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Last Updated on February 5, 2023 by Jella Erhard

Explore the most durable and beautiful convertible cork leather bags that also make perfect gifts for vegans. Find here the best and most stylish sustainable cork backpacks, tote bags, clutches, purses, crossbody bags & eco-friendly natural cork handbags for every occasion.

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Sustainable & Beautiful Cork Bags For Every Occasion

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Cork leather is just as durable and beautiful as leather with the same estimated lifespan and it looks and feels very similar to it too. However, cork leather is a more sustainable and animal-friendly option since it’s made from the bark of cork oaks. Artisans have been using the same techniques for centuries to create beautiful cork leather bags, shoes, and all kinds of gorgeous and eco-friendly products.

Cork bags are durable and can last for many years and unlike leather, cork bags are also super lightweight, hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, and waterproof as well as easy to clean. You can find cork bags in all shapes and sizes and can even use them for travel, work or school since cork leather backpacks are also perfect for carrying heavy objects.

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Here we collected some of the most breathtaking and unique cork bags you can use during the day, when you travel, or even on date nights. You’ll find her some of the most creative convertible cork leather bags that’ll help you become more sustainable and stylish at the same time.

However, you’ll also find here designer and quirky cork backpacks, fun cork tote bags, and cork clutches. You can even personalize and ask the makers of these stunning handmade cork leather purses, cork crossbody bags, and natural cork handbags to add your initials to make them truly one of a kind.

If you’re looking for other tips and maybe date night outfit ideas you can also check out our other articles filled with amazing, hand-made products that’ll help you look and feel fantastic.

Natural Cork Backpacks

Designer Mini Cork Backpack

black cork and bordeaux suede leather with crochet details - cork leather backpacks

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Looking for extra stylish cork leather bags? Then check out this modern and elegant cork bag you can use as a stylish mini backpack or as a purse. It’s just spacious enough to fit all your essentials but thanks to its compact style it goes brilliantly with more elegant outfits.

It’s also easily convertible as well as adjustable so you can wear it as a backpack, shoulder bag, or crossbody bag. It’s perfect if you’re looking for a small-sized cork bag that’ll be great for pretty much all occasions and goes perfectly with casual outfits as well as with dresses.

Unisex Natural Cork Backpack

Brown unisex natural cork backpack

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This natural unisex cork leather bag comes in two beautiful shades of brown and is the perfect cork backpack for those who love modern and casual style. It’s perfect for smaller items like your wallet and your mobile phone, however, you can also comfortably carry your tablet or even your laptop in it.

Thanks to its casual yet elegant design it’s perfect no matter if you are out in day time or at night.
It is also a handmade cork backpack and the artisan designs the cork bags by themselves. They only use premium eco-friendly cork leather to make sure your bags are not only stylish but durable, and of excellent quality.

Berry Brown Cork Leather Leaf Backpack

Berry Brown Cork Leather Leaf Backpack

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This charming cork leather backpack is an excellent choice for teens as well as adults who are looking for quirky and unique cork bags. It’s a PTA-approved vegan cork leather bag that’s manufactured in Portugal.

Since these cork leather bags are handmade you should contact the shop and ask about avilability and even personalization options if you want any.

Natural Large Cork Backpack

Natural cork backpack













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Looking for a large cork leather backpack? Then this unisex cork- backpack might be the right choice for you. It’s big enough to carry heavy and larger objects so it’s perfect for school, work, and even for travel. It’s also easily convertible and has adjustable strains and lugs so you can wear it as a backpack or shoulder bag.

Boho Cork Backpack With Flower Design

Boho Cork Backpack With Flower Design for vegans

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This cork backpack is made from eco-friendly cork leather and has a lovely classic vintage vibe. It’s also handmade and is a charming yet durable cork leather backpack.

It’s also big enough to carry your laptop or tablet but thanks to its classic style it’ll go well with dresses as well as casual outfits.

UK Handcrafted Ochre Cork Backpack – Vegan – Eco – Sustainable

UK Handcrafted Ochre Cork Backpack - Vegan - Eco - Sustainable

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This vibrant and modern cork leather backpack is one of the most stylish vegan backpacks that was handcrafted in a South Devon workshop. The makers also use the highest quality cork leather to make sure you not only get a great-looking backpack but also a durable one.

This cork backpack is also pretty spacious and will easily accommodate all of your essentials including laptops and books and you can even use it for travel. It’s one of the most stylish and eco-friendly cork leather backpacks and since cork leather is water-resistant and lightweight it’ll make your every-days and your travel much easier.

Cute Cork Leather Backback For Women

Cute Cork Backback For Women

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You can get this cute and modern cork backpack in many different colors. These cork bakcpacks are perfect teens for school since they’re durable, water-resistant, and lightweight. Thanks to their great quality they also make perfect gifts for a vegan.

It’s one of the best vegan backpacks that are handmade with attention to detail and lots of care. They’re also super easy to open thanks to the durable but stylish metallic carabiner and a hidden metallic closure under the flap. It also has a large storage capacity and adjustable straps and it is fully lined and has two internal pockets for the small things and one in the back that can be also closed with a zipper.

Vintage kimono silk & Cork backpack

Vintage kimono silk & Cork backpack

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Are you into Japanese design? Then this beautifully hand-made cork backpack with vintage Japanese kimono silk and design is something you should check out. Thanks to its unique design this cork bag will also make a brilliant gift and goes perfectly with casual and more elegant outfits as well. It’s also durable and lightweight as well as fairly spacious and you can easily fit a couple of books or a fits a 13″ laptop in it.

