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26 Best Anime Vampire Girls – Top Vampire Anime Shows

Guide to the best anime vampire girls and the must-watch vampire anime shows and movies. Some of the most exciting and dark animes are Vampire animes and we’re huge fans of these shows. Thankfully, we can all easily stream even English dubbed vampire anime series for those who prefer their anime without subs.

Here you’ll find some of the darkest, sexiest, and the cutest anime vampire girls who make these shows more complex and vastly more enjoyable.

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Vampire anime characters are often broody, dangerous, and extremely good-looking. However, just like any other anime characters, they come in all shapes and sizes making sure that every anime fan can find something they love.

Vampire female anime characters are no different. They’re sometimes brooding and mysterious girls but they can be also cute and fun.

With our guide to vampire animes, you can explore the most exciting shows. You’ll find here Vampire anime romance, horror anime with truly scary vampires, sad animes that’ll make you cry, dark animes that will make you think as well as lighter series where you can explore fun vampire schools.

Ready? Let’s get this bloody show started.

Best anime vampire girls from the best vampire animes 

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best anime vampire girls - vampire anime

26| Reina Akatsuki from Strike the Blood

best anime vampire girls - Reina Akatsuki from Strike the Blood

If you are in search of the best vampire anime series Strike the Blood is a great find. This fairly short (24 episodes) show is full of surprises and excitement.

It is the adaptation of the first six volumes of the light novels. If you enjoy pretty violent horror animes, then you have just found your new favorite.

Kojou Akatsuki learns that he isn’t simply a vampire, but the strongest of them all. Many wouldn’t have imagined this fabled power actually exists.

Fearing his powers the Lion King Organization sends Yukina Himeragi to keep an eye on the teenager.

The two get so close, their love results in the birth of Reina Akatsuki, who is later sent back in the past. This fearless vampire anime girl does not give up on her task of hunting down a dangerous beast.

Strike The Blood only has an unofficial English dub AKA FanDub (by Devani Pictures) but it’s pretty good and hopefully the real one will soon arrive.

Reina Akatsuki from Strike the Blood is one of the most surprising vampire female anime characters.

25| Rachel Alucard – Blazblue

best anime vampire girls Rachel Alucard - Blazblue

Following the success of the arcade fighting game it was just the matter of time for the series to follow. It is also a pretty short one with only twelve episodes.

We will be taking a journey to the future in 2199 where life is far from ideal. Fighters form a team to protect the remainder of civilization as we know it.

Rachel, the head of the Alucard family is certainly the most graceful anime vampire girl you can find. She is kind of the typical aristocrat heiress, who owns every room. Rachel can be pretty difficult to approach and don’t expect her to be easy on anyone.

Her iconic cat umbrella and black dress would make great gifts for anime lovers for sure. You can buy the DVD or Blu-ray on Amazon as well.

You cannot find such an eccentric vampire girl in anime as Rachel Alucard in Blazblue. She is cares about her loved ones but you don’t want to be her enemy.

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24| Kuromitsu from Kurozuka

anime vampires - Kuromitsu from Kurozuka

Prepare for a fascinating love story spanned over centuries. This anime is based on a manga, which adapted a supernatural romance novel.

If you are a sucker for vampire anime romance, then you couldn’t have come to a better place. It is pretty difficult to find English dubbed vampire anime series or movies, but not impossible. Kurozuka is a great find that is entertaining and full of mystery.

Kurou is rumored to have killed himself, however, he is very much alive. So much so, he has to realise he cannot be killed.

Upon meeting an irresistible woman, who holds so many secrets, his life revolves around her for a thousand years.

That beautiful woman is Kuromitsu, who seems to have a special power over men.

Kurozuka’s female lead Kuromitsu is among the most mysterious vampire anime characters.

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23| Mina Tepes from Dance in The Vampire Bund

anime vampire girl - Mina Tepes from Dance in The Vampire Bund

Mina Tepes is full of surprises. While she is referred to as princess, she is in fact the queen of all vampires. Don’t let her childish look fool you.

She may seem only ten years old, but she is actually pretty ruthless. When it comes to the Bund, she doesn’t hold back. So be prepared for some extreme violence, because Mina will not spare anyone she finds to be a threat.

This vampire anime is very interesting for all lovers of the genre. We are in a world, where after centuries of hiding a small district can be formed for the undead. They can live in the Bund peacefully, under the supervision of Mina.

The protagonist of the series, Mina has a vision of humans and vampires living together. Naturally, realizing her dream doesn’t come easy thanks to all the opposition in both human and vampire circles.

