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We collected some of the best French movies on Netflix that will give you wanderlust. These movies are not only a whole lot of fun but also great choices for movie nights.

These films are also great choices if you’re looking for a good French movie to watch before traveling to France.

You’ll find here all kinds of movies set in France so no matter if you want to see spooky French horror movies, French comedy movies or dramas.

You’ll find here charming and hilarious movies set in France and films set in Paris. However, you can also explore beautiful dramas and movies about France. Learn about France’s history, and current social issues through these stunning French films.

French cinema is famous for its award-winning fan favorites and we’re sure that these Netflix darlings will not only satisfy you if you’re a travel bug but also if you’re a cinephile.

Best Drama, Romantic, Comedy, & Horror French Movies on Netflix

28| School Life | 2019 | Drama, Comedy

School Life 2019 movies set in france

If you are looking for French movies with English dub, you are at luck because School Life is dubbed.

Even better luck, that Grand Corps Malade and Mehdi Idir’s (directed by) is delightfully meaningful. When a new vice-principal joins the Parisian school, she has to realize her job won’t be easy.

Most of the students don’t have the proper background to ensure a successful education. Teachers are trying to get the most out of the situation, however, there are motivational issues.

The picture gets into some rather serious topics that are current in France and the whole world. All this presented in an easy to digest way and there are some really funny scenes as well.

School Life is a very important French movie that perfectly blends drama and comedy together.

27| Suite Française | 2014 | War, Romance

suite française 2014 french war movie

This French-Belgian-British collaboration was surprisingly less of a hit than anticipated. The romance war film is based on Ukrainian author Irène Némirovsky’s book with the same title.

Although it is a sour topic in humanity’s history, there is always room for another war movie. We have to talk about the second world war to avoid making the same mistake.

Némirovsky could tell a story or two, who was captured in France and sent to Auschwitz.

The fictional story is often saddening, sometimes hopeful, and full of love. Fortunately, we know the end, however, the world remains scarred forever.

Suite Française is an overall great romantic war movie that shows all sides of a devastating period in history.

26| Atlantics | 2019 | Romance, Drama

Atlantics 2019 french romance drama film (Small)

Love conquers all, but maybe not in Dakar this time. Ada is madly in love with Souleiman, who works at the huge construction of a futuristic tower.

Things may never work out as the girl’s hand has been offered for marriage to someone else.

Everything becomes even worse when the construction workers, who haven’t been paid sail off to Spain. That journey deems to be fatal and all the workers die at sea.

Ada had no choice but to marry Omar, whose bed is lit on fire. During the investigation Ada is inspected carefully, but more and more strange occurrences take place.

It turns out that the dead have returned to possess some of Dakar’s residents. All wanting payback from the tower’s owner, but Souleiman, who seeks Ada.

Atlantics is a unique love story with ghosts, politics and plenty of twists. It is definitely one of the most unexpected French mystery romance drama movies.

25| I Am Jonas | 2018 | Romance, Drama

I Am Jonas 2018 french romance movie (Small)

I am Jonas is a heartbreaking tale of guilt, forgiveness, love, and embracing our differences. This movie may not be easy to watch for everyone, because it can get a little depressing.

It all begins with a shy, gay boy, who has difficulties making friends. When a new boy shows up in school, everything changes. Nathan and Jonas click straight away and get very close.

One night, however, the boys’ lives change forever. In a kidnapping attempt Jonas manages to escape, but he never sees Nathan again.

Almost two decades later Jonas is still wounded by guilt and cannot live a full life. Upon confessing to Nathan’s mother, she forgives him and tries to console him. Can Jonas live on once the weight is lifted from his shoulders?

I Am Jonas is a deeply emotional, dark film, definitely among the best LGBT+ drama French movies on Netflix.

24| Antoine Griezmann: The Making of a Legend | 2019 | Documentary

Antoine Griezmann The Making of a Legend 2019 french documentary

Soccer fans will be excited to learn more about Athletico Madrid and Barcelona’s striker. He has bagged a lot of goals, many admire his talents, but how much do you really know about him?

You can now follow his career from his first Spanish club, Real Sociedad to becoming World Champion. France’s iconic number seven is beloved all around the world.

No wonder there was a high demand for a behind the scenes documentary.

Live through some of his best moments on the pitch and get to know what drives his success.