This beautiful cork backpack is made from natural blue cork from Portugal, and vintage kimono silk from Japan. It’s also one of the most stylish convertible cork backpacks thanks to the cork straps that are very comfortable and you can also wear this lovely bag as a cork handbag or as a cork shoulder bag.

Handmade Convertible Cork Backpack

Convertible Cork Backpack

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This convertible cork leather backpack is beautifully handmade with a minimalist modern design. It’s perfect for school, work, or any other outing thanks to its 3-in-1 design. It’s one of the most stylish cork bags and is ready to adapt to your needs just with one move.

You can easily wear it as a cork shoulder bag, crossbody cork bag, or as backpack by easily converting it in seconds. It’s also made with high-quality natural cork leather and is durable, water-resistant, and lightweight. Since this beautiful cork backpack is ethically made you can also gift it to any vegan.

Yoga Cork Leather Yoga Bag

Yoga Cork Backpack

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Looking for a stylish and natural cork yoga bag? Then check out this stunning handmade cork yoga backpack that’s made by artisans in Portugal. It’s madeof  100% natural cork leather and you can also carry your yoga mat thanks to its two adjustable shoulder straps and two elastic bands on the bottom that will help you carry your mat securely

It’s durable, water-resistant, and lightweight with a fun and modern design so you can not only use it for your yoga classes but for all-around purposes. It’s also hpoallergenic which makes it perfect for yogis with latex allergies.

Cork Handbags

Chic Cork Handbag

Chic Cork Handbag

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This chic shoulder cork handbag will stick with you for your everyday needs at all times. It’s a flexible and comfortable cork handbag that goes well with elegant and casual outfits. It’s also a sustainable, lightweight, and durable yet beautiful bag.

It’s also handmade in Portugal and the artisans use only natural cork leather to make sure their gorgeously designed cork handbags last for long time.

Convertible Cork Handbag

best Convertible Cork Handbag

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Looking for a quirky cork handbag? Then this elegant cork bag with a cat design might be something you’ll love.  You can easily convert this handbag into a cork shoulder bag thanks to the easily adjustable straps and it’s also pretty spacious so you can fit multiple books and bigger laptops in it too.

Lavender and Light Green Designer Cork handbag

Lavender and Light Green Cork handbag

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This unique and beautiful cork basket handbag was made with laser-cut technology and is a great choice for those who are looking for something special during their outings.

Classic Cork Leather Handbag

Classic Cork Handbag eco friendly

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This classic cork box handbag has a minimalist and vintage design and is perfect for those who are looking for a small cork handbag.

Vegan Cork Leather Handbag

Vegan Cork Handbag

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This minimalist cork handbag is also a shoulder and a backpack in one. A sophisticated carrier system makes it easy to choose between two variants at any time. It’s made entirely of turquoise cork leather and is a stylish and sustainable companion for every day.

Cork Tote Bags

Natural Cork Tote Bag

Natural Cork Tote Bag

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This elegant cork tote bag has a shoulder-flat handle and can be opened with magnetic snap closure. It’s durable, water-resistant, and stylish.

Multi-Functional Cork Leather Tote bag

Multi-Functional Cork Tote bag

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This is one of the most beautiful minimalistic cork tote bags that can easily be converted into a backpack as well. Because of a shrewd strapping system, there´s always a choice between those two variations.
This charming cork tote bag is completely made of pale pink cork leather, which makes it a classy as well as a sustainable everyday companion.

Cute Convertible Canvas & Cork Tote Bag

Cute Canvas & Cork Tote Bag

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This convertible cork tote back is heavy-duty and roomy. It’s made of cork leather as well as canvas but the makers only used recycled and vegan materials. You can wear this tote bag as a crossbody, backpack, tote bag, and handbag.

BLACK CAT Cork Cross Body Bag

BLACK CAT Cork Cross body Bag

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Looking for a super cute cork tote bag for teens or adults with a taste for fun items? Then this stunning handmade black colored cork tote bag with cat ears and a pink cork nose is something you’ll love.

It’s a durable, water-resistant, and spacious cork tote bag and is perfect for cat lovers of all ages.

Mini cork leather cross body bag

Mini cork leather cross body bag

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This small crossbody bag is a charming handcrafted cork crossbody bag made from premium Portuguese natural cork leather. You can choose from many lively and elegant colors including orange, navy blue, red, brown, turquoise, black, and mint green, or just go with the natural cork color.

It has a minimalist design and is super-lightweight and these small crossbody bags are big enough for a wallet, phone, keys, and more. Thanks to its great design it makes a perfect eco-friendly gift too.

Cork Clutches & Purses

Cork Date Night Clutch

Cork Date Night Clutch

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Looking for elegant and sexy cork clutches? This stunning cork clutch makes also a beautiful and stylish handbag and will make you feel like you can use it all day without worrying about what you’re wearing, we know it will work for either a day or night occasion.

It also has an adjustable strap that allows this bag to be used as a shoulder bag or removed completely transforming this into a clutch. While the interior zipper pocket is perfect for the safekeeping of smaller items. While the magnetic closure on the exterior makes it easy to access the bag yet keeps it stylish.

It’s also waterproof, lightweight, and has a unique yet classic design that goes well with all outfits.

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