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Last Updated on April 13, 2020 by Jella Erhard

14 Best Creative Writing Masterclass Online Lessons for Bookworms & Writers

Have you been thinking about trying one or more of the writing Masterclass online lessons? We’ve been too and so we went and spent the past few weeks by watching all of them.

And it was time well spent. Honestly, we both got a bit addicted to Masterclass and started taking all the other classes as well. While I especially loved their filmmaking Masterclasses -which is also great for book and movie lovers- the writing Masterclasses are still my favorites.

Through these engaging and educating videos, you’ll not only learn to tell stories better but to understand them on a deeper level. While these Masterclasses can certainly have plenty of positive impact on writers’ work they’ll be just as fun and useful for those who only enjoy good books as a reader.

You’ll also get the chance to peek into your favorite writer’s mind, writing methods and to hear stories and insights about their work process, personal anecdotes and you’ll maybe even learn a few lesser-known things about your favorite books.

As Masterclass now has a monthly fee of $15 it became one of the best places one can go not only to learn new skills or deepen their knowledge of a hobby or a certain aspect of a career but to get quality entertainment that can be found nowhere else.

Best Creative Writing Masterclass Online Lessons for Bookworms & Writers

*Disclaimer: Some links on are affiliate links. If you click through and make a purchase we may receive a small commission (at no additional cost to you). Thank you for your support, you’re awesome! =)

14| Aaron Sorkin’s Writing Masterclass | Learn Screenwriting from Aaron Sorkin

Aaron Sorkin’s screenwriting Masterclass is definitely a great course for those who are planning to try their luck in the film industry.

But we think it is also a great opportunity for movie geeks to befriend one of the best-known screenwriters nowadays. Why did you enjoy those movies (Social Network, Moneyball, Steve Jobs) and series (Sports Nights, West Wing) written by him? 

Now you can get answers while finding out a little about the person who brought many great ideas and stories to stage and screen.

If you have been a big fan of any of his works, this is certainly the best Masterclass for you because you won’t only hear about writing, but also bringing the most out of yourself.

13| David Sedaris’ Writing Masterclass | Learn Storytelling & Humor from David Sedaris

Humorist and essayist David Sedaris has become an inspiration for so many people over the past 25 years and now you can hear his thoughts and experiences to get to know him better.

You don’t have to be an aspiring artist to be interested in this writing Masterclass. There is plenty to learn from Sedaris that helps you get through the days in life.

Connecting with people, finding a way to express yourself and being able to look at life from a different angle are all useful skills that will make every day easier for you.

If you liked the fantastic works of Sedaris then now you finally have the chance to get him to know better.

12| Shonda Rhimes’ Writing Masterclass | Learn Writing for Television from Shonda Rhimes

Now we can also get to know our role models and highly respected people working in industries that become our passion over the years.

It is a huge privilege to learn from the bests but even if just wondering who is the mastermind behind your favorite movies or TV shows, you can now learn their personal secrets.

Shonda Rhimes, one of the most beloved scriptwriters nowadays, who is responsible for shows like Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and How to Getaway with Murder and more is now just a click away to get to know.

She is a very passionate and dedicated person, who can teach you way more than writing a successful pilot for a show. Her story is certainly motivating and inspiring to everyone.

11| Judy Blume’s Writing Masterclass | Learn Writing from Judy Blume

Judy Blume has helped countless children and young adults find answers to unanswered questions and eventually grow up with her honest books.

Now, you have the chance to learn some secrets that may be crucial for you too to become the writer you want to be.

For those looking for a masterclass in writing that helps with the creating process, not just the imaginative parts, then Blume is for the rescue.

You are going to learn how to use, clean up your drafts and notes in case you are a messy creator.

We love how honest Blume is about the life of an author, just like in her books about serious issues adults are afraid to be completely open about in front of children.

10| David Mamet’s Writing Masterclass | Learn Dramatic Writing from David Mamet

If you enjoy theater and plays or have intentions of becoming a playwright or screenwriter, then you can begin your journey with one of the best writers in the USA.

David Mamet has decades of experience in theater and over the years he has shown his talent numerous times deserving critical acclaim.

There aren’t many Masterclasses in dramatic writing so we should be lucky to be able to learn from one of the best.

If you feel that your future is in theaters or the movie industry, David Mamet’s masterclass in writing can help you to become a seasoned writer by passing on his vast experience to you.

As he has also been directing, you will also be able to look at your passion from an additional perspective to become even better and easier to work with.

9| David Baldacci’s Writing Masterclass | Learn Mystery & Thriller Writing from David Baldacci

Multiple bestseller thriller genius David Baldacci invites you to look behind the scenes of his success.

What makes a good story? How do you create good characters? How to write a suspenseful story? And there are plenty more frequently asked questions about writing to be answered.

David Baldacci’s is surely the best writing masterclass if you are on the verge of becoming a thriller writer or a fan of the genre. There are many interesting points you may not even have thought of, helping you with story creation and even how to find the time for writing.

That point is actually very important and can be inspiring to everyone trying to fit some creative writing time into their busy schedule besides work and family.

8| R. L. Stine Writing Masterclass | Learn Writing for Young Audiences from R. L. Stine

If you want to learn how to spook the hell out of readers, R.L. Stine’s is definitely the best writing Masterclass for you to do so.