Antoine Griezmann: The Making of a Legend is a great French documentary for soccer fans.

23| Bad Seeds | 2018 | Comedy

Bad Seeds 2018 french movies

Well known French comedian Kherion (written and directed by, starring) invites us to an outstanding ride.

Wael is tasked with guiding six teenagers, who are labeled bad seeds. He is a con artist, who had to find a living on the cruel streets of Paris. Probably knows a thing or two about the children’s situation.

He finds his way through to the kids, but overcoming their damages takes a little time.

The whole story is very well crafted when it goes a little dark, you get a comedic release quickly. Bad Seed is one of the funniest French movies of 2018 with social issues that’re just as relevant today.

Bad Seeds is definitely among the most beautiful French comedies on Netflix.

22| Bro | 2019 | Drama

bro 2019 french film (Small)

Here is another deeply moving picture that tells the story of a young man, whose future is sealed.

At least many may think a person who has grown up on the streets filled with violence has no choice.

Teddy is accused of the murder of his father. While waiting for his trial, he is sent to a center, where wayward youngsters are held. Meeting them wasn’t easy, but can he stay away from trouble?

There is support along the way though. In the center Teddy meets inspirational, helpful people who believe in him, but will it be enough?

Bro is one of the most meaningful French movies of recent years about struggles with the past and bad influence.

21| Lost Bullet | 2020 | Action, Thriller

lost bullet 2020 movies set in france (Small)

We have a feeling that French movie fans love high-speed car chases and action movies revolving around cars.

Following Taxi’s success, it was due to find another marketable story packed with action and cool cars crashing.

You are in for a treat because there is enough of everything in this picture. Viewers get to see cars blow up, turn upside down, and break into pieces.

Lino is a skilled mechanic and his poor decisions stirred him to a rather grey area. He has a chance to redeem himself with the police when he is asked to help a policeman. Areski is in the middle of an investigation, realizing there are a number of bad cops in the force.

Lost Bullet is one of the most exciting French action movies in 2020 on Netflix.

20| Get In | 2019 | Horror, Thriller

Get In movies set in france (Small)

Imagine you are going on holiday and upon your return home the gate doesn’t open for you. Someone is in the house and you are left out on the street.

Paul and Chloé live that nightmare and while you think police sorts things out, it is not that simple. Are they going to be able to get in or is it time to look for a new home?

Get in is an easy to watch a thriller, which will definitely be a good material for your next movie night. Don’t take it too seriously. There may be some plot holes, but if you don’t overthink it, fun is guaranteed.

Get In is among the darkest French horror movies that will cause some disturbance in the heads.

19| Gad Gone Wild | 2017 | Stand Up Comedy

Gad Gone wild - french movies - stand up

Morocco-born Gad Elmaleh has gained popularity in the French-speaking world in the past two decades and five years ago he took on the US as well.

His name has become quite familiar to all who seek an hour or so filled with laughter. He was even voted the funniest person of 2007 in France. His satirical sense of humor is simply hilarious that was born mostly from his personal experiences.

Netflix production Gad Gone Wild is a good piece of him, which will perfectly introduce the comedian and his sense of humor. He has been performing in English as well, however, this particular stand up is performed in French.

Gad Gone Wild is a hilarious French stand-up comedy on Netflix that will make you laugh out loud the whole length.

18| Divines | 2016 | Drama, Crime

Divines 2016 french movies

Multiple award winner hit French movie Divines is a very captivating piece with a lot to learn from. Life in some parts of Paris is shockingly difficult.

Two young girls, Dounia and Maimouna think they found a way out of poverty. They join Rebecca, a fierce girl, who distributes drugs in the neighborhood.

Life quickly changes around them but everything has a price, are they going to realize that soon enough, or are they destined to end up where they shouldn’t?

Dounia meets a dancer boy, who may just give her the necessary push in the right direction.

This picture was deservedly praised by critics, as it is a revealing story of desires and difficulties that will change your way of thinking. The scenes are a bit dark, but what else could it be in this setting?

The actors bring the characters to life perfectly, which adds plenty to the value of this film.

Divines is among the most touching crime drama French movies set in France.

17| Lost My Body | 2019 | Animation/Fantasy

Lost My Body 2019 Animation Fantasy movies set in france (Small)

We were expecting something truly unique and touching when we saw Guillaume Laurant (co-written by) is working on a new project.