Dance in The Vampire Bund is a superb English dubbed anime with one of the best anime vampire girls.

22| Otogiri from Servamp

vampire animes - Otogiri from Servamp

One of the most beloved vampire anime shows in 2016 was Servamp. Thanks to the widely appreciated manga series, everyone was looking forward to the anime as well.

It follows the adventures of Mahiru, who prefers simple, easy things in life. There are servamps, servant vampires, who are at war currently.

Otogiri is the only female in the evil Tsubaki’s subclass. She obeys the leader and would do whatever he asks of her. The purple-haired girl is very quiet and always seems extremely calm.

Her special power of attaching her opponents to strings and controlling them like puppets is extremely effective.

Servamp is a pretty cool vampire anime Amazon prime video offers.

Otogiri in the Servamp dark anime is a brooding and mysterious girl no one can get enough of.

21| Saya from Blood: The Last Vampire

dark anime girl vampire - Saya from Blood The Last Vampire

Among the most successful English dubbed vampire anime shows and movies you can find Blood: The Last Vampire. It has grown to be a franchise with all the light novels, manga, anime, live-action movie and video game.

The main character Saya, is a fierce hunter girl, who is after odd creatures called chiropterans. As the name suggests, they are bat-like beings. In the year 1966 Saya is tasked with a mission that takes her to the USA.

Next to the Yokota Air Base she has to pose as a high school girl at the nearby school. Once she blended in, Saya has to find the chiropteran that managed to sneak into the base.

Time is of the essence and no one could complete the mission quicker than her.

Blood: The Last Vampire is definitely among the best vampire school anime on Amazon Prime video with the coolest vampire girl in anime.

20| Evangeline A.K. McDowell from Negima!: Magister Negi Magi

vampire animes - Evangeline A.K. McDowell from Negima Magister Negi Magi

Evangeline aka Yukihime is often mentioned as one of the best anime vampire girls in English dubbed anime on Hulu. She is the head of the family of immortals and is over seven hundred years old.

Yukihime was turned at the age of ten and that caused a lot of trouble for her. For her luck, she managed to find a way to appear older.

A magic allows her to look adult, so everyone takes her seriously and does not stand out of adult crowds.

She is pretty cold and incredibly smart, often using her young looks to trick others.

Negima!: Magister Negi Magi is a really fun romantic anime with so many interesting characters. Welsh ten-year old wizard Negi becomes a master to find his legendary mage father.

Evangeline A.K. McDowell from Negima!: Magister Negi Magi is surely among the best anime vampire girls in English dubbed anime on Hulu.

19| Yuuko Tamaru from Devils’ Line

vampire anime girls - Yuuko Tamaru from Devils' Line

Yuuko is considered to be a devil in Devils’ Line. However, she shows all the necessary qualities that fall into being a vampire.

Therefore you can rest assured, the generally kind looking girl is no ordinary person. She grew up in an orphanage and has very strong feelings for her human husband.

Everything seems fine, but only until blood is spilled; her eyes turn red and fangs appear between her lips. She cannot resist; blood is her weakness. Or strength if you look at it from a different angle.

Despite all the kindness and gentle nature, she can pose a terrible threat to her loved one.

The inner struggle of restraining her monster makes Yuuko one of the most interesting vampire female anime characters. Or vampire-like female characters.

Devils’ Line is among the most gripping English dubbed romantic anime on Hulu with a remarkable female lead.

18| Moka Akashiya from Rosario + Vampire

cutest anime girl vampire - Moka Akashiya from Rosario + Vampire

Education is important and even supernatural creatures know that. If you are not a human then Youkai Academy is your best choice. Here, equal opportunities apply to all, if you are not a human.

Despite everyone appearing in human form, this school has a strict no human policy. And by strict they mean dead penalty for anyone breaking the rule.

After failing to gain admission to high school, Tsukune Aono is enrolled by his parents to this special establishment. Without even knowing what adventures await. When making a new friend, none other than Moka, his life changes completely.

The most attractive girl of the school is full of surprises; she is a vampire with a very complex personality. Moka is generally very kind and loving, however, humans are not her thing. Of course, that is about to change as well.

Rosario + Vampire’s Moka is definitely among the best anime vampire girls in English dubbed anime on Hulu.

17| Liz T. Blood from Blood Lad

dark anime girl vampire - Liz T. Blood from Blood Lad

Blood Lad is among the most entertaining English dubbed vampire anime series Hulu has in its collection. Although it is very short, only ten episodes, you will find a superb show.

