamo is one proud municipality when it comes to history. This beautiful area that can be found in close proximity to Madrid hosts one of the most lively medieval festivals in Spain.

If you are a fan of the medieval times, plan a visit between the 1st and 3rd of May to Madrid.

Experience the vibrant life of a medieval market, try traditional bites and take home some great souvenirs.

There are tireless street performers including musicians, jesters, and actors to keep the fun going for twelve hours every day. It is great fun for children and adults as well; there are workshops and games for all ages.

The El Alamo Medieval fair was one of the most beloved medieval festivals Europe offered.

17| Provins Medieval Festival, France

Image © – via Facebook by Jean-François LEROUX

Provins Medieval Festival is one of the longest-running medieval festivals in France and in Europe as well. It was held every year since 1984 in the beautiful town of Provins.

You can hit two birds with one stone as the hosting town is also a UNESCO world heritage site, so it is a great destination for UNESCO travelers as well.

 This colorful medieval festival attracts tourists, enthusiasts, and performers from all over Europe and the world.

If you have the chance to visit, you are in for a fantastic experience, just like traveling back in time.

Make sure you book your flight and accommodation in time as it tends to be a very popular and spectacular medieval festival in France. For more info and tickets visit Provins Medieval Festival’s official site.

16| Chesterfield Medieval Market, England, UK

Image © – chesterfieldpost

If you are planning a summer visit to the UK, make sure you don’t miss the Chesterfield Medieval Fun Day. Chesterfield is easy to reach from Sheffield, and the major cities of the Midlands such as Liverpool, Manchester, and Birmingham.

For those, who have been watching all those knight movies, one of the most popular medieval festivals in the UK will be a great experience. You can watch knights duel for glory and for the heart of the market’s beauty.

You can get an up-close on medieval armors and weapons. You can buy some great souvenirs from the English dark ages.

If you are a huge fan of medieval fairs, then this fun day in Chesterfield will be a great addition to your collection of fond memories.

15| Monteriggioni di Torri si Corona Medieval Fair, Italy

Image © – FotoA via Facebook

If you weren’t yet convinced about Tuscany, this Italian medieval fair will most certainly put this beautiful area of Italy on your bucket list.

The crowning festival was one of the greatest medieval festivals Europe has seen. It is a fantastic experience and luckily it lasts longer. There are two three-day festivals at the beginning of July. 

Monteriggioni di Torri si Corona is certainly one of the most exciting medieval festivals in Italy. You can rent your own costume and even participate in performances if you wish.

When entering the festival, you can contact the organizer team and request to be included.

The festival takes place in the amazing Monteriggioni Castle, which also hosts a number of fascinating medieval events throughout the year.

It is easily accessible from Siena, about 20 minutes by car. For more info visit the Monteriggioni di Torri si Corona festivals’ official site.

14| Medieval Festival in Briones, Spain

Image © – riojaactual

South of Bilbao in La Rioja region awaits one of the best medieval festivals in Spain.

With an attendance of over 50,000 people over two days, the Briones medieval festival was one of the most popular European medieval festivals and fairs.

Prepare for the best two days of your middle ages themed travel in Spain. There are excellent actors and performers who will bring the dark ages to life again.

It is a great family program with all sorts of activities and shows that will make a perfect memory for everyone.

13| England’s Medieval Festival at Herstmonceux, England, UK

Image © – herstmonceux-castle

Only a couple of hours’ drive from London you can get a real medieval experience with tough-looking knights and heroes.

Among the largest medieval festivals in England, this is a must-visit gathering of the middle ages fanatics. Hosted by the majestic Herstmonceux Castle, you can participate in all sorts of trials and games while feasting on traditional hearty dishes.

Make sure to make arrangements in time before all the tickets and accommodation is gone for the event taking place between 29th and 31st August. As the weather is usually quite pleasant at this time of the year, a fairly large turnout is expected.

For more info and tickets visit Herstmonceux Castle’s official site.