2019 was another great year for cinema fans of fantasy movies with deeper meanings.

I Lost My Body is a serious and touching animated film.

The tale of an amputated hand that tries to find its body is simply phenomenal. You are invited to a journey of hardship, memories, and love, where nothing comes easy.

There is no wonder how it was 2019’s biggest hit in Europe. Prepare for an extraordinary adventure as the protagonist is racing towards the future while being lost in the past.

Lost My Body is definitely one of the best animation drama French movies on Netflix.

16| Headwinds | 2011 | Drama, Mystery

Headwinds - french movies (Small)

Some would say there is no good French movie without Audrey Tautou, although she is a great actress, it’s not true. Anyway, she does appear in this picture and her presence is always a plus to all productions.

Headwinds is a very suspenseful drama mystery, which is going to make you feel a little devastated. Well, it may not be an ideal movie night material if you are looking for good cheer, because it is a heavy material.

When Paul’s wife disappears, he is left alone with their children and he sets out on a desperate search without luck.

Your heart is going to be aching for both the loving husband and the children in pain. The little ones are a very special addition; as they wonder why and what had happened to their mother.

But in the end, Paul and his children have to find a way to happiness together.

Headwinds is a heartbreaking mystery drama, one of the most touching French movies set in France available on Netflix.

15| He Even Has Your Eyes | 2017 | Comedy

He Even Has Your Eyes 2017 french movies set in france (Small)

One of the most delightful French comedy movies was released in 2017 causing a little controversy.

The movie deals with plenty of long-suppressed racial issues.

The funny and heartwarming story of a French-African couple adopting a white baby was such a success, that it was turned into a tv show which is airing this year.

Sali and Paul have long been hoping for an opportunity and when it finally arises, their elders in the family don’t take things too easy.

He Even Has Your Eyes is among the most moving and hilarious French comedy movies on Netflix.

14| Phantom Boy | 2015 | Animation, Fantasy

phantom boy 2015 french animation movies (Small)

Oscar nominee French animation experts Jean-Loup Felicioli and Alain Gagnol have created another fascinating piece.

This time we are flown to New York, where an eleven-year-old little boy ends up saving the world alone.

Due to a mysterious illness, he is capable of astral projection of some sort, allowing him to leave his body and fly around.

The whole movie is very exciting with odd characters and a fun storyline, that will keep everyone engaged throughout.

We love the style of how it was drawn and how the plot evolves. You are in for a fantastic movie night with Phantom Boy as it is simply entertaining and full of adventure.

Phantom Boy is without a doubt among the best 

adventure animated French movies on Netflix.

13| I am not an Easy Man | 2018 | Rom-com

I am not an Easy Man 2018 - french comedy movies

A pretty new attempt to tackle chauvinism which actually does a great job shoving life from another perspective.

We have to admit, there are way too many issues in our society and there is plenty to fix. While women’s current situation may be improving, it is still far from ideal.

In the corporate world or just at a night out, women have endured abuse and humiliation, which many don’t even want to acknowledge.

Eléonore Pourriat (directed and co-written by) has found a superb voice to express her frustration; by sending alpha male Damien into an alternate universe, where gender roles are swapped around.

Just in a snap of a finger he finds himself in a world, where he is being talked down to, abused and he has to worry about his looks 24/7.

I am not an Easy Man is a laugh out loud film that is for sure among the best comedy movies set in France. Besides being incredibly funny and imaginative, it is a significant picture every man should watch.

12| The Crew | 2015 | Crime, Drama

The Crew 2015 - french movies

It was time to finally find cool French action movies because they have a very good eye for blowing things up the most fabulous way.

Or at least we liked some of the gangster and special forces movies that were products of the French film industry.

The Crew is pretty suspenseful, with plenty of action, while growing quite fond of the bad guys. The four, well equipped and trained robbers are bad, still not as bad as some other figures of the dark side.

Their reputation exceeds them and a drug distributor gang forces them to take part in a large operation. Will they be able to get away or there is no choice but to side with the drug dealers?

The Crew is unquestionably one of the best action-thriller movies about France and its underworld.

11| Blind Date | 2015 | Romance, Comedy

blind date 2015 - movies set in france

Blind Date is a lovely, easy to digest French romantic comedy, that’s just simply lovable from the first moments to the ending.

