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Last Updated on January 1, 2021 by Jella Erhard

Best Bollywood Movies on Netflix You Should Watch

If you’re looking for your new favorite movie you’re in luck because we collected the best Bollywood movies on Netflix. We also want to help the newbies of Bollywood cinema who want to find something really great to stream on their next movie night.

It’s easy to find incredibly well-written Indian films that are full of twists and have a deeper meaning than what you would think at first. Deriving from the nature of the Indian culture, many of the Bollywood movies are colorful, fun, and lively so it really makes it easy to find something you’ll love. Let it be a darker thriller or a charming romance story Bollywood got your back.

Netflix has brought so many great series and movies to our homes.  The largest streaming service opened up borders for us to watch movies from all over the world. Let us take you on an incredible adventure with the top Bollywood movies on Netflix.

Best Bollywood Movies on Netflix You Should Check Out

12| Article 15  by Anubhav Sinha – 2019

Article 15 is a new, brilliant Hindi language crime drama film about an upright city-bred IPS officer Ayan Ranjan who launches an attack against India’s caste system after caste-based discrimination and crimes are dismissed in present day rural India.

Article 15 is one of the most exciting Hindi crime Thrillers that will keep you guessing until near the end. Ayan’s journey is compelling and the story is relevant that deals with significant social issues that impact not only India but pretty much every country on our planet.

‘Article 15’ the movie’s title is a reference to an article of the Indian constitution that prohibits discrimination on the basis of caste, religion, race or sex.

11| Game Over by Ashwin Saravanan – 2019

Game Over is one of the newest psychological thrillers with a modern twist on it. This movie seems to divide most viewers who seem to have strong love or hate towards the movie.

Game over is about Swapna, a young game designer who has post-traumatic stress disorder and a chronic fear of the dark. Swapna’s life turns upside down after she finds herself in the hands of a serial killer who committed heinous crimes in the city.

Game Over is a suspenseful and terrifying story about a courageous girl who finds the power to fight her inner demons just as well as the ones we have to face in the world around us.

10| Special 26 by Neeraj Pandey – 2013

Special 26 is one of the best Bollywood crime movies. Based on true events, two men are conducting heists throughout India posing as CBI officers. Ajay (Akhsay Kumar) and Sharma Ji (Anupam Kher) are well-trained criminals who are always a step ahead of the police.

If you are looking for a fun, action-full double play movie, Special 26 is the best choice. During the movie, you will be puzzled about who is on which side and have doubts about whether what is real and what isn’t.

With all the twists and excitement it is an Indian heist movie that will just sweep you off your feet. Those almost two and a half hours fly by really quickly. There are touching moments with a lot of dramatic elements. It’s difficult not to relate to our protagonists, despite knowing they are on the other side of the law. Ajay, for instance, is not willing to take money from honest people or who are not wealthy.

Do you usually cheer for the heroes even if you know they are committing a crime?

9| OMG: Oh My God! by Umesh Shukla – 2012

Writers Bhavesh Mandalia and Umesh Shukla (also a director) give up the lesson with OMG to movie makers. This satirical comedy drama movie is bringing provoking and fun to new heights.

Kanji Lalji Mehta (Paresh Rawal), a shopkeeper of religious artifacts is quite a hustler. He takes advantage of religious people by up-selling every product as the holiest. Building on religious people’s gullibility, he is not the most relatable person. Well, it is even difficult to laugh about his ways of making money but definitely raises a question. Do we have to spend a lot of money to pay our respects to a god?

There are scenes where he publicly stands up shaming monks as in his opinion they’re ripping off the crowd. Well, who is trying to make a point? The really provoking part is just about to begin. His store is ruined by an earthquake. You wouldn’t guess his next move. He goes to the high court to sue God for the damages.

It is quite a new take even for a Bollywood comedy. You’re going to have fun, but please, if you are not religious, do not take it as an example. We should all respect others’ beliefs and culture. It is fun for religious people as well, just don’t take it too seriously.

8| Dangal by Nitesh Tiwari – 2016

Based on a true story Dangal takes us to an emotional journey. Dangal is a sports drama about a retired wrestler (played by Aamir Khan) who has one great regret in his life; He has never won the gold medal for India.

He then decides to have his dream fulfilled by his son. There is just one problem. All his children born are girls. As Dangal is on the verge of giving up on his dream, the neighbors come over with their sons beaten up badly.

It turns out in a very funny scene, it wasn’t his nephew who beat them up but his daughters. That is the moment Dangal realizes he doesn’t have to give up on his dreams.

“A gold is a gold” so he begins the training of his daughters. Soon we see Geeta (Fatima Sana Shaikh) and Babita (Sanya Malhotra) reach unforeseen heights in wrestling.

Dangal is one of the top Bollywood movies with a unique voice and touching dramatic elements.

7| Masaan by Neeraj Ghaywan – 2015

Out of all the Bollywood movies on Netflix, Masaan is one of the most interesting ones. The story of two lovers from different castes allows us to see the struggles and difficulties some traditions can create. Differences between castes are taken very seriously in India, to an extent we wouldn’t even imagine.

Masaan is a touching Bollywood romance drama that shows us life around the Ganges, and introduces us to the people’s everyday lives by the river. Prepare your heart to be broken several times throughout the movie. There is hope and surely you are going to be rooting for our heroes.

An outstanding movie with beautiful visuals of life along the Ganges and the authentic introduction of the culture.

6| Pad Man by R. Balki – 2018

“USA has Superman, Batman, India has Padman.”

This lovely comedy drama movie had created quite a conversation in India as menstruation is still a taboo. The writers (Swanand Kirkie & R. Balki) and director (Balki) took a risk making a movie on sanitary pads. It is not advised to speak publicly or even privately about it.