The Blood family is tasked with a number of responsibilities and Liz is the one who decides whether a person is guilty or innocent. You can think of her as the gatekeeper, just like Lucifer.

Liz T. Blood is definitely among the most surprising anime vampire girls one can think of.

She may appear to be very young, but this girl is very focused. Alright, not always. Liz T. Blood is pretty shy and her biggest pain is her brother Braz, who pays more attention to their other brother Staz.

Feeling neglected does make things tough for her, but who doesn’t need attention?

Liz T. Blood in Blood Lad is one of the most relatable vampire anime characters on Hulu.

16| Megumi Shimizu from Shiki

Megumi Shimizu from Shiki - anime vampires

What is Shiki? Well, if you have to ask it, you may be a little too late to survive. Not many know about their existence, and those who encounter them rarely survive.

Shiki is a type of vampire, with a few differences from what you are already familiar with. They survive on human blood and are mostly dead, but the transition doesn’t happen only after one bite. It is a somewhat longer process, that requires multiple bites.

Megumi could tell you a thing or two about the experience as she has been turned. After a week she woke up from the dead and lived on.

As a human she wasn’t the most ideal friend and as a Shiki all the goodness disappeared.

Shiki’s Megumi Shimizu is among the rather malicious anime vampire girls you can find on Hulu.

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15| Arcueid Brunestud From Lunar Legend Tsukihime

anime vampires - Arcueid Brunestud From Lunar Legend Tsukihime

Lunar Legend is surely among the best English dubbed vampire horror anime shows Amazon prime video has to offer. With so many mysteries to uncover, you are in for an incredibly exciting time.

In the few episodes that have been made (12) a lot is happening that will make you want to binge watch the show. So it is time to cozy in for an eventful movie night.

Shiki Toono almost died in a terrible accident which left a mark forever. The teenage boy has a special ability that allows him to see death lines.

None of the vampire anime series are so exciting when it comes to secrets. Also, one of the best anime vampire girls can be found here, the White Princess of the True Ancestors.

Yes, we are talking about the pure and quaint Arcueid Brunestud. She has slept most of the last couple of centuries through. Therefore she is not completely up to date on how things work.

Without a doubt Arcueid Brunestud is one of our favorite vampire female anime characters on Amazon Prime Video.

14| Yue from Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest

vampire anime girl - Yue from Arifureta From Commonplace to World's Strongest

Yue is no ordinary protagonist of a regular vampire anime romance series, that is for sure. Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the 13 episodes.

This action-adventure dark vampire anime Hulu brought to us is one you are going to remember for sure.

Hajime and his classmates find themselves in a fantasy world, where each of them possesses special powers. The seventeen-year-old boy, however, wasn’t gifted any useful powers that could help them stay alive. It’s pretty bad because humanity’s future is at stake now.

Following a classmate’s plotting against him, Hajime finds himself in the bottom of an Abyss. In hindsight it was the best thing that happened to him. He met Yue, a betrayed vampire princess, whom he helps escape and marries later.

Yue is a among the most lovable female vampire anime characters you can meet on Hulu.

13| Miyu from Vampire Princess Miyu

classic vampire anime - Miyu from Vampire Princess Miyu anime

This demon anime on Amazon Prime Video is among the darkest English dubbed vampire anime series. In a world, where Shinma (god-demons) and vampires roam, order hangs on very light threads.

Miyu, the vampire born to hunt down stray Shinma is responsible for that balance. As a guardian, she has grown to be a pretty odd person.

The reason she is regarded as one of the best anime vampire girls, is how interesting her personality is. She can be very childish and cute, while often turns out to be the creepiest little girl you ever met.

Naturally, she is much older than she appears to be and of course, she is as fearless as kick ass.

Miyu is definitely among the best anime vampire girls in English dubbed anime series on Amazon Prime Video.

12| Shalltear Bloodfallen from Overlord

cute anime girl vampire - Shalltear Bloodfallen from Overlord

Here is another dark horror anime series Hulu has in its collection. Overlord has proved to be widely popular and everyone seems to love this action anime show. You can find some very likeable characters, however, our favorite is hands down Shalltear Bloodfallen.

The Floor guardian is a vampire anime girl, who is not too shy about herself. Especially when it comes to her sexuality and preferred partners. Often being outspoken about it, all her peers are slightly uncomfortable around her.

But the confident cover isn’t all; she is a little insecure about her height and she can be pretty gullible from time to time. Her complex personality is beloved by everyone, maybe because she does seem very real with her human problems.