Machine moves into her new apartment in Paris. She loves music but otherwise pretty shy, while her neighbor, Machin enjoys staying home in peace.

The two are quite the opposite of each other when it comes to appreciating music or quiet. First, they only communicate through the wall they share and things don’t seem to have started well.

There are some fun practical jokes in the film, while the characters have their own lovable eccentricities, which make them all so lifelike.

If you love French romantic comedies, you should definitely watch Blind Date, because it is funny and heartwarming.

10| My Life as a Zucchini | 2016 | Animation, Drama

My Life as a Zucchini 2016 - french animation film (Small)

Oscar nominee stop motion animated movie My life as a Zucchini is not just very entertaining but also very important for viewers of all ages.

The tragic proceedings of Zucchini’s life result in him being sent to a foster home. His alcoholic mother passes away and his father is in prison, so there is no one to take responsibility for him.

As difficult things are at the beginning, Zucchini makes the most of his situation and finds a way to bring a smile onto his new friend, Camille’s face.

This fascinating animation teaches us a thing or two about friendship, strength, and never giving up on life.

My Life as a Zucchini is a very emotional experience that will give strength to everyone trapped in a dark place.

9| Fatima | 2015 | Drama, Family

Fatima (2015) - french movies set in france

Here is another very interesting piece that brings cultures a bit closer to each other (hopefully). France is known to be very accommodating and hospitable when it comes to foreigners trying to settle down.

Unfortunately, it is never easy and there are always two sides to each story.

We get to meet Fatima, who has immigrated over to France from North Africa and still tries to overcome struggles such as the language barrier.

Fatima hurts herself and realizes that she hasn’t shared everything she wanted with her daughters, who are 18 and 15 years old.

As a single mother, she has to work twice as hard, especially considering that her French makes finding a job much more difficult. Despite Fatima’s efforts, her daughters are ashamed of her, because of the kind of job she does and not speaking French perfectly.

Will they get close to each other again and overcome all the difficulties?

Fatima is a must-see for everyone, as it teaches a lot about the current situation of a single immigrant mother. It is undoubtedly among the most touching movies set in France.

8| The Climb | 2017 | Comedy, Adventure

the climb 2017 - movies about france

Ludovic Bernard has a delightful sense of humor and a great vision when it comes to creating a feel-good rom-com.

Samy Diakhate lives on the outskirts of Paris and he never thinks small. Being deeply in love with Nadia, he is unstoppable. When confessing his love to her, Nadia doesn’t take him seriously, but Samy is the man of words; he said he would climb Mt. Everest for her.

Well, the deal is done, as stupid as it was, Samy sets out to Asia to conquer the highest peak of the world.

We love Samy’s personality, he never stops talking especially in stressful or awkward situations. Rest assured, there are going to be plenty of both during his adventures.

The Climb is a fun adventure romantic comedy with a very sympathetic lead character. Without a doubt, it’s among the best French comedy movies.

7| The Wolf’s Call | 2019 | Thriller, War

the Wolf's Call 2019 - movies set in france (Small)

A true war thriller that will fill your next movie night with excitement is The Wolf’s Call. It is a really tense picture with plenty of tough decisions as France stirs towards war.

We follow a group of soldiers, who serve on a submarine. Onboard there is Chanteraide, who can recognize any sound the radar picks up nearby.

With his talent warfare should be easier for the French, however, something goes wrong and the crew’s fate seems to be sealed.

You are in for a fun night on the edge of your seat. The film is full of action and grinding moments that will definitely raise your blood pressure.

The Wolf’s Call is one of the best French action-thriller movies on Netflix.

6| Lady J | 2019 | Drama, Romance

Lady J 2019 movies set in france

This eye-catching French period drama is loosely based on the 18th-century philosopher and writer Denis Diderot’s Jacques the Fatalist.

Under the reign of Louis XV in the middle of the 18th century, we get to meet a widow who is strong-willed and doesn’t give in easy.

Her beauty and mysterious personality catches the attention of many, but mostly of Marquis des Arcis. His love proves to be strong and after years of rejection he finally wins Madame de La Pommeraye’s heart over.

As great as it began, things take an upsetting turn when the Marquis announces that he has lost interest in their romantic relations.