Lakhsmikant Chauhan (AKhsay Kumar) invents a much more affordable sanitary pad than what is in the shops now. The touching dramatic moments come from him trying to get the pads to everyone. Lakhsmikant’s aim is to see all women use pads even if they couldn’t afford to buy it before. As it is a taboo to talk about, the first obstacles come at just opening the discussion.

With a great sense of humor, the story is so easily digestible while learning about the situation of Indian women.

It is a great movie that finally aims to start an open conversation between the two genders. We recommend it for both men and women, watching Padman puts things in a different perspective.
It isn’t only one of the best Bollywood comedies on Netflix but in general out there.

5| Kahaani by Sujoy Ghosh – 2012

To prove Bollywood is very versatile, we have another exciting movie for you. Kahaani is one of the best mystery thriller Bollywood dramas you can stream. Full of action, twists, and often shocking scenes. Explore the dark side of Kolkata as Vidya (Vidya Balan) flies over from London in search of her husband.

It is not a movie that will leave you full of positive thoughts. Maybe don’t watch it on a Friday evening before your guests arrive for the long-waited garden party.

Many scenes are dark and depressing, yet you are not going to be able to stop watching. Is Vidya going to find her husband? For a pregnant lady, she is full of strength and doesn’t give up easily.

You are not going to be disappointed as our heroine uncovers much more than just her husband’s whereabouts. You are going to learn there is much more behind his disappearance than you can imagine.

The writer-director Sujoy Ghosh creates tension with great sense, you will be watching your back after finishing this movie. Can’t help deeply rooting for Vidya hoping she finally gets to meet her husband.

4| Lagaan by Ashutosh Gowariker – 2001

Another gem on Netflix. Do not let the length (3 hours and 44 mins) discourage you. Those hours are not going to be wasted. This beautiful musical drama allows us to have a feel of what life during the British Raj was like. Cannot say the story is based on real events though.

Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India is an epic drama sports film about an occupied small town of Champaner, the commanding officer issues high taxes (Lagaan) which locals cannot pay. That obviously leads to dissatisfaction of the villagers. The crowd led by Bhuvan (Aamir Khan) seeks the support of the Raja. On the way to the palace, the crowd sees soldiers playing cricket. At first, they find it a bit comical and Bhuvan makes fun of them.

The commanding officer invites Bhuvan and the crowd to a bet. If they can beat them, he is willing to withdraw the high taxes. The villagers have never played, therefore there is a lot catch up on. The commander’s sister, Elizabeth (Rachel Shelley) comes to the rescue and teaches Bhuvan and the team.

Certainly, you are going to physically move along with the players to make sure Bhuvan and his team win. Emotions sweep through the whole room, anxiety caused by the high stakes, hope, and desperation fill the watchers.

3| Queen by Vikas Bahl – 2013

Queen is one of the best comedy drama Bollywood movies that will take you on a fun and eventful journey of finding yourself. Or at least Rani (Kangana Ranaut) does find herself in the not so melancholic soul search.

We begin with a beautiful wedding where Rani is left at the altar as her groom changed his mind. Our heroine feels down (naturally) and decides to go on the planned honeymoon in Europe alone. Everyone thinks she is crazy and probably just depressed to make such a decision. But she doesn’t scare off and hops on a flight to Paris.

If you traveled to a new country, you can relate to Rani as she steps onto the streets of Paris. Everything is new. People are different. Let the adventure begin. Rani meets new people, makes fun memories and changes her completely.

A lovely scene, when she is in Amsterdam staying at a hostel and realizes they are in a mixed dormitory. Very well crafted comic scenes and deeply emotional dramatic elements.

If you like movies about travel, or just looking for a fun, yet meaningful movie, Queen is our recommendation.

2| Pink by Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury – 2016

A completely different genre, Pink is a gripping social thriller that aims to highlight a very serious issue. Three ladies Minal (Taapsee Pannu), Falak (Kirti Kulhari) and Andrea (Andrea Tariang) are accused of being prostitutes and attempted murder.

After a night out gone wrong, they are being blackmailed, harassed and investigated against. The retired lawyer, Deepak (Amitabh Bachchan) living in the neighbor offers his help to bring justice in the court.

There are heart-pacing scenes that really put you on the edge of your seat. Another excellent point is the tension building in the courtroom.

Pink is one of the most highly awarded Hindi movies and it also has a 100% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

It is an eye-opener, how women are treated if they do not lead a traditional life. When a female goes out alone from or they choose not having a family, they easily become targets of hostility. It would be easy to say it is only a problem in India. Unfortunately, it isn’t. We can all learn a lesson from Pink, this dark and exciting Bollywood thriller.

1| PK by Rajkumar Hirani – 2014

An alien (Aamir Khan) lands on Earth and his device to call his ship is stolen. Do you really need more to convince you?

The Alien picks up the name PK (you will find out why, no spoilers) during his adventure to retrieve his stolen device. He encounters Jaggu, a good-hearted lady who decides to support PK in his quest.

It is incredibly entertaining, often heart-breaking and full of statements that make one think about humanity. The movie raises a lot of questions about religion and puts our values on a scale. Despite taking place in India, PK has teaching values all around the world.

Aamir Khan is often referred to as the best Bollywood actor who does miracles with his characters. He is energetic throughout the whole movie and you would often think he is indeed from another planet.

Otherwise, his co-star, Anushka Sharma balances out the scenes perfectly, there is great chemistry between the two.

PK is a charming and fun satirical comedy-drama that will not only make you laugh but will make you think as well. Besides the important and sensitive topic the movie engages with, it is humorous and there is constant flow. Add artistic imagery and you have an amazing movie.

Thank you for reading!