Glamping At Camp Katur In Yorkshire, UK

This month I finally had the chance to visit one of the best Glamping sites in the UK. Ever since I read my first Jane Austen novel it became one of my dreams to explore England's countryside and small villages. So, when a few weeks ago I got the chance to stay at...

13 Captivating Spots Around The World To Seek The Fallen Kingdom

While I loved Jurassic World's Fallen Kingdom my favorites will always be the Jurassic Park films. I collected and enjoyed playing with dinosaurs since I was five and could barely wait for a new movie to come out that featured them. I remember laughing my ass off...

Guide To Special Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering is one of the most satisfying and unique experiences you can have. There are many wonderful and fun places around Asia that are happy to accept volunteers from all over the world. We also like to volunteer and one of our most memorable experiences was...

Meet Tokaj The Most beautiful Wine Town In Hungary

Hungary is known for the capital, Budapest. I'm sure, barely a few visitors heard of one of Hungarians' most beloved towns, Tokaj. It is famous for the region's special wine, but did you know, how charming and entertaining can this place be for Youngs, adults,...

Welcome to the Jungle; Taman Negara jungle trekking adventure

A Taman Negara Jungle trekking tour is a unique and fun experience which helps you reconnect with nature and learn more about it. The Jungle Book, Tarzan, Indiana Jones, The Lost City of Z and so on… the wonderful experience of visiting a mysterious and dangerous...

Elephant Sanctuary In Thailand – A Volunteering Experience

I remember the first time I've seen an elephant up close. It was majestic and not only because I was about 6 years old at the time and about 110 cm or 43.30". I remember how fun was the circus, the smell of popcorn and cotton-candy. How much I loved the dim lights and...

Best Festivals For The Geeky

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Best Asian Movies

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Best Animated Movies For Adults

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