But don’t be fooled; she takes her position very seriously and is proud of being a true vampire.

Shalltear Bloodfallen is definitely among the best anime vampire girls in English dubbed anime on Hulu.

11| Krul Tepes from Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign

anime vampires Krul Tepes from Seraph of the End Vampire Reign

You may find the Tepes name familiar from before. But it would be a strange list of vampire girls in anime without a couple of Tepes characters. Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign is a superb dubbed vampire anime Hulu offers for watching.

The world-building and the story captivated a large number of fans. It quickly became many vampire anime enthusiasts’ go-to show around the world.

Following a mysterious pandemic that kills people over the age of thirteen, vampires can finally come out from hiding. That is obviously bad news for the survivors.

Krul, the fierce looking ruthless and powerful vampire anime girl is a fan favorite for sure. She is pretty kick ass, who doesn’t think much of humans.

The brooding and mysterious girl is among the best anime vampire girls in English dubbed anime on Hulu.

Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign is a pretty dark and sad anime show, with lots of action.

10| Carmilla from Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust

Carmilla from Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust

Vampire Hunter D cannot be left off from any vampire anime shows or movies list. This superb creation is incredibly well written, the art is beautiful, while the characters are outstanding.

You are going to fall in love with this story instantly. It presents a grim future, where vampires rule the world and humans are mainly kept for their blood.

There are a few hunters who take on jobs in the protection of humans. Naturally, nothing is for free.

Carmilla is a noblewoman, who doesn’t want the system to change, she enjoys her position and trouble-free feeding. Thanks to living a long and often painful life of 5000 years, she is not the most cheerful in the room.

Carmilla from Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust is among the darkest vampire female anime characters on Amazon Prime Video.

9| Alice Eve from Black Blood Brothers

Alice Eve from Black Blood Brothers vampire girl in anime (Small)

The devastating holy war of Hong Kong just ended ten years ago. Life is trying to return to normal, but there are always threats to the fragile peace.

There are few Kowloon children trying to gain passage to the safe zones. Meet Jiro Mochizuki, who is from the oldest vampire bloodline.

His legendary fighting skills have never been matched. Traveling with his little brother, they are trying to reach the Safe Zone.

But there is quite a lot behind their story and all thanks to Alice Eve, who is the oldest of all black bloods.

The rare beauty has sacrificed almost everything for love, but will she be able to fulfil her desires?

Alice Eve from Black Blood Brothers is among the most interesting and surprising anime vampire girls in English dubbed anime on Hulu.

8| Saya Otonashi from Blood+

best vampire anime - 8 Saya Otonashi from Blood+

We love anti-heroes and that includes some pretty evil vampire girls in anime too. While the good guys always get a mention, the bad ones are often doomed to hiding in the shadows.

Saya Otonashi has a captivating story, which makes her outstanding when it comes to female anime characters. Well, it all started with an easy life, in a setting everyone wishes for.

She is a little spoiled with very little to worry about until she loses all her memories. This poses some extreme difficulties and once her memories are back, she is a changed lady. She goes all out for revenge in her bitterness.

A pretty interesting back story, which helps understand her motivation. She is actually a pure blood Chiropteran queen, which may not sound vampire, but she is very close.

Saya Otonashi from Blood+ is an outstanding evil female anime lead character you can find on Amazon Prime Video.

7| Redcurrant from The Ancient Magus’ Bride

Redcurrant from The Ancient Magus' Bride anime about vampires

Redcurrant is a huge favorite in male anime lover circles. Probably because of the fact that she doesn’t leave much to the imagination. Her clothes are more revealing than covering to be frank.

Anyway, she has scary red eyes, hence the name. She is not a traditional vampire, rather a fae, more specifically a Leánnan sídhe. Now, if that doesn’t tell you much, then be aware, you do not want to be in her way.

Unless you are willing to exchange some blood for special abilities. Actually it is better to meet her than a vampire for that matter.

She is carefree, but has a lot of admiration for arts, especially poetry.
Great news, the The Ancient Magus’ Bride is English Dubbed and available on Prime.

Redcurrant from The Ancient Magus’ Bride is definitely one of the most exciting female anime characters on Amazon.

6| Cordelia from Diabolik Lovers

vampire anime girls = Cordelia from Diabolik Lovers

Following the success of the video game, Diabolik Lovers also captivate fans as an anime show on Hulu. It has been an enormous success because there are only changes in the series that would have been necessary.