12| Tewkesbury Medieval Festival, Tewkesbury, United Kingdom

Image © – visitgloucester

For history lovers, this is among the favorite medieval festivals the UK has to offer for sure.

It is the re-enactment of the Tewkesbury battle that played a significant role in the war of roses in 1471. You can bring your own medieval outfit, or rent one beforehand to be part of the bloodshed.

Of course, no one expects actual blood to be spilled, do not worry. It is a lovely event that welcomes visitors of all ages guaranteeing fun for two whole days.

The participants are all-steel suited up making it one of the most exciting medieval fairs Europe has this summer.

The festival is held on the second weekend of every July.

11| Medieval Festival In Vianden, Luxembourg

Image © – castle-vianden

A real treat awaits the true lovers of medieval festivals and fairs. A week-long festival is held in the Viaden Castle set in the peaceful and picturesque landscape of North-eastern Luxembourg.

It is easily accessible from Germany and Belgium as well. There aren’t many medieval festivals in Luxembourg so make sure you have everything booked by July.

During this week, you will be able to get real close to the middle ages. There are all kinds of exhibitors, games and of course musicians and artists. The fun is guaranteed throughout the seven days without a doubt.

10| Medieval Week, Visby, Sweden

Image © – gotland

If you are due to explore Sweden’s breathtaking rural areas of Gotland island and the old town of Visby.

Take an unforgettable trip down the Swedish history lane by the most exciting shows and knight tournaments. It is a great opportunity to see jousting up close along with some of the most authentic medieval markets and concerts.

You can pick from over 500 events that include almost all interests, so no matter what are you into, there is something to enchant you for sure. It is most definitely the best of medieval festivals in Sweden.

9| Tallinn Medieval Days, Tallinn, Estonia

Image © – visitestonia

Estonia’s capital is an absolute beaut that must be visited. It is a friendly and calm city, where everyone is going to feel at home. Things become much more lively when the Tallinn Medieval Days are about to shake things up.

The Insta worthy old town of the city will become noisy and lively on the 9th of July to entertain until the 12th. One of the biggest medieval festivals in Estonia is intended to bring 13th-century vibes around with authentic medieval outfits, music, and delicacies.

At Tallinn Medieval Days you get to immerse yourself into the local culture, folk arts, and traditions by participating in this fantastic medieval festival since 2000.

The best Medieval Festivals in The USA

8| Medieval Festival at Fort Tryon Park, New York, USA

Image © – nycgovparks

If you are in search of outstanding medieval festivals in the US, then we know where you are headed in September. There is a great day out for you at the medieval festival NYC.

Dates are not yet confirmed, however, the last one was held at the end of the month.

Set in the fairy-tale-like Fort Tyron Park, you are in for a treat. There are great stalls set up where you can prove your worthiness or buy souvenirs. Enjoy the breathtaking show by the brave knights and otherworldly magicians.

There is plenty of excitement at the festival, the only downside it is only a one-day event.

7| Alabama Medieval Fantasy Festival, Greenville, AI, USA

Image © – greenvilleadvocate

Alabama has just become sweeter thanks to one of the most exciting medieval fantasy festivals and fairs in the USA.

If the medieval festivals are not of your satisfaction anymore, Greenville has a great program for you on the 28th and 29th March.

Knights are boring for you? Would you like to spice things up a little? Alabama Medieval Fantasy Festival has the answer for you.

You can gather with like-minded fantasy lovers where imagination is the limit. Meet some ferocious dragons, good fairies, beautiful mermaids and whatever the good world of fantasy has to offer.

The participants and the organizers do not know impossible; no matter what the weather is going to be like, fun is guaranteed.

6| Medieval Fair of Norman, OK, United States

Image © – MedievalFair via Facebook

The splendid medieval fair Norman hosts on the 3rd April and it lasts three days and is one of the oldest medieval festivals in the USA. It has been held every year since 1977 and seems to remain hugely successful.

