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Explore the best anime birthday gifts for girls and boys. Get nerdy and fun gifts for anime lovers, cool weeb gifts, and personalizable otaku Holiday gift ideas.

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best Anime Birthday Gifts

Best Anime Birthday Gifts For Girls & Boys

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The concept of anime includes not only Japanese animation but also comics, cosplay, and even video games. Not surprisingly, anime has many fans, regardless of age, sex, etc. Besides, Japanese culture is also very popular far beyond its borders.

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Hence, if your friends are anime nerds, buying a themed gift will be an excellent idea. Even if you are not familiar with this genre of animation and culture, in general, it will not be difficult to find a wonderful gift.

Yet, because we are provided with a wide range of various amazing products for fans of Japanese animation, it might be hard to choose a special one among others.

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If your friend loves to read and write you can even get them one of the most beautiful anime art books or narrative personal essays about life Gifts that are chosen based on a person’s hobbies are considered universal. That’s why we prepared this article to simplify the search for the best present so that you can impress your otaku friends.

Anime Backpack

anime backpack - Anime Birthday Gifts For Friends

Check Luminous Backpack

You might think that this is a boring gift idea at first glance but a good backpack can make student life easier. Yet, if you choose an anime-themed backpack of high-quality material and print along with a wide range of functions, there is no doubt that the backpack will be used and not just gather dust in a closet.

You can check out the BoxLunch website, where you can find a wide range of backpacks for the price starting from 30$.

Japanese Snack Box

52 PC Asian Snacks (Small)

Check Snack Box

Each self-respecting otaku is in love not only with Japanese animation but also with food. Hence, your friends will be very excited to receive snacks, drinks, and candies from Japan. It’s one of the best subscription boxes for geeks and otaku.

TokyoTreat is a service that provides customers with a monthly snack box delivered from the Land of the Rising Sun right to the recipient’s door. In addition, you can sign up for gift subscriptions. You are able to choose between a 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month subscription.

Japanese & Anime Cookbooks

Cook Anime - anime cookbook birthday gifts for girls and boys

Check Anime Cookbook

A Snack Box is a cool gift, but what if your friends always wanted to cook real Japanese dishes by themselves, which is much more entertaining? In this case, you can buy the incredible cookbook called “Cook Anime: Eat Like Your Favorite Character—From Bento to Yakisoba” by Diana Ault. With the help of this book, it is possible for Anime-lovers to cook the food their favorite characters are dining on.

You will learn how to recreate Miso Chashu Ramen (based on “Naruto”), mochi, Taiyaki (“My Hero Academia”), and so much more. This book is full of recipes that anime characters are munching on.

There is also one cool feature: in addition to key tips for cooking, the history and culture behind each dish are attached to the recipe. This cookbook contains all kinds of Japanese recipes for the dishes that anime characters are usually eating.

Licensed Anime T-Shirts and Sweaters

naruto anime gifts for boys and girls

Check Shirts

The best way to show off that you are an otaku is to dress like an otaku. Fortunately, you can achieve this by crafting your own T-shirts with the help of specific services. Thus, it will be up to you which anime to choose, what type, size, and color of the print you want, and which quality shirt you want.

Also, you can buy it on Uniqlo. It is one of the companies that regularly collaborate with popular anime franchises. There you can find everything starting from stylish shoppers and T-shirts to sweaters, jeans, etc. The most popular collaborations were with “Demon Slayer,” “Pokemon,” and “Jujutsu Kaisen.” The average price for T-shirts is 8$.

Drawing Anime Faces Paperback Book

anime books gifts for friends (Small)

Check Anime Drawing Book

Almost all otakus dreamed about drawing anime by themselves. Guess what? It is possible! “How to Draw Anime: Part 1” is an instructional book designed to help people learn all the aspects of drawing anime faces. You can also get beautiful anime coloring books for adults and kids alike.

Later on, when your friends are skillful enough, you can buy another tutorial-style drawing book. However, this one is oriented toward people who want to know how to specifically draw manga-style and chibi-style faces. Plus, the price is only 17$, which is a real godsend if you want to impress your friend but have a tight budget.

A Fun Anime Peeker Sticker for the Car


Check Anime Stickers

If your friend has a car, you can choose a peeker sticker as a present. On Amazon and Etsy, you can find a ton of different popular characters from whatever anime you want. Your friend can stick them right on their car’s windows.

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The Art of Spirited Away

The Art of Spirited Away ghibli gifts (Small)

Check Book

Each otaku has a huge respect for Studio Ghibli. Everyone knows who Hayao Miyazaki is as his anime are masterpieces that are known all over the world:

  • My Neighbor Totoro;
  • Princess Mononoke;
  • Spirited Away;
  • Laputa: Castle in the Sky;
  • Kiki’s Delivery Service.

For sure, all these masterpieces are amazing, but Spirited Away stands out from the rest. This gift allows us to appreciate once more all the work behind this masterpiece creation. Your friend will enjoy the illustrations of bathhouses, food, and characters. This art book gives a closer look at this film’s incredible art and allows us to dive deeper into that world.

A Custom Anime Portrait

Check Anime Portraits

Most fans have always imagined themselves as their favorite characters and wanted to be a part of their world. Well, this is possible if you order a custom anime portrait for your friend.

You just need to select the best picture of them and turn to someone who specializes in creating such portraits. Also, you can order it on Etsy for around 20$. It’s also one of the most customizable anime birthday gifts that’s perfect for boys and girls.

Totoro LED Night Light


Check Anime Night Lights

Totoro is one of the characters in the film “My Neighbor Totoro.” Because he is a very cute and adorable creature, people started to customize everything with his image starting from cups to carpets. The Totoro LED night light will add coziness and a lovely atmosphere to your friend’s room.

A Chibi Figure

Sailor Moon anime Chibi Figure - cute anime gifts for her

Check Sailor Moon Chibi

Unfortunately, the price for full-sized figures can be around 200$ or even more. Not everyone can afford it on a student budget. But you can still buy chibi figures of your friends’ favorite characters.

You can check out Amazon, where such a present will cost you around 45$. There you will be impressed with a wide range of figures of different sizes, materials, etc. Before purchasing, make sure the product is in stock to avoid lengthy pre-order waits.

A Manga Box Set

Attack on Titan Season 1 Part 1 Manga Box Set - cool anime birthday gifts for him and her (Small)

Check Attack On Titan Manga Box Set

A manga box set is an excellent present for manga lovers. This gift will be a splendid addition to your friends’ manga collection. Besides, such box sets can contain a bonus item. Usually, it might be a poster, patch, stickers, etc. It is available on Amazon and the price starts from 22$.

A Vinyl of Their Favorite Anime Soundtrack

Cowboy Bebop Original Series Soundtrack - nerdy anime birthday gifts (Small)

Check Cowboy Bebop Vinyl

While animation lets you dive into a new world visually, music allows you to feel its well-composed glory and have goosebumps. Among otakus, there are some who collect vinyl and CDs. Hence, the best gift for such people will be a vinyl of their favorite film or series.

Summing Up

As you can see, we have prepared plenty of options for an awesome birthday gift. Now, it’s your time to find out what anime your friends love and choose the right present to impress them.

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