To get revenge, the widow seeks the help of two prostitutes, Madame de Joncquières, and her twenty-year-old daughter.

Lady J is a remarkable piece of cinema, the story is captivating, while the pictures and the costumes are astounding. It is surely amid the best romance drama movies set in historic France.

5| The World is Yours | 2018 | Comedy, Crime

The World is Yours | 2018 | Comedy, Crime

There are very few perfect crime comedies out there because it is a difficult genre. The story has to be funny and exciting, it is not an easy task to fulfill fan requests.

The World is Yours will not be nominated for Oscars, but deserves credit because it’s fun to watch. The picture was acclaimed by critics in France and for a good reason; it is engaging and entertaining.

Farés is looking for an upgrade in his life but doesn’t seem to have the sources for that. As a petty dealer, his options are limited. He takes on a job that takes him to Spain to dive deep into some new adventures.

The characters bring a lot of joy, while also wondering where our hero is going to end up next.

The World is Yours is undoubtedly among the best French crime comedy movies on Netflix.

4| The African Doctor | 2016 | Comedy, Drama

The African Doctor 2016 movies est in france

This lovely piece is based on the French rapper, Kamini’s childhood, who grew up in the countryside. His songs about life in the rural areas became widely popular in 2006.

The story begins with Dr. Seyolo Zantoko graduating from Lille medical university as the only African person. He is offered an opportunity to work for the Congolese president as a personal physician.

Dr. Zantoko turns it down because he wants to stay away from corruption and politics.

He and his family move to a small village in Northern-France, where locals are not that welcoming. The family is disappointed as well because they were expecting a move to Paris.

Seyolo then gains the trust and respect of locals, becoming a popular doctor in the area.

The African Doctor is a fantastic comedy-drama, which offers a good insight into 1970s France.

3| April and the Extraordinary World | 2015 | Animation, Adventure

April and the Extraordinary World 2015 movies set in france (Small)

Let’s fly back almost eighty years to Paris, where April (Marion Cotillard) is desperately looking for her parents. With her talking cat, Darwin they embark on a rather unusual adventure.

The movie is based on Jacques Tardi’s comics. He is known to create truly remarkable cartoons and animations. He did not disappoint this time either, the art was based on his design.

If you enjoy steampunk animated movies, then it is, without a doubt, going to be your new favorite.

We love how the whole history has been rewritten to create a very odd, dystopian world. We may not want to live in that but surely is a superb idea.

April and the Extraordinary World is among the best steampunk animated movies you can watch on Netflix.

2| The Intouchables | 2011 | Comedy, Drama

the intouchables 2011 movies set in france (Small)

A very highly regarded and beloved picture about two utterly different people finding their way to friendship. Viewers loved it and surely conquered the hearts of critics as well.

Directing partners Olivier Nakache and Éric Toledano created a truly touching and significant piece. It is certainly going to jerk some tears in your eyes because it is just beautiful.

A wealthy aristocrat suffers a serious injury that forces him into a wheelchair. He hires an immigrant carer, with whom they couldn’t be more different.

Although it takes a little time, the two become inseparable.

The movie is delightful, touching, and brave at many points, prepare for a real emotional roller coaster.

You can read more about the movie on Wikipedia.

The Intouchables is among the most beautiful and touching, yet humorous French comedy-drama films on Netflix.

1| The Artist | 2011 | Romance, Drama 

the artist 2011 movies set in france

Michel Hazanavicius (written and directed by) has really flashed his talents in 2011. It wasn’t only the fans who thought The Artist is a really special one.

The industry praised Hazanavicius’ work and his team’s performance as well. This fantastic picture has won over 160 awards, including five Oscars. That is definitely something to remember.

We get to peek into the black and white, silent era of Hollywood.

George Valentin, a famous actor bumps into a young girl, Peppy at a movie première. She then builds up her career using that moment which gave her 15 minutes of fame.

As the years go by, movies with sound begin to take over. Valentin is not open to the changes, which results in him losing everything he has. Then Peppy takes him in that will change the once huge star’s life.

The artist won over both critics and audiences and still have a 95% 87% score on Rotten Tomatoes.

The Artist is a magnificent piece with high artistic value and phenomenal acting. It is deservedly mentioned as one of the best French movies of all time.

best french movies on netflix - best movies about france

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