Deservedly, that is for sure. Every visitor is going to have the time of their life with all kinds of superb activities including arts and crafts, jousting, dancing, and even human chess.

These three days offer a great opportunity for everyone to find a new engaging hobby as you can find a large number of great activities here.

The fun is definite, it is only up to you to attend this fantastic medieval festival in Oklahoma.

5| Great Lakes Medieval Faire & Marketplace, Ohio, USA

Image © – The Great Lakes Medieval Faire via Facebook

We know where all the lovers of the middle ages are going to be on the weekends of July and August. Rock Creek hosts one of the biggest medieval festivals and fairs in the US.

Every weekend between July 13th and August 18th this entertaining family fun theme park is going to take you back into the 13th century.

Dip into some extraordinary experiences with your family, including your beloved pet. You can even have your most special day there; can you imagine a more memorable wedding than one in the middle of the middle ages?

If you are looking for the best medieval festivals in Ohio, you should definitely visit at least during the weekend of the Great Lakes Medieval Faire & Marketplace.

4| Colorado Medieval Fest, USA

Image © – coloradocastle

Let’s begin the summer with a memory of a lifetime in Loveland at the Colorado Medieval Festival. Taking place between May 29th and 31st, this is going to be a great kick-off of a fantastic summer.

The Colorado Medieval Festival in 2019 was a hit with everyone having a great time. Little and big, girl and boy, young and old found something to have a great time with.

If you feel up to it, you can also take part in knightly challenges, which only the bravest champions are willing to.

Take part in all sorts of competitions and play games, try new activities and of course, take a bite into Colorado’s finest foods.

The best Medieval Festivals in Australia

3| Abbey Medieval Festival, Queensland, Australia

One of the biggest and most eventful medieval festivals in Australia is the Abbey festival in Queensland.

The tournament weekend is held on the 11th and 12th of July, while the banquet evenings are on the 27th of June and 4th July.

There is a family fun week between 29th June and 3rd July, so there is something for everyone this summer as well in Caboolture.

There are so many great things going on, you will barely notice a whole day or weekend is gone.

With very accurate re-enactments and knight tournaments, beautiful banquets with stunning medieval outfits an of course activities for the whole family.

There is no doubt; if you are in Australia this summer (Australian winter), then you are in for an incredible treat at one of the best medieval fairs.

For more info and tickets visit Abbey Medieval Festival’s official site.

2| Victorian Goldfields Medieval Faire, Australia

Image © – Victorian Goldfields Medieval Faire via Facebook

The Victorian Goldfields Medieval Faire is in its infancy being only the fifth annual fair but certainly deserves a mention as it is going to be great.

The fair actually donates all its profits to local charities and organizations, therefore your entrance fee is going to be spent on a good cause.

This year’s profits go to The Royal Flying Doctors Service.

The Fair is held on the Ballarat Polocrosse Grounds in Victoria in February.

If you would like to participate in a kick-ass re-enactment, then this is your place for sure. Naturally, there are going to be plenty of amazing activities and games, food and drinks from the old times.

Victorian Goldfields Medieval Faire is surely among the best medieval festivals in Australia.

1| Winterfest Sydney Medieval Fair, Australia

Image © – Winterfest Sydney Medieval Fair via Facebook

Don’t let the name fool you; winter in Australia is by far not cold. You are going to enjoy some terrific medieval activities and bites.

Winterfest Sydney Medieval Fair is one of the best medieval festivals in Australia, especially for gamers. There is some serious LARP (Live Action Role Playing) going on at this festival.

You can sign up for a really memorable game with your friends. There is a huge battle that you can be part of as well.

There are also terrific tournaments and games that will make every moment count here.

If you do not have any plans for the fourth and fifth of July, you maybe better off planning your visit to Clarendon, New South Wales.

For more info and tickets visit Winterfest Sydney Medieval Fair’s official website.

Thank you for reading!