The mastermind behind many people’s childhood go to scary stories, the Goosebumps series has created a curriculum that will guide you through the rocky road of creating an original and scary story.

You will be able to learn the difference between age groups, how to create entertaining but powerful dialogues and what makes a truly scary line.

It is surely a great Masterclass for creative writing, but it is also a perfect opportunity to read between the lines and find out what inspired the children’s horror stories.

7| Joyce Carol Oates Writing Masterclass | Learn The Art of The Short Story from Joyce Carol Oates

Highly esteemed by critics who had earned every book worm’s admiration Joyce Carol Oates is now coming to your home to allow you for a glimpse into her head.

If you enjoyed her extraordinary pieces, then it is a dream come true to get to know her better through this inspiring writing Masterclass. See how Oates’ mind works and what process, ritual led to her entertaining pieces.

By the end of the class, you can learn much more than writing; you are going to explore yourself, your past and become a thousand times more aware of yourself. It is great to get familiar with this fascinating concept of knowing yourself to become a better writer.

If you are not planning to become a master writer, it is the perfect chance to take a seat at one of the greatest writers of the past five decades’ table in her living room.

6| James Patterson’s Writing Masterclass | Learn Writing from James Patterson

It is time to get to know one of the most productive American authors, James Patterson.

He has published 147 novels since ‘74 and holds the record of having most number-one New York Times bestseller books by a single author (67).

His versatile art had become known all around the world and probably there is no country where at least one of his books wasn’t published.

If you were wondering how he manages to be so productive and to come up with newer and newer stories that continue fascinating readers, then now you can sit down with him virtually and listen to what he has on his mind.

James Patterson is very honest about his long and productive career in his masterclass in writing.

5| Billy Collins Writing Masterclass | Learn Reading & Writing Poetry from Billy Collins

Poet, university professor and U.S. Poet Laureate Billy Collins is a very interesting person, if you love his poems, then it is not a question you are going to love his Masterclass about creative writing.

On the other hand, if you are a poetry lover in general, Collins offers help not only with getting creative but also with how to interpret, read and enjoy poetry.

His witty presentation of the life and responsibilities of a poet will definitely make it fun for all. There are some eye-opening remarks that will make life much easier to enjoy for everyone, so even if you are not planning to become the next Billy Collins, there is plenty to enjoy and learn.

For those who have been wondering who is behind the lovely pieces such as the Art of Drowning, then it is your new favorite Masterclass.

4| Malcolm Gladwell’s Writing Masterclass | Learn Writing from Malcolm Gladwell

World-renowned and respected nonfiction author and journalist Malcolm Gladwell has served as an inspiration to many future writers.

Gladwell’s writing masterclass will help you acquire the mindset of a successful author. You can get a better understanding of what makes a great article or a complete book.

As the insightful New Yorker journalist has long been studying human behavior and social habits. There is a lot to learn from this masterclass you can apply to every day even if you are not necessarily planning to go in this direction of writing.

This is your writer masterclass if you are a complete beginner and in need of the basics to be laid out for you. For advanced writers, there is plenty to add as well, so feel free to take the next steps with Malcolm Gladwell.

3| Dan Brown Writing Masterclass | Learn Writing thrillers from Dan Brown 

Thanks to Masterclass you can meet the author of many bestsellers that have brought so much excitement into our lives.

Dan Brown’s writer masterclass is a superb opportunity to understand more about how the Robert Langdon books got to be so exciting, what the main inspiration was behind that series.

His books had earned him to become one of the best mystery writers in the 21st century.

If you have already imagined Dan Brown to be an interesting person, now you get to know him on a new level and find out he is indeed a remarkable man.

What this online lesson offers is working out a process to become a more successful writer and through his guidance, you can learn plenty about Dan Brown himself as well.

2| Margaret Atwood’s Writing Masterclass | Learn Creative Writing from Margaret Atwood

Who else would be better to help you to work out the best story than Canadian fiction queen Margaret Atwood?

Her fascinating career spans over six decades that produced some of the most remarkable historical fiction, dystopian and science fiction books of the 20th and 21st centuries. Are you a fan of The Handmaid’s Tale? This Masterclass is for you.

Without a doubt, Atwood can pass on some wisdom that will perfect your ability to tell a story from a completely new angle.

If you are a huge fan of all forms of fiction, then this is the best writing masterclass for you without a doubt. Take a few moments to soak in Atwood’s vast knowledge of the mind-blowing world of fiction.

1| Neil Gaiman’s Writing Masterclass | Learn The Art of Storytelling from Neil Gaiman

Learn with Neil Gaiman’s creative writing masterclass and put your vivid dreams and imagination down on paper to create something remarkable.

Gaiman is known to have a number of outstanding and internationally successful fiction and fantasy books and has written stories for all demographics so far. Successfully.

There is no better start to your next chapter in life than taking a writing masterclass that sets your imagination free to become the author you wish to be.

If you have enjoyed the books of Neil Gaiman, then you are going to enjoy his masterclass about writing as well. You can step inside the mind of the British author and find out what makes his works so relatable for such a wide audience.

Thank you for reading!