It basically remained the same as the game if not more exciting. Of course, it is up to you to decide.

The mother of the triplets is full of surprises. This unusually attractive purple-haired woman could tell you a story or two for sure.

Yet, she is not the talking type, rather the convincing one in the room. She will use everyone for her gain and convenience. Over time people around her should learn, always think twice before speaking to her.

Even her own children have teamed up against her to then burn her body.

Cordelia from Diabolik Lovers is among the most dangerous anime vampire girls in English dubbed anime on Hulu.

5| Carmilla from Castlevania

vampire anime - Carmilla from Castlevania

There a few good vampire animes Netflix has to offer, but Castlevania stands out for sure. This horror anime is very exciting but its beautiful art which makes it truly stand out.

You can’t help but constantly admire the classic pictures that make Alucard’s adventures even more remarkable.

It is still ongoing, the third season was released in 2020 and it is very likely to see a few more coming in the near future.

A great addition to this English dubbed vampire anime series is Carmilla. She is a rather disloyal servant of Dracula beacuse she is convinced he is not doing any good for her kind.

This driven and strong woman is definitely among the most feared vampire female anime characters.

Carmilla from Castlevania is among the most complex female leads in English dubbed vampire anime Netflix has to offer.

4| Saya Kisaragi from Blood-C

Saya Kisaragi from Blood-C - dark anime girl vampire (Small)

Prepare for a good tale full of mysteries and action, because you have just found the new Buffy. Yes, that’s right, we get to meet another kick-ass teenage girl, who slays monsters at night.

There couldn’t have been a list of amazing anime female characters without a cool vampire slayer.

In the picturesque small-town life appears to be simple and trouble-free. Only for the first sight. Once you spend a little more time there, you have to realize nothing is as they seem.

Saya is to the rescue; an average-looking school girl, who is the master of swords. She is going to be your new favorite kick-ass vampire slayer anime girl.

Saya Kisaragi from Blood C is surely the toughest vampire slayer anime girl in one of Hulu’s great English dubbed vampire anime series.

3| Seras Victoria from Hellsing Ultimate

Seras Victoria from Hellsing Ultimate anime vampire series

Hellsing Ultimate is an incredibly intense and captivating anime show Hulu has in its repertoire. You are going to get hooked straight away if you enjoy dark action anime.

It is among the rather violent and profane anime for adults. It has 13 episodes which are around 50 minutes long. It is one hell of a ride with plenty of brains blown and blood spilled.

We love many characters in the show, but Seras Victoria is a pretty interesting vampire anime girl.

She started as a young and dedicated police officer. However, due to a fatal gunshot, the only way to survive for her was to be turned. To her luck, Alucard was there to save her, and the two now are side by side.

Seras Victoria from Hellsing Ultimate is among the most remarkable vampire female anime characters.

2| Mireille Manson from Trinity Blood

Mireille Manson from Trinity Blood - sexy vampire anime girls

How do you see the future? Do you expect things to get better, or do you maybe see everything through a black lens? Well, the creators of Trinity Blood weren’t so positive.

An Armageddon is predicted which devastates the world. In the effort of recovering life is even more difficult because humans and vampires did not cease to hunt each other.

Humanity seems to reach out to their history and bring back the religious times Catholicism brought to us.

Mireille is a significant member of the Fleurs Du Mal, a violent terrorist group. She is not afraid to do whatever necessary to take down the human reign.

If you like cunning, fierce vampire female anime characters, then she is your new favorite.

Trinity Blood’s Mireille Manson is undoubtedly among the most cruel anime vampire girls in English dubbed anime on Amazon Prime Video.

1| Yuki Cross from Vampire Knight

Yuki Cross from Vampire Knight - best vampire anime series ever

Vampire Knight has one of the best anime vampire girls in English dubbed anime on Hulu. You are going to find this show to be a well-written piece with plenty of surprises.

Yuki Cross herself, one of the main characters has a story of her own. While she is a former student of the mysterious Cross Academy, she is now a guardian of the institution.

It is not a surprise, the academy is far from ordinary. Some of the students are supernatural creatures and attend night school.

Can you take more twists? Well, you can never be prepared well enough because Vampire Night is definitely one of the most exciting vampire anime Hulu brings to your screen.

Yuki turns out to be much more than thought to be; a pureblood, who is destined for a remarkable future.

 Yuki Cross from Vampire Knight is definitely among the most surprising vampire girls in anime you can find on Hulu.

anime vampire girls - vampire anime series

Thank